If you want to monetize your website or blog, maybe you can consider this program called TLA.
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When it is finished, you have a sales tool to promote your business to supporters, financiers, friends, family, customers, suppliers, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau. Well, your business plan has been carefully drafted, written and re-written and is ready for implementation.
Text-Link-Ads or TLA is one of the online earning source that simple to be implemented, you just put the code or plugin that provided by the TLA in your website or blog, and you will be paid the space your sell, depend on the your website traffic, topic, and PR.

You may have spent weeks or months writing it, and it represents all of the goals and objectives for your business. You can get the useful resource of make money online, web development, search engine optimization, web hosting, technology review and interesting articles. No business ever got a successful start without a business plan, like Sandgrens Clogs for example – they sell Swedish Clogs and got started with a business plan.
You will definitely have a website because you know that in today’s business world, that’s a necessity and it is mentioned somewhere in the marketing section of your website. If you have a blog or website that’s minimal PR (Pagerank) 4 and a good traffic (alexa), you can join this program (reff). The purpose of this blog is not to identify the contents of a plan, but to explore why you must have such a plan.

There is even a line item in your start-up budget for its development and implementation, with a corresponding expense line item for hosting and occasional content updates. Especially for you who using the wordpress, you can take the benefits with other program inside and you can submit your blog with PR lower than 4, maybe your blog will be accepted too.

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