Here at WSM, we love celebrating YOUR success – which is why I always look forward to our monthly group coaching call. All the way up north from gorgeous and sunny Brisbane, QLD (yes, we’re jealous!), Rachel is a young sole operator who has had some amazing results since joining us a mere 6 weeks ago.
However, the most amazing part is that she managed to do all of this simply by mailing 200 existing clients on her database a seasonal offer, directly from the Toolkit®, booking in 19 clients. Being a sole operator, the road to success can seem especially daunting – no moral support from a co-owner, no staff in the salon to help out when things get hectic. Instant Download of Documents and Procedures for the Australian Building and Construction Industry to assist Developers, Builders, Tradespeople and Owner Builders.

The Pest Control Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a complete and comprehensive document that outlines all the on-site procedures. Not only do we get to talk to members who have gotten it spectacularly right, but these inspirational stories also help other members to grow their own businesses.
Implementing just a handful of powerful strategies contained in the Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit®, her sales has jumped from around $8,000 –$ 9,000 per month to $12,400 – a massive 25% increase! These sales added up to over $2,000, proving that you don’t always need to go trawling the streets for new business when you’ve got a gold mine filed away in your salon computer hard drive. Being a member of the Worldwide Salon Marketing Inner Circle not only offers you support through coaching and meeting up with other salon owners, but also takes the stress of marketing your business off your shoulders.

As the old adage goes, success breeds success, and I hope Rachel Howe’s terrific achievements motivates you on your own journey.
Everything is literally done for you – just add your salon details, and watch the money roll in…. If a template directly from the Toolkit™ can help Rachel achieve these results, they can do the same for you and your salon.

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