Here's an infographic made by Reni, our Social Media Strategist on Top 5 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Use. For some the thought of using Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn for their small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) business seems, well, just wrong. With 58 million tweets being shared on Twitter daily, and over 190 million unique visitors per month1, isn’t it time for your sUAS company to join that party? These days, there is a lot lively conversation about unmanned aerial vehicles and systems on LinkedIn and you don’t want to miss it. There’s a lot more to say about using social platforms to grow your small business, but this is a good start. Instead, choose, say two or three (the number is up to you), do them well and ignore the rest. Social media marketing has rapidly become an essential tool for businesses to connect with their customers and build their brand.
So, we’ve created this blog series to guide you through the most popular social media platforms and how they can be optimised to help you achieve your business goals. The biggest player in social media by far, Facebook has roughly 1.55 billion monthly active users, with nearly half of its users active every single day. It’s fine to promote your products or share an offer with on your Facebook page, but spam your fans with sales-driven content all of the time and you run the risk of losing them. Instead, grow and engage your audience by being conversational – ask questions, post links to informative and interesting content on your website, share company news and respond customer questions and reviews.
Visual posts receive a higher number likes, comments and shares than text posts, so share photos of your product, infographics or a behind-the-scenes style video of what your business does to keep your followers entertained and build your brand. You can reach the audiences that really matter to you using a paid Facebook advertising campaign.
Twitter has 320 million active monthly users and is considered a fast paced, real-time social media. Twitter is a highly visual platform, so include images in your tweets to attract attention and drive engagement. Lots of big companies use Twitter to manage their customer service - if someone tweets a complaint they will expect you to write back quickly, so check for mentions frequently and write a personal, human response rather than a scripted one. And if someone tweets something positive about your business, retweet it to all of your followers! Our social media management strategy includes creating and maintaining a number of different social media profiles that will best promote your business, creating several weekly posts and website content and creating targeted Facebook ads to reach new customers.
Alternatively, we can start you off on your social media journey by creating a strategy, setting up pages on the best social media platforms for your business and providing training on how to use them. The free initial consultation will help you first and fore-mostly to focus in detail what the requirements of your site are and how to fulfil those requirements.
With Orderhive, get easy inbuilt features and more than 300 integrations to streamline your business.
Social media platforms to promote your business in 2015Diverting traffic from social media platforms is easy than relying on organic traffic coming from search engines. Social media platforms has been around forever, in fact many of the business owners use Twitter, and Facebook for branding. StumbleUpon is an effective and considered to be one of the best traffic generating social media platform out there. Reddit has proven to be the most entertaining social media and news website platform that allow registered community members to promote their brand and products via content, text posts or direct links. is not only proving to be a valuable social media platform, but it can divert potential traffic to your website. HubPages is a user generated and revenue sharing website that allow online marketers to share content ( that can include advice, reviews, tips, opinions, etc.) with relevant audience and keep your rankings high on Google.
Social Media Overview: How to Determine Which Platforms are Best for Your Small Business -Three Girls Media Three Girls MediaSpreading the Good News About You!
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. With Twitter, you can either observe or participate in the world-wide drones revolution.  If you decide to participate, then by all means use Twitter to define your brand and generate leads.

See this article for 31 Twitter Tips: How To Use Twitter Tools And Twitter Best Practices For Business. Well, for one, give your audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your company: Think theater, applied to content. Just because you are on LinkedIn and it shows you were in the aerospace industry or in the military and worked on UAVs it does not mean that people understand your business acumen.
She tweets, Facebooks, pins, Google+s, links and occasionally writes full, multiple paragraphs.
In this post, you’ll learn how to leverage the power of Facebook and Twitter, two of the biggest and most popular social media sites.
It gives them access to a vast online community and provides a platform to engage and communicate with their customers. The more a user engages (likes, comments and shares) with a business page’s posts, the more likely they will see another post from that page, and visa versa. Remember, people use Facebook primarily to be entertained, find interesting or informative content and connect with friends, not to be sold to.
You can target your ad to specific user criteria such as age, gender and location, and measure its success with Facebook’s built-in analytics.
Emojis can also make your tweets more visually appealing and help convey the emotion behind what you’re tweeting. Like our Facebook page and follow us Twitter to keep up-to-date with our latest news and blog posts! It will then also enable you to make a qualified decision about whether G1 Colourmedia is the right company to help you with your web presence. And, business owners who are looking to connect with business-associated contacts usually use LinkedIn.
It does not have audience, compared to other social media platforms, still it has proven to generate a surprising amount of traffic for many businesses and still continues to do so. allow business owners to discover new content relevant to their interest, as well as share content from their other social networking sites and blog pages. Getting over 10,000+visits on the very second day of it’s launch, this social media platform is proving to be a bliss for marketers, and many other professionals too. Create and publish content to HubPages with links to your website to generate high traffic in the 2015. Some are laughing together, some are noting down an interesting book title the person next to them mentioned. Facebook offers a chance for lots of eyeballs to see you, make a connection, and hear your story. You need to answer the question of what your audience will find interesting, compelling, and useful.
Think of your audience and your goals for social media and determine which platforms best suit you and your business. No doubt they are the leading ones, however there are other social media platforms focused on business users to meet their needs.
Similar to Facebook Ads – StumbleUpon Ads allow business owners to present advertisements in an entertaining way, which you can then target a small group or reach a wide audience. This way viewers can explore trending topics from blogs, newspapers and other sources across the globe. Join their promising community, to easily share interesting content and connect with ones who love to read and share your content which can gain your brand and products an immense popularity in 2015.
But a few years ago I started consulting with small and medium businesses, and my job required me to learn social media and actively participate. One group may be commiserating with someone who just received some bad news, and another is congratulating a guest’s good fortune. For the UAS industry and many other emerging businesses, these innovations are being tweeted about at breakneck speeds. Let’s face it, you need to tell your story and connect with a broader audience if you want new business.

The strength of this type of information is that it doesn’t need to be created in the same format as the rest of your marketing content.
You have to prove your acumen for civilian UAS application, and the way to do it is by joining groups. These social networks seem like a lot work for very little return – and besides aren’t there better things to do?
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest – six very different social networking platforms – are all widely known and used so let’s not even think about the number of networks soon to show up on the radar. But when you do leave, you might do so with a few new numbers in your smartphone and a book you want to read. As it is challenging to operate all of these effectively as a small business, it’s time we figure out which sites are most worth your focus as you market your company to the masses. Your profile provides others context and gives you credibility, and you need both if you want others to connect with you and trust you. To gauge this, let’s take a look at each networks profile – its users’ demographics and its overall personality.Facebook. Facebook is seen as the epitome of the social network and, appropriately, is the most popular by far. Not only has the strategic role of online social networks progressed, but the media itself has matured.
Small businesses are the fastest growing segment of the site and those small businesses that want to reach people between the ages of 25 and 60 would do well to market themselves on Facebook. Users also spend a lot of time on Facebook, 405 minutes per month to be exact – a number matched only by Pinterest.
Facebook is a great place to reach a mass of people from a wide-range of backgrounds and is almost the default social network.Twitter. Twitter is the second most popular social network with 140 million active users, however, users spend a lot less time on Twitter which can claim only 89 minutes of the average user’s time per month. Twitter is a site with regular updates, text limits, and is much more of a running feed than Facebook’s holistic layout.LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the Internet, and the only professional network to take a place in this list of the most popular social networking platforms. LinkedIn is gaining users at a rapid pace with two new professional members signed up per second. LinkedIn is all about business, however, it still has users from a wide age range like its competitors.Google+. Though Google+ has many members registered as the service comes with a Google account, there are about 100 million members who use the Google+ services each month.
The platform’s members spend very little time on the site and it comes in last place in this area with only 3 minutes spent on the platform by the average user per month.YouTube. YouTube is the largest video sharing network with 490 million unique users each month and an almost even male-female ratio. YouTube is a great place to create a channel for your company and post how-to or informational videos in your business’ area of expertise.Pinterest.
Though Pinterest is the newest network on this list, it is certainly making a name for itself. The site has about 104 million monthly visits with the average user spending 405 minutes on the site per month.
Companies that have great visuals would do well on this site especially, however, even if that is not your business’ strong suit, consider using images from your blog posts on the site.
When a user “repins” your picture they may want to find the source of the pin which will lead them to your site.Whichever networks you choose to use, it is most important to remember the audience you are trying to reach and what they are concerned about.
Choose 2-3 platforms to start and manage them well, instead of trying to do them all and ending up not doing it well.Do you think you’ve got social media down pat for your business?

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