AMD has announced a new program intended to help game developers get the most out of PC hardware, which will be rolled out next year under the moniker GPUOpen.
GPUOpen is being designed to give developers better control over a system’s GPU, in an attempt to replicate some of the benefits of low-level access that have proven to be advantageous in the console sphere.
In tangible terms, developers can expect to receive direct access to GPU hardware, as well as a host of open source resources. AMD is also reaffirming its commitment to Linux, announcing a new open source driver and system runtime for the OS. It’s expected that AMD will begin distributing samples and libraries to interested parties in early 2016, and an early access program for the Boltzmann Initiative is also scheduled to begin towards the beginning of next year. While early adopters of Valve’s first-party gamepad option will be stoked to find their new toy will have native XCOM 2 support, this move is likely to irk some users. With the slightly niche strategy game Halo Wars 2 taking the place of the traditional Halo shooters that have released for Xbox One the past tw o holiday seasons, Gears of War 4 is shaping up to be an extremely important release for Microsoft. Gears of War 4’s initial “early access” multiplayer beta will run from April 18 through April 24 and will be available for both Xbox One and PC players of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Developer The Coalition’s Adam Fletcher specifies that token keys will begin being sent out on April 18, so don’t expect guaranteed access on the first day. While Gears of War 4 has thus far only been confirmed for Xbox One, recent statements made by producer Rod Fergusson suggest that the game could still come to Windows 10.

If you’re expected the Gears 4 story to go in a drastically different direction, meanwhile, don’t hold your breath.
The company states that the project is a continuation of the same strategy that produced Mantle in conjunction with Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE. AMD’s new Boltzmann Initiative — named for the 19th Century Austrian physicist — will apparently expand the breadth of developers able to take advantage of heterogeneous systems architecture further than ever before. The driver has been developed with High-Performance Computing in mind, and offers peer-to-peer GPU support, as well as low latency compute dispatch and PCIe data transfers.
Developers interested in using GPUOpen are advised to wait for further updates on the project from AMD in the coming months.
Firaxis and Valve are both interested in feedback from the community in shaping future integration and support. The large touchpads are the perfect platform for selecting abilities, customizing characters, and zooming around the battlefield without a lot of excessive D-Pad or joystick use.
Over the last few years, the Xbox 360 controller has become a standard gamepad option for PC gamers. Fortunately if you have played (or plan to play) the remastered Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, you’ll have a chance to try out the game’s multiplayer well ahead of time. The “early access” beta will be immediately followed by an open beta that will run through May 1.

This would seem appropriate given the upcoming PC releases of Quantum Break and even Halo Wars 2.
A recent Game Informer cover story revealed that the “primary protagonist” in the game is JD Fenix, the son of the original trilogy’s Marcus Fenix.
Firaxis today announced early access for the Steam Controller, with a set of native features that are unique to the Steam gamepad offering. There are three main features that are enabled with native controller support, mostly centered around changing the control scheme and settings of the controller based on the current state of the game.
As part of that effort, Valve is offering a 40-percent discount on the Steam Controller when purchased with XCOM 2, for a total price of $90 for both.
No word on whether XCOM 2 will support the Xbox 360 controller in the future, but this collaboration could help push more gamers towards the Steam option.
That being said, gameplay from last year’s E3 does point to spookier, more atmospheric environments to go along with all those waist-high walls and chainsaws.
Anyone who pre-ordered the game can take advantage of the discount by buying the Steam Controller separately.

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