In Vietnam CEO Summit 2014 conference taking place on August, 5th, in Ho Chi Minh city, many Vietnamese and international economic experts presented business solutions for effectively building business strategy. Vietnam has been considered one of the most attractive ASEAN markets with remarkable strengths on export capability, competitive labour force and attractive tourist destinations. Sharing experience on building business strategy with approximately 300 representatives taking part in the conference, Mr. Noticeably, firms have to adapt with multi negotiation process to earn competitive advantages and positive results in the international market.
Having the same opinion, Nicola Connolly, President of European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham), CEO of Adecco Vietnam said the time has changed and so have jobs, therefore, the number of talent has become scare.
In the conference, some experts emphasized that Vietnamese enterprises that wanted to approach international and regional markets needed to overcome challenges about expanding scales to compete with other competitors in the international market. Ask Before You Spend: Is Your Corporate IT Strategy Aligned to Achieve Business Objectives?
Vietnam could reach GDP growth rate of 8% or even more if there were some outstanding development policies at this time. J.D Bindenagel, special advisor of international affairs, member of Boston Global Forum, said risk management strategy was necessary for attracting investment and bringing business efficiency.
Vietnamese firms could consider 3 ways leading to growth through creating new values, increasing capacity and core competency. Playing as a bridge connecting Vietnam and Japan, the company operates a web portal to support the expansion of Japanese companies in Vietnam.
After the crude oil prices in US rose despite a rally on Wall Street, Asian market also saw a significant rise.
When Japanese companies want to start business in Vietnam, Vtown can provide you with information regarding business partners in the fields of accounting, real estate, interior design, and translation and other industries. My first book was my eyewitness account of living through these changes while working for large brands such as Hewlett Packard, Yahoo!, and Intel.
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Also read the weekly world news where Barack Obama has proposed financial aid of over $1 billion to Pakistan.
In the book, I plead the case that all business, large and small, must evolve into a social business just for the sake of being a social business. Here are the latest tidbits from the business news today and weekly world news to set your day right again.
Enterprise collaboration for the sake of enterprise collaboration might be a good idea, but how will it benefit content or better customer relationships?  And deploying internal communities using software platforms like IBM or Jive just because your competitors are doing so is a waste of time, money, and resources. Grab that steaming mug of coffee and start your day with the daily dose of world happenings.Most Asian markets witnessed a rise in the crude oil prices after prices in US went through a rebound.
The global bench mark, Brent Crude rose more than 3% along with the US standard WTI, in spite of the countrywide strikes at numerous oil refineries in US. Keeping with it, Reserve Bank of Australia also slashed interest rates to offset a fiscal slowdown, for the first time in eighteen months. There has to be a strategic initiative as to why you want to change your business – one that makes smart business sense.
Even before my first book, I often talked about the need for companies to socialize their internal business models and communication strategies. But the question I often got was “Why?” Why is it important for my business to deploy internal communities, tear down silos, coordinate go-to-market plans, or get my rear-end out of my cubicle and have a conversation with my colleagues down the hall? Reserve Bank of India said on Tuesday, it will keep the overall investment limit of $30 billion unchanged and also the purchase of short term debts is not allowed.
However, the foreign funds will be allowed to reinvest the interest earned from bond coupons of government.
Becoming a social business with no vision for where it’s going to take you is like investing thousands of dollars building your first home from the ground up and never moving in to live in it and enjoy it. The reinvestment of the government bond coupons will free up to $two billion for further purchases.President Barack Obama proposes over $one billion in military and civil aid to Pakistan. US president said that Pakistan is strategically important and it will receive help to fight terror, develop economically and be safe from nuclear installations.

Jean Claude Juncker said on Tuesday that Brussels will not amend its regulations just to bail out the debt predicament in Athens.
On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, is scheduled to meet Juncker to talk about the Brussels’ government strategy to trim down its debt and end strictness in course of action.Britain is first to exhibit green flag to Three-Parent IVF Technique. On Tuesday, Britain voted for the exclusive IVF technique in which mother, father and a female donor will donate genes to the genetically tailored embryos.
According to doctors, this technique will help in preventing the incurable diseases among children inherited by their parents.
Parliament is yet to vote on the approval of technique which is also called mitochondrial donation. Those who are opposed to this step are seeing this as a step in the direction of making artificial babies.
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