In the world of business, a strategic plan is vital to how a business intends to compete and win in its marketplace. A business strategic plan is a series of guidelines which helps you to make informed decisions to guide your business towards success. As entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners, you have to make frequent important business decisions which significantly affect the future of your business. However, as much as the role of business strategy planning in making businesses successful is widely read and appreciated, less than 10% of private businesses actually invest their time and resources to create a robust business strategy plan. We offer workshops to help entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners learn the knowledge and the skills to make their business successful.
Our goal is to empower you with the essential business knowledge and the skills to help you make the right decisions for business success. When creating your marketing plan, it all starts with research in order to gather the appropriate information to formulate an advertising and promotional campaign. Below is our process in developing your marketing strategy starting with the initial interview. This is a complimentary session in which we get to know you and establish your marketing needs and see if we are a fit to work together.
We will explore your revenue stream and your competitive advantages to gain insight into how your business operates. If you have been in business for at least one year, a good look into the past will be helpful.
The most effective way to gain sales for your business is a strong network and referral base. This is where we will explore your strategy to retain as many customers as possible, increase the rate of new purchases, increase the average sale, etc. Whether you are a start-up or been in business for 30 years or more, we will analyze your strategy around the following areas. The next step is to conduct market research to see where your pricing fits within the market to identify areas to raise prices. We will then analyze the true cost of goods (COG) by conducting a thorough audit of expenses from previous years (if applicable). A price adjustment for an existing business will put the business on the path to profitability. A marketing plan starts with a research to gain a thorough understanding of the industry and market dynamics. The strengths of your product, pricing strategy, how you promote your business and the method of putting your product in your customers hand will define your brand. We will lay out a plan that incorporates both outbound (traditional advertising) and inbound (internet based) marketing methods and the cost to each.
With the business ecosystem in Kerala booming and eyeing rapid expansion with the uninhibited growth in the number of startups, the need for building a perfect business plan has increased all the more. There isn’t a clear-cut definition as to what all content should be included in a Business Plan.
Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) - the Government agency for industrial and investment promotion in Kerala.
Let’s assume that you’re already in business and clear about your most profitable niche- the one where you can stand out, attract clients and deliver results.

Once they’ve read the e-book you invite them to attend a high value training webinar—again at no cost. Now you connect with some joint venture partners who are willing to offer the same webinar to their community for a percentage of the resulting sales. Perhaps you then plan to introduce a higher level mastermind program or intensive retreat to those who complete the workshop. As you map this out you begin to create a product strategy—a natural progression that  your clients take from one product to the next. Once you’ve mapped out a product strategy you will have a solid idea of what you’ll offer and when. If you’d like guidance to create your product strategy for next year, grab one of the limited time slots I’ve made available this month for a 30 minute business strategy session with me. Minor adjustments are done to the strategies as time goes by while some businesses continue ‘business as usual’. But before you start your research, a clear set of goals and objective need to be established in order to make sure, the strategy that is created matches up with the desired end result.
This is where you will share your successes and challenges as it relates to your marketing efforts.
Whether it is a formal strategic alliance or plain word of mouth, we will want to establish what your referral network is like. We will seek to determine what your target profit margin and net income is as part of establishing your overall marketing goals. For a new business, it will establish a firm pricing foundation to put it on the path to profitability sooner.
Once we have determined your retention history, we will then create a strategy to increase those rates which will have a quick impact in sales and profitability. Usually, a business will see significant growth in profitability after the implementation of this first phase.
Your industry changes, competition changes, even your customers and customers buying patterns change over time. So, it is important that you ensure that all four elements of the marketing mix work  in synergy to define your brand as you intend. So we will lay out a timeline of implementation and methods to measure the success of the strategy. With most of the present day generation entrepreneurs fishing for high scale investments in order to build the Next-Big-Thing, Business Plans still remain one of the foremost documented strategies in winning over a potential Venture Capitalist. Business Description – Consists of a detailed Industry Analysis showcasing the stature of the industry and the way forward. Management Plan – Should describe the management and administration changes that will take place in the functioning of the business. Financial Model and Plan – What is the revenue model for the business at various stages? If you’ve been selling time for an hourly or monthly fee, chances are you are underselling your expertise or knowledge and unfortunately have created an income ceiling, since there are only so many hours in a week for which you can charge a fee.  If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to package your knowledge and create passive and recurring income. Say you’ve written an e-book that describes the process you take your clients through to get them from “problem” to “result”.  Your strategy for this e-book is to get new subscribers and prospects interested in learning more and in working with you.
On the webinar you introduce them to a downloadable program or a membership program you’ve created and a certain number of people buy this program from the webinar.

Let me help you get clarity about what will move your business forward fast and how I can help you get those income generating projects done.
Because without a clear, an effective, and a comprehensive strategic plan, a business can only rely on luck to reach its desired goal of success. It is the plan which helps to attract increased sales and generate consistent,  sustained, and optimized profits for the long term. A robust strategy plan will help you to focus on the business essentials so that you can make good decisions and guide your business towards long term success.
Focusing on the priority list is needed to avoid some of the mistakes which will make you deviate from your business strategy.Strategy case studyBack in 2010 the Payplus payroll bureau rebranded a part of its operation as the Payroll Services Centre took advantage of new opportunities in the UK outsourced payroll market. This leads to a profit margin that is lower than assumed and a likely reason why your net income is lower than desired. For this reason, it is important for every business to do some basic market research every year in order for your business and marketing strategy stays relevant. Here, we list 9 sections which should definitely be included in the framework while writing a Business Plan. So you offer this e-book free of charge in exchange for someone’s email address and you add them to your mailing list. We can spend just one DEEP DIVE DAY together to polish your brand till it shines and create your dollar-for-dollar one year Money Map.
After the workshops, each business receives an extra hour of free consultation which can be utilized within one year.
You should research industry trends, competitive analysis, target market demographics, strengths , weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business. How the structure of the BOD should be, what should be profile of an individual to be on the BOD etc. Remember the goal is new subscribers, so be sure to include all your contact information and a few testimonials in the e-book. Having a stale vision: always change your vision as time goes by and avoid being locked into a single one for survival.
Your team should be challenged to think differently and bigger so as new possibilities to arise. Repetitive exercise: the strategy which your businesses implement is supposed to energize your manner of operation. This does not necessarily mean abandoning a plan which has served you well for a lengthy time, you need to improve it. Understand the goals and needs of those you are serving so as to align your strategy towards meeting them. SearchSearch this website Articles What to avoid when creating a business strategy The benefits of a strong tax system Tax planning for small businesses Small business common tax mistake to avoid Notable business strategies for small businesses Methods for strategizing and tax planning Flexibility in Business Plans – Why is it Important?

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