The marketing strategy should be designed in such a way that it increases sales so that your company has a competitive advantage which is sustainable in the long run. Diversification is a high risk strategy which involves diversifying the range of products and services that you offer.
This is the process of developing your current market and could include entering new markets with your products and services. I know you know how powerful a picture is when it comes to conveying a message to your customers and potential clients.
Because we are in the beauty business it is expected that we showcase our skills or what we are trying to say through pictures.
Well, without further delay let me tell you these sites that I know have free images available for download. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Author: Brianne DawsonBrianne Dawson is a Marketing Coordinator at Marketri LLC, where she is responsible for assisting with the execution of client marketing plans including Web site development, graphic design, search engine marketing, social media, public relations, event planning and more. March 15, 2011 by Tara Jacobsen Small business lead generating is a big deal over here in our marketing world! Today we are going to look at all the pieces that go in making a successful lead to sales transaction. A sales funnel (also known as the sales pipeline) is the term for the process by which we add A LOT of leads into the top of the funnel and sales come out of the bottom, losing some along the way.
We are going to look at some of the normal sales-funnelly things, but then we are going to talk specifically about where your process may be failing your conversions. This is the first step of your sales funnel and just consists of collecting their contact information so that you can communicate with them on an ongoing basis.
The first time that you contact this prospect (whether it be by email or phone), your goal should be to set an appointment. I think that this should be over the phone as you have not pre-qualified this person enough to know if they are a good fit. These are all vital things to know and you are just wasting time meeting with someone who is not ready, willing and able to buy your product or service.
You should follow up a phone call with an immediate personal note or email, thanking them for their time. Okay, you have a lead and they want to buy BUT they have not pulled the trigger (ie paid you yet).
Overall, sales takes persistence and can be absolutely, soul-killingly hard if you are not geared to enjoying being a salesperson.
Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans. As a business grows in size and takes on more staff, managers need to make sure employees understand their role within the company. The Managing Director (MD) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - this position is appointed by the Board and forms an important link between senior managers and the Board of Directors.
Executive Directors are appointed to the Board due to their expertise and knowledge in the field. Non-executive Directors are directors who are independent and assume the role of consultants to the organisation.
Your marketing strategy is therefore a set of rules which direct what you do to promote and sell your products or services.

It is high risk in that it is usually a high cost strategy which medium to large sized established companies use in order to continue to grow the business. You could visualize it almost like a pyramid with your overall business aims and objectives at the bottom.
Your marketing mix is very simple, it consists of your what product you are going to sell, what price you are going to sell it at and where you are going to sell it.
We are really good at helping you fill your sales funnel, but if these leads never follow through to a conversion and a sale then it is a wasted effort. Huh, that is weird since I see leads coming across the email, in blog comments and as requests for info on Social Media. The parts of the sales funnel can be called a lot of different things including prospects, suspects, and customers; leads, visitors and pre-qualifications. It can be VERY easy to get caught up in the labeling and not look a the practical aspects of going from propects to sales.
They can be a message sent through Facebook asking about your services, an email info request, a response back to your email newsletter, basically any time someone talks to you about the goods or services that you sell. An appointment for a formal phone call or in-person meeting where you can talk over your offerings at a time that is convenient and when the prospect will be receptive to listening to you. You should then reach out with offers of additional info at least two or three times more over the next couple of weeks (put it in your calendar).
If this is the case (as it is with me) you are going to need to hire someone to follow up for you. This is the most frustrating part of the sales process and one you need to look at very closely because it is probably your fault that the sale is not moving forward!
Just this week we had a lady call and say she had been waiting for us to send her a link for payment.
She takes her prospects, sends them to her salesperson to follow up, gets them excited about her services, they say they want to buy and then…NOTHING. BUT, if you make it a game to see how many people you can move down your small business lead generating sales funnel, removing speed bumps along the way, you WILL make more sales.
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For example, the Marketing Manager in the Midlands can see at a glance that she is in charge of ten subordinates, and that her line manager is the Director of Marketing. The CEO is the main decision maker in the organisation and is involved in the day to day running of the organisation. The Chairperson is appointed by the Board of Directors and is usually very experienced in the industry. This can be achieved by finding new customers or getting your current customers to buy more of your product, instead of your competitor’s product. Once this is established, you can write a marketing plan, which is the detail of the specific marketing activities you are going to take action in order to achieve your business aims and objectives. Cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, smoothies, regular coffee, soft drinks, and tea of all sorts will be available. THE FIRST THING you should do after getting one of these messages is to add this person to your database, CRM (customer relationship management software), or spreadsheet of prospects.
Honestly, I have asked some of our clients how many times they followed up on a sales lead and they say that they never followed up because the person did not buy after the first contact.
After that, make sure they are on your newsletter list so they receive ongoing communications from you, which could remind them why they called you in the first place!

Now I KNOW that we sent that link over a week or so ago, BUT what matters is that we re-send it to her right away while she is paying attention to us.
In my opinion, the sale is falling apart because she expects them to gather their receipts, bank statements and other financial documents together themselves. This in turn will make it much more likely that you will want to do it again and and again!
They also show how different roles relate to one another and the structure of departments within the whole company.
The CEO will delegate roles, duties and tasks to other managers, however through reporting, monitoring and control systems will keep up to date with issues affecting performance.
A high profile company such as Tesco or BP will appoint a Chairperson who will be able to deal effectively with the media as they will be in the public eye. DO NOT skimp on this, a good salesman can make you more money than you ever imagined possible! To me it feels like, if they could do all that themselves, what would they need her for?!?!?!
The prospect raised their hand and said they were interested, but probably did not have enough information to take out their credit card and buy. We suggested that she make a part of her services a two hour, holding-your-hand and getting your documents together startup meeting. This way, she will get the client on board AND she will be losing less of them due to the fact that they are terrible at accounting tasks.
While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. While these two departments certainly cover similar ground and ultimately contribute to the growth of a firm’s business, they can be quite different and should each have clear and distinct responsibilities. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.
By clarifying what each department is responsible for and communicating these responsibilities up front, professional service firms can better play on the strengths of each department and have them collaborate with one another for greater success.What is Marketing?Marketing involves developing a strategic plan for the firm, establishing the firm’s overall message, benefits, and capabilities and making sure this information is consistently and accurately expressed through all communication. The marketing department should also be responsible for executing a number of strategic tactics including design of marketing materials and Web sites. This might also include developing new markets, such as different geographic areas, or identifying new potential markets for an existing service. In our experience supporting our clients we have found that events and programs and direct mail campaigns are some of the most conducive areas for marketing and business development to partner together. For events, the marketing department can execute messaging, collateral and mailings; and the business development department would do the follow-up and help to get attendance and follow-up after the programs. The process should be similar for direct mail campaigns.  Marketing does the design, messaging and mailings and business development should do the follow-up to set meetings with prospects.
How do you view the relationship between these two groups?  We’d love to hear your stories!

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