We offer a whole range of marketing services all of which are crucial for the long term success of a business. At top level, a marketing plan is a tool that pulls together the marketing strategy for your business, your products and your services – it’s a plan that will ultimately help you stand out from the crowd, tell people you exist and increase sales, revenue and growth. It’s a document that will keep you on track with your marketing strategies, goals and objectives but also within your budget. Once you have built your marketing plan and created a strategy, it will lay out the foundations of where you need to go to build a successful business. We hope that this guide helps you to understand the marketing opportunities within your own business to help it thrive and would be happy to offer you any advice on how to build and implement a successful marketing plan to make your business a success. One of the services that KEXINO offers to start-ups and SMEs is something that we term “Business Process Alignment” with regards to a company’s marketing and sales efforts.
An all-too common business problem that we see (and not just with start-ups and smaller businesses) is that there are too many cooks in the kitchen where strategy is concerned. Having posed these questions to these three key people, ten will get you five that you’ll get three completely different answers. Of course putting together clear, coherent marketing and sales strategies that everyone can buy into is one thing. These include the industry that you compete in, the market segments that you choose to play in,and the nature of the customers who are in those segments. What do your sales people need to be good at, to be able to deliver value to your customers? Unless the top brass are on board, your best intentions are going to fall down like a house of cards.
Many a marketing strategy has failed because the plan is not based upon what salespeople are doing. About the AuthorGee Ranasinha Google+After founding a successful media production firm, Gee became worldwide director of marketing for a European software company. We're a team of marketing, creative, and business development specialists that help start-ups and small businesses produce better, more relevant marketing strategies and tactics. We combine messaging, communication, design, SEO, social media, conversion rate optimization, and a range of inbound marketing initiatives.
Experience with social and emerging media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest a plus!
A marketing plan is usually part of a larger, comprehensive business plan or general business strategy of a company, firm or organization. It is of course true that each company must come up with a marketing plan that is molded on the type of product or service they are offering.
Generally, a marketing plan will deal with strategy and tactics and most companies and organizations devise their strategic planning once a year, though in some cases they may choose to plan for two or three years ahead, more or less strictly. A good and comprehensive marketing plan should contain and take into consideration the following aspects: financial data (brought in by the accounting and finance departments), product data (from the research and development departments), sales and distribution data, information from the advertising and merchandising departments and market data resulted from the company’s own market research, gathered from product-specific or customer-specific surveys, depending on the marketing concept that the company adheres to.
If you’re on the hunt for a new electric clothes dryer, you should read this article. The conversion funnel is the mental process that your prospects go through before becoming paying customers.

At the very beginning prospects need to become aware of your company, product, and service.
Every marketing program needs to be aligned with different stages of your conversion funnel. Instead, speak in a voice, tone, and style that is personally meaningful to you and to them. The most effective customer acquisition programs like email campaigns and company blogs look past the immediate conversion opportunity to nurture relationships for the long-term. Ritika Puri is a San Francisco based marketer who writes about trends in business, internet culture, and customer engagement. Our core team is a bunch of smart, quirky, creative individuals who want to make a difference for our clients and a difference in the world.
We know this because we have vast experience in building and implementing marketing plans and measuring the success of them. It covers everything about your business and how you will market it; from information about your target market (who your audience is and what they want) to the tools and channels that you are going to use to reach your target market.
It helps you plan for the year ahead… or 2 years, or 5 years or even 10 years ahead and ensures you keep your focus on your end ‘marketing goal’ whilst progressing forward. Expect some trial and error before you reach the right people in the right way but by constantly reviewing and analysing the impact that your marketing activities are having, it won’t be long before you see positive results. The value of pretty much any business that you care to mention is made (or broken) out there in the marketplace. If you’re like most companies, you probably haven’t got a clue as to the answer to that question.
As well as CEO of KEXINO he's an author, lecturer, husband, and father; and one hell of a nice bloke.
For a marketing plan to be successful and viable, the company needs to establish and devise a good marketing strategy and set some marketing objectives. Therefore, when a company’s top management sets up a business plan, a strategic mission and objective for their firm, the marketing planning must be done according to these general regulations. For a two-year planning or three-year planning, a more approximate strategy may be devised, so that it can be adapted to unforeseen situations and market fluctuations. Here you will find out everything about the best and the worst electric dryers on the market. Heck, maybe you’ve even been burned by these catch-phrases by positioning them as your core marketing strategy. At face value, the ‘growth hackers’ make customer acquisition look so damn easy, but that’s the allure of programming too, right?
While this customer psychology varies from company to company, Prestige Marketing points out the following three commonalities: (1) awareness, (2) consideration, and (3) conversion. Now comes the tough part: building trust, convincing them of your company’s value, and finally, moving the sale forward. Position your company as a trusted advisor who’s there to solve your customers’ problems and pain points. Grab some beers, and have the type of genuine conversation that you’d have with your best friend.

That means paying attention to your prospects and your existing customers.Teach them a new skill, give them a much-needed brain break, and simply wow them. Her specialties are storytelling, paid channel advertising, quantitative strategy, and driving growth through industry partnerships. Many times connecting “how” your people sell your product or service with “what” your business wants to achieve are seen as being at polar opposites. Now get out there and sell a bunch of them.” Selling that way may have worked in the days of Mad Men, or Glengarry Glen Ross. In establishing their marketing activities, a company has to focus on the products or services they are offering and opt for a marketing concept which will focus on production, product, selling or marketing orientation, or all of the above.
This is valid for all the departments in a firm and they too must devise their plans by following the general objectives. The goals and objectives of a company will be influenced by the general corporate aim of the company but, contrary to general belief, they will not only be directed towards the customer, but towards the employees as well, offering them incentives such as percentage pay and others to motivate them towards achieving the general goals of the marketing plan. By reading the article you will know what models to stay away from and which are the ones that you should buy for yourself.
The end result always seems glamorous while the painstaking hard work, conceptual engineering, and planning take a back seat.
Is your program targeting website visitors who are unfamiliar with your brand or people who are just about ready to make a sale? If you sound like a spammy SEO company, for instance, you’re going to scare your prospects away.
Every time you find yourself sounding remotely salesy, kick yourself in the foot under the table.
If your senior management haven’t spoken with customers face-to-face for some time, then get them out there. The company ends-up being “pretty good” at a lot of things, instead of “really good” at one thing.
The marketing plan must also contain market research, surveys on customers to find out what they like, what they are most likely to buy and what type of promotion they are more inclined to respond to. Moreover, having a good marketing plan is especially important for big scale business ideas, because the risks are higher, the investments must be higher, and usually a lot more people are involved.
As you plan your marketing strategy, make sure to answer these core questions to build the best possible connection with your audience.
They need to learn at first hand who’s buying, why they’re buying, why they’re not buying, and so on.
Not everyone can set up a good marketing plan, and what it usually takes, besides studies in the field, is a lot of experience, and an intuition for business. Whether you’re working for big scale business ideas or small businesses, you have to pay attention to every detail, and everything must be accounted for.

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