Conversations about the benefits of video conferencing for businesses often focus around travel — or more specifically, how using video conferencing technology reduces the need for most business travel. However, not all businesses spend a lot on travel, and don’t consider video conferencing technology a worthwhile investment.
In fact, it’s easy to argue that the benefits of video conferencing extend well beyond reduced travel — and when you consider the potential for reduced costs and increased profits, almost every organization can benefit from embracing the technology. If your business is bound to compliance standards such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and others, you are bound to specific employee training and education requirements. When you have a team that is spread among different locations, making quick decisions can be difficult. As consumers become more concerned about the environmental impact of their decisions, many seek to do business with companies that make a concerted effort to reduce their carbon footprint and “go green.” Using video conferencing instead of traveling is an important part of such initiatives.
According to the Society for Human Resources Management, more than half of all companies allow employees to telecommute at least part time, with many working on almost entirely virtual teams where employees are located around the world. Implementing video conferencing all but forces your employees to maintain, to some extent, a professional appearance. Video conferencing gives your company the benefits of face-to-face communication without the hassles and expense of traveling.
After several years of Windows 7, and decades before that of all previous Windows versions, which are more or less similar to Windows 7, Microsoft finally revamped its famous OS in a way that has been as radical as the switch over from the earliest Windows 3 series to the now famous GUI look of Windows 95.
As is the case with any drastic change to a system used by millions of mass market consumers, many of them less than tech savvy, there have been more than a few bumps in the process. One of these important components is video conferencing and calling technology, and incorporating it to the new Windows 8 operating system can seem a bit tricky for those of us who are used to classical Windows interfaces and software compatibility. Luckily though, it’s not as hard as it seems to get video calling working on the latest Microsoft OS and with a bit of work, you’ll be good to go through any one of several options. In order to download this video conferencing software, simply open your Start tab by touching the little Windows button (with the wavy window), type “Skype” into the search bar, click on the Skype logo tile that appears and begin the installation process as described in the instructions that follow.
Once Skype installation is finished, the tile for this fairly powerful video conferencing application will appear on your desktop for whenever you’d like to use it and its menu of internal video calling and multi-person conferencing tools. Moving beyond the Microsoft owned Skype application or desktop software install, you do also have other options, just as you would have had for previous versions of Windows since, after all, the new 8 OS is meant to be a fully functional replacement of previous versions and all their capacities. The main questions is one of whether you want a Windows 8 Mobile friendly video calling application or a software video conferencing package that works for Windows 8 under PC mode. Your business internet service will be an issue if you’re not prepared with the right equipment but if it’s the former, than options are still more limited, but under Windows 8 PC mode, most software packages that were install-able under Windows 7 can be downloaded and made to work with Windows 8.
The well-known web based video conferencing platform also has a downloadable application through which you can set up an account, facilitate meetings with several different partners or log into another account holder’s scheduled video conferences.
When it comes to Windows, GoToMeeting is one step ahead of some rivals and has already developed a compatible application for the Microsoft OS. Like we had said above, in PC mode, Windows 8 is practically as compatible with most third party software and web based platforms as its predecessor Windows 7 was. This rule applies to many video conferencing applications; while many of them don’t yet have a mobile app version that fits the new Microsoft OS, they can still be installed as PC tools.
Our video conference services are designed to help you effectively communicate face to face with your colleagues, while at the same time save time and money. Todays technology allows for almost perfect video and audio from extreme distances, making video conferencing the communication tool for the future.
Reducing travel time and cost is the obvious benefit, while allowing participants to view each other and see facial expressions and body language adds to the convenience.
We are affiliated with the largest video conference networks in the world with site partners in every major city. Many will agree that choosing the right tool for the job is the key to success, and although software video conferencing will not replace purpose-designed end-points in a professional boardroom environment, when it comes to personal video conferencing, Skype is that tool. Alongside the Office 2016 preview launched in March 2015, Microsoft is also launching a test version of Skype for Business. Skype for Business delivers an expanded Lync feature set and enterprise-grade security, compliance and control to IT. AVT Solutions provides professional consultation, application specific products and custom installation for your technology needs. We have dedicated installers for each of these items that are trained and accredited by the suppliers we use.
Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional markets. Inventive designs, technologies and related services that improve the human experience wherever people work, heal, learn and live.
Whilst it is true that nothing can replace in person meetings, increasily dispersed workforces and the need to reduce costs means that organisations are quickly adopting Video Conferencing as a way to connect professionals around the globe, whilst increasing productivity and reducing travel. As a high end business solution requiring a large upfront investment, traditional Video Conferencing solutions have been kept free for high level strategic meetings.

Although savings have traditionally been based on the reduction of travel within an organisation, it has more recently been recognised as much more than just a way to save on travel costs – it has the ability to massively improve collaboration, enabling higher productivity and better efficiency, whilst offering a much higher quality communication method with both employees and the wider supply chain. High quality communication is vital to any business, whether internal to the organisation, or external to clients & customers.
Thankfully, with proper advice from an experienced systems integrator and professional grade systems, video conferencing can enable the highest quality remote collaboration in an instant, whether this be in the boardroom, huddle room, at the desktop or at home. Speak to VideoCentric now about your organisations communication needs and we can provide a solution for you. Every organisation requires a well thought out solution for video communications, dependent upon geography, business needs, industry, current technology and budget. VideoCentric is the UK’s leading integrator for Video Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions, offering unbiased solutions based on knowledge and experience.
To achieve successful business video conferencing, reliable and quality video conferencing system and systems are a must.
Most of the vendors in the industry today offer systems and equipment for business video conferencing that has a lot of different features. Modern technology has brought people two major benefits—money and energy conservation. Now, majority of the provider of business video conferencing offer new generation IP-based softwares that are more efficient, effective, and cheaper compared to the older generations that use hardware-based systems in video conferencing.
Though these IP-based business video conferencing, the reach can be broadened and there are more alternatives or options that enable administrators and people to connect to anyone globally for as long as they have a personal computer or handheld devices that are integrated with a web cam as well as of fast internet connection. Through the business video conferencing, manager and business executives can even cover and explore all the possibilities of their businesses without having to worry about expenses and safety.
Basically, the major benefit of business video conferencing is saving up on money because people who have business meetings and presentations won’t have to travel to places in order to meet clients. Just make sure that you have conducted a research first before choosing systems and pieces of equipment for business video conferencing. Polycom and Microsoft have worked together for over 10 years to make collaboration more simple and more intuitive.
The Polycom RoundTable 100 for Skype for Business is planned for availability in the next few months.
A empresa continuara oferecendo consultorias nas areas de Desenvolvimento de Negocios, Inteligencia de Mercado, Internacionalizacao e Marketing Digital e o que muda realmente e o fato de que estaremos priorizando a prestacao de servico de forma remota, o que configura a consultoria online, deixando as reunioes presenciais para casos que realmente o justifiquem. Este me parece o ponto principal, pois mesmo que no Brasil ainda tenhamos um servico caro e que pode melhorar muito mais, os padroes atuais ja permitem uma melhor qualidade na transmissao de dados e de voz.
Nao e novidade para ninguem que os gestores estao totalmente absorvidos por demandas operacionais e o tempo disponivel para outros projetos, cada dia mais escasso. Quando se trata de servicos prestados para clientes que estao situados nas capitais brasileiras, os gastos com alimentacao, hospedagem e deslocamento podem ser bastante significativos e diretamente ou indiretamente estarao computados nos valores cobrados por qualquer consultoria.
Se no caso das capitais, o problema esta nos custos com hospedagem, alimentacao e transporte, quando se trata de clientes localizados no interior no Brasil, em cidades que muitas vezes nao sao atendidas por voos comerciais, os custos normalmente sao bastante inferiores, mas o problema esta no tempo dedicado ao deslocamento, pois qualquer consultor profissional e experiente considerara estas horas como um custo. Os recursos disponiveis em ferramentas como a Agenda do Google, permitem que pessoas sejam convidadas para as reunioes, com definicao de data, hora de inicio e fim de cada reuniao, alem da pauta de assuntos que deverao ser tratados naquele evento.
Nao ha uma razao objetiva para justificar a afirmacao acima, mas o fato e que e facil perceber que aquele que contrata os servicos de consultoria online  e programa uma reuniao de uma ou duas horas atraves da internet, na grande maioria dos casos nao se deixa distrair por interrupcoes de outras pessoas, pelo telefone que toca ou a mensagem que chega no Smartphone.
Se a prestacao do servico de consultoria online aumenta a produtividade do consultor, reduz todos os custos envolvidos sem prejudicar os resultados esperados, e natural que tudo isto acabe provocando uma reducao do preco do pacote ou da hora cobrada, quando comparado com os valores cobrados em consultorias presenciais. Sou um veterano que nos ultimos anos se converteu para o digital e que a partir dai passou a atuar com foco em apoiar pessoas e empresas nesse processo. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on airfare, hotels, and meals to send employees to meet with clients and vendors, video conferencing allows for “face to face” meetings without the expense and downtime.
What they don’t realize is that video conferencing can help even those businesses that operate on an almost exclusively local basis as much as those that have employees jetting off to far-flung locales every week. While urban talent pools tend to be deep, companies in small and midsize markets may have a harder time attracting the best talent. Video conferencing not only makes it easier to deliver the necessary education through live conferences, but when you invest in an advanced video conferencing system via your Cisco distributor, you can also implement video on demand for training and encode data that allows you to document training sessions more easily and accurately. Something that could be solved with a quick conversation can take days when the discussion takes place over email or instant message. And with advanced systems allowing for more efficient sharing of information, on-demand materials, and electronic documentation, video conferencing can go a long way toward reducing the use of resources — and costs. One of the most common images of the telecommuter is the rumpled, unshaven, worker in bunny slippers — and in many cases, it’s not far from the truth. However, when you consider the benefits to team building, productivity, compliance, and social capital, it’s clear that video conferencing can do a lot more for your company than keep your best people from having to hang out in airports. Windows 8, which is largely designed for touch devices instead of mouse controlled computers, is truly quite different in its display than all previous versions of the operating system and this has been a problem when it comes to adding in or using certain key features of business operations in a personal computing device. And sure enough, it is; with your new Windows OS, be it on your tablet, PC or Windows phone, you can quickly and easily integrate Skype services with your needs and benefit from this free but powerful application’s capacity for being used in person-to-person video calls, or multiparty video conferences that also allow data sharing.

You will need to sign into Skype services with your Microsoft account in order to begin installation of the application itself, so you might want to open one in advance if you don’t already have it. Thus, numerous calling or conferencing software packages will work just as well and be just as easy to install as they have been with older Windows versions. It can be obtained from the WebEx site itself and as a PC tool, is downloadable and installable to Windows 8 just as it would have been for previous Windows versions. This new version of Skype is a replacement for the popular Lync, which is Microsoft’s communications tool for businesses.
It also enables people to search for and connect with anyone in the Skype network—inside or outside their organization. Now, with improvements in technology & communications, video solutions are increasingly being adopted at the desktop, at home, and for mobile workers, and are becoming mission critical to a businesses everyday workflow.
In fact, video communication technology has taken decades to develop, and experience and knowledge is needed to provide the highest quality video and audio, securely, across IT networks, between businesses and to customers.
Having quality systems and equipment will ensure that there will be faster, more efficient, and hassle free communications with the parties involved during business video conferencing. In fact, majority of them doesn’t even require software for installation and other hardware for purchasing. In fact, utilizing the rewards of technology such as business video conferencing is much easier because more and more providers offer various products with different features and price brackets. These IP-based business video and web conferencing can now be maintained by just using off-the-shelf and cheap video and audio systems that can literally be purchased wherever you are. The first RoundTable device in the new portfolio is the Polycom RoundTable 100, an affordable, simple, user friendly video solution designed for huddle rooms and small collaboration spaces, that will allow small and midsized businesses (SMB) and teams using Microsoft Lync 2013 and Skype for Business to enjoy the highest quality, feature rich collaboration experiences, including voice, video and data collaboration, simply by logging into their Skype for Business account.
Together, this portfolio is part of Polycom’s and Microsoft’s efforts to video enable the 50 million meeting rooms around the world, of all shapes and sizes, and bring them into the age of face-to-face communication, enhancing collaboration for businesses of all industries and all sizes. Since Microsoft’s entry into the world of Unified Communications (UC), Polycom has developed the widest and most broad portfolio of voice, video and data collaboration solutions that are qualified by and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft.
Nao tenho nada contra este tipo de servico, mas definitivamente nao e a proposta da Marketplus. O fato de possibilitar o compartilhamento de tela favorece muito qualquer apresentacao que seja necessaria. Quando se trata de executivos em funcao de comando, ou seja, aqueles que batem o martelo e decidem, na maioria dos casos, suas agendas estao bastante complicadas. Talvez o fato de que cada convidado esteja obrigado a confirmar a sua participacao, traz mais transparencia ao processo e tenho percebido que acaba comprometendo mais os participantes. Video conferencing allows companies to expand their reach and removes many of the barriers to building the best team possible. Even attempting to have a phone conversation can be a challenge, as stakeholders play phone tag and leave endless voice mails for each other. Because many companies rely on old fashioned conference calls, instant messaging, and emails, remote workers aren’t always concerned with their appearance. More importantly, by implementing video into team meetings, workers who might not otherwise put a face to a name or have anything other than cursory interactions build stronger relationships. Although Skype for Business looks very similar to the consumer version of Skype, it has the ability to integrate closely into various Office apps. Most of the providers offer equipment and system that are easy to use that enables the administrator to start business video conferencing anytime and share documents as well as presentations to as many people possible. The RoundTable 100 takes minutes to set up and start using, and does not require any corporate domains or on-premises infrastructure, making it simple to use and much more cost effective. Polycom has also announced that the Polycom® VVX® business media phones will be the first series of phones to support the new cloud voice service offering within Microsoft Office 365.
The Polycom RoundTable solutions will add to Polycom’s wider portfolio of more than 40 other video conferencing solutions that integrate with Microsoft Lync and the new Skype for Business. Este recurso e valido tambem para as reunioes presenciais, mas o efeito e muito maior no caso dos eventos online. Not only can video open doors to telecommuting, but human resources can conduct video interviews with candidates, removing travel and scheduling logistics.
With videoconferencing, teams can schedule a conversation to make decisions, saving time and frustration. Something about seeing a real person on the screen, just as you would in an office, helps to support team development and create a more connected staff. Quem contrata a versao Premium do produto, tem a possibilidade de estar conectado com varias pessoas no mesmo evento, independente de onde estejam fisicamente.
Existem outras alternativas como o Hangouts do Google ou o Teamviewer, mas nao vou comentar sobre elas pois ainda nao as testei.

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