Montgomery County’s Bethesda Hyatt will be the venue for the CONNECTpreneur XVIII Forum on April 28.
The department, in conjunction with Journal Communications, published an economic development magazine.
The value of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) accreditation can be seen in the quality of the curriculum and the faculty who serve in the programs.
It’s important that prospective business students consider business accreditation like ACBSP when researching schools. Speaking at the closing session, International Trade Center (ITC) Executive Director Arancha Gonz??lez said the conference, first time held in Africa, reflected the reality of global trade. Gonz??lez noted that this year’s event had been the largest ever WEDF, with more than 1,200 registered participants from 73 countries and commended the Government of Rwanda for having ensured a successful event. Rwanda was ranked as the 3rd most competitive country for business in Africa in the World Economic Forum’s 2013-2014 Global Competitiveness Index Report. In the World Bank’s Doing Business 2014 report, the small East African nation was ranked 32nd out of 189 countries for ease of doing business, up from the 52nd place previously. At WEDF, it became clear that the private sector has become more vocal on policy issues such as trade facilitation and addressing non-tariff barriers, according to organizers.
Several leading business figures called on governments to create an environment more conducive to business and to ensure that business priorities are represented in government policy.
Francis Gatare, Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda Development Board, said they were glad that the ITC chose Rwanda as the host of its inaugural event in Africa and its 50th anniversary. The forum, he said, has come at a significant time in our country’s economic development, when we are doubling our efforts to build an export oriented economy. Gonz??lez said ITC intends to strengthen the partnership with SMEs to address these issues and help them internationalize. Meanwhile, at the Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum, which was held in conjunction with WEDF, around 500 business-to-business meetings led to 44 letters of intent being signed, worth around 5. The agreements included a Brazilian buyer that will sell tour packages that bring tourists to Africa for coffee sampling, eco- tourism, Nollywood, fashion and more.
In her closing remarks Gonz??lez announced that next year’s event would be held in Qatar, in association with Tasdeer, the development agency of the Qatar Development Bank.

After you’re laser focused about what you do and the value you offer, you move onto the networking phase where you multiply your contacts and gain access to your most ideal B2B prospects.
This process is an iterative one, or cyclical, meaning you keep refining it until it’s perfect. You’re going to chip away at your block of granite with questions, and your answers will clarify the actions you need to take. Write down all your answers and get your business coach or other advisor to poke holes in your answers. Once you understand your value proposition and who your ideal customer would be, you start thinking about how you can reach them and what you’ll say to them. Once you know who your perfect niche client or bullseye target customer is, and what your unique value proposition is, it’s easier to know what actions are needed. One thing for sure, is that you’ll be networking and asking the right people about their needs, views, and priorities.
So go forward by speaking with the people you need to know to refine your value proposition, build your website, give you the funding you need, run your social or ad campaigns, create your branded content, advise you on how to package your services, and meet the right people. Soon, you’ll be ready for the last task: consultative selling and asking prospects tough questions! A digital marketing maestro narrowcasting the value of the personalized, significant unique value proposition to SMB's who need to bring their new media channels in sync. The Disruptive Marketing BlogLet's celebrate learning about new business development and digital marketing strategies. Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release. We are also home to the 93,000 acre Agricultural Reserve, which provides the backdrop for a thriving agricultural economy. ACBSP is a specialized accrediting organization that reviews the quality and integrity of business degree programs. Accreditation ensures that faculty members have qualifying terminal degrees and have been reviewed for their professional contributions such as presentations, publications, and community service. Therefore, be sure to research every school’s accreditation to ensure that you’re being offered a quality education from an institution that is meeting high academic standards.

17 (Xinhua) — Business and government leaders at the World Export Development Forum (WEDF) in Kigali declared Africa is open for business on Wednesday, at the conclusion of the three-day meeting. More so, we will continue to create a more favourable environment and double our efforts in export promotion,” he said.
The better your groundwork in business development basics, the more unambiguous your networking will be.
What is the demand and why does it exist, and how are others trying to do the same things as you? Do you offer things for free such as advice or services, or will watch their business intensely to act at the very time they need you most? This repetitive questioning process will strip away the unnecessary and wasteful and lead you to the perfect vision of who you are and what your business is. Your customer profile will help you know what medium to use to reach them whether TV, or direct sales, or inbound content marketing.
ACBSP accreditation also creates opportunities for schools and students to align with business honor societies like Delta Mu Delta, which can be noted in resumes and used when pursuing scholarships. I was looking for an ACBSP accredited university that was not only known for academic quality, but one that was online so I could fit classes into my hectic work-life schedule,” said Jason Beaumier, MBA Finance student at American Military University (AMU). This will give you the confidence in knowing that what you’re learning is academically rigorous and relevant to the business industry. What they had was a mission statement, belief, and a willingness to trudge blindly forward. Think about how you will create exceptional value for your client and how good you will feel.

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