A native of San Antonio, Texas, Gina left the great state of Texas to pursue a college education at the University of Las Vegas in Nevada with an academic interest in the Hospitality Industry. Gina is a member of the Executive Committee as Past President of the Hispanic Business Council, an affiliate of the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, is on the Board of Directors of Cinco de Mayo Inc., and is a past President and active member of LULAC Council #16001, Latinos Unidos del Norte Louisiana.
A brilliant opportunity exists for an outstanding individual capable of fitting in to this very rewarding Vice President of Information Technology role. We are seeking a Legal Services Director to lead the Legal and Regulatory Affairs Department and guide and manage the provision of legal counsel and risk coordination. Our Customer in Philippines is looking for a Vice President for Credit and Collection for maintaining credit strategy and risk management for new and existing clients, with full accountability of the Finance functions. Clarus is since 2009 member of The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (Chamber) is the most active and effective non-government, non-profit business associations operating in Ukraine.
Targos, our partner company in The Netherlands, is a company that specialises in flexible employment for both clients and workers in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
IOM is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society. Easily create, deploy, and update your brand’s unique mobile app for iOS, Android, and mobile web. Interfaces with existing systems to make interacting with your brand simple, and connecting with your patrons profitable.
Use in-venue marketing and geofencing to locate patrons and ensure they never miss a thing no matter where they are.

Keep your players playing even when they’re not on-property, generate revenue, and be prepared for future wager-based gaming. As a Database Marketing professional I particularly appreciate the automation that JOINGO provides.
Simply fill out the form below and a JOINGO representative will contact you to schedule a demo. A connection may exist between an Internet-accessible unprotected MongoDB database and the theft of funds from the Bitcoin wallets of several clients of the Coinroll Bitcoin casino. On March 30, MacKeeper security researcher Chris Vickery says he discovered a MongoDB database holding sensitive information about the customers of Coinroll, a website where users can register and bet small amounts of Bitcoin on the roll of a dice.
Besides being freely available for anyone over the Internet, the database also didn't have an administrative password, meaning any snooping user could have downloaded its content. This meant that if an attacker got hold of the data, they could compare the SHA256 hashes of common password strings and identify accounts and wallets with weak credentials.
The researcher didn't have to wait long for a response from Coinroll, who answered the next day.
The company said they intend to move from Ubuntu to Fedora in the upcoming future so that these update issues wouldn't happen again. Coinroll followed through with their security audit, and on April 11, they posted the following message on its website.
One of the principal activities of the Chamber is to represent the foreign investment community as well as to facilitate the entrance of potential new investors into this market.

In cooperation with Targos, Clarus-APEX is able to sent high educated professional from outside Ukraine to The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. We came to the conclusion that although we could produce something similar it would take many months and would be lacking in several of the key abilities that JOINGO provides out-of-the-box. It’s an effective marketing tool that merges our casino loyalty program with the ability to send targeted and personalized offers to patrons’ mobile devices.
Vickery says he discovered 4,610 Coinroll user accounts, tied to 9,668 Bitcoin wallets, which he reported to Coinroll's staff. Codina-Fauteux also said that the exposed database was a side effect of a recent Ubuntu update that altered some UWF rules.
Coinroll's IT staff also admitted to their own mistake when they said they forgot to set a MongoDB admin password.
Recently she was presented with the 2007 VIVA (Very Important Volunteer Award) by the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce for her outstanding service. With JOINGO we were up and running with a polished, user-friendly app in less than two months.
While all password strings were hashed using a strong SHA256 cryptographic algorithm, they were not salted, which is the process of adding random data to each SHA256 hash, making them near impossible to crack.

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