There are 3 different scenes about 3 different situations: to render Exterior, render interiors and render objects. The final result can be also accentuated with theĀ Elements and a bit of compositing, but that’s another story.
For the first time in Italy Shawn Kelly with his Masterclass: Lead Animator at Industrial Light & Magic, and Co-Founder of Animation Mentor!
LESSON #32: In this lesson we will talk about light balance, analisys of the composition and light. LESSON #28: In this lesson we will talk about light balance, analisys of the shot and light. They are not refined scenes but you can use them as a start point or just to see a method to set Vray parameters.

It is possible creating a mask in 3ds max and using Photoshop to apply all colors you want. How to simulate a night render by using an easy approach you could apply on every similar scene you’ll work in future. Follow the video-lesson, download the 3d model and complete the exercise for 5SRW certification.
I want to share with you some suggestions I gave him about Shot, Materials and Sky to improve his render. In our course we have the lesson#8 and also a specific area for common settigs: V-Ray Educational Material.
The sky is a really important element in the image and we need to find the perfect sky for our render.

The experience will you get better and better, but everyone – with reliable, simple and right information can produce outstading works. Because i saw some tutorials like the archviz, they use different kinds of texture sizes, depends on their object sizes.
Basic reflecions are good, anyway in some cases it’s better apply a MAP to avoid uniform(=flat) reflections.

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