Dr Nick Chamberlain, Chief Executive of Northland DHB introduces the Northland Health Services Plan (NHSP), explains why we have the NHSP and how we are changing the way we do things across the sector. This video clip gives an explanation of Telehealth and its benefits to the renal unit and the wider community in supporting patient care. Changes that have taken place for community pharmacy, and additional services and patient support that is now available from pharmacists.
The service and coverage provided by the Mobile Dental Unit, focusing on preventative care and education for children and adolescents.. Youth Space provides young people a place of support and connects them with the community, enabling better opportunities and outcomes for the young people of Northland. The palliative care role in the community and hospitals, providing an acute response service to work with the patient, whanau, and treatment management team. Chris Farrelly, CEO of Manaia PHO explains the effect of social determinants on the health of Northlands population.

The responsibilities of a PHO with a focus on prevention, early intervention and community involvement. Northland DHB's values and how Kaitaia hospital provides services that align to those values. How the electronic referrals system contributes to a shared care pathway and provides a higher quality of patient care, with integrated communication between GP's and specialists. How the role of nursing has changed and how to manage that change in the future enabling workforce development for new graduates and supporting post graduate education. This safe sleep video clip delivers key messages for new parents on creating a safe sleep environment for baby.

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