They had a desire to create a truly immersive environment where their congregation would literally be worshipping under a massive tree canopy. Proclaim is the first software that fused the awesomeness of the cloud with church projection.
Enter Worship Extreme, the first free cloud-based worship projection software to facilitate better collaboration between worship team members, preachers, pastors etc. The free version comes with unlimited user accounts and watermark-free slides – the restrictions are on the number of slides (cues) per presentation (cue list), number of presentations itself and media library size.
Collaborative content creation (song library, images, videos, PPTs, YouTube Videos) from any computer (Windows only) with an internet connection. With built-in support for a wide variety of media types and formats, no need to install special codecs or players! Planning Center is a house hold name for planning church services and now they want to be the home for your presentations not just your planning, so they created Projector. Projector allows you to use your Planning Center Online plans to create media rich presentations and control them from the iPad.
It automatically creates lyric slides from your songs and allows to fade them seamlessly over a moving background. In the fine print you can read that this is a iPad only app and will not be created for laptops of computers. During the beta period you can use Projector for FREE, after that the cost is between $2 – $10 a month.
Really Excited to try this out, just need to find an iPad to test with, we are in the market for a new PC and Media system, but are a church on a limited budget, this looks like it really can accomplish everything we want and for a much better price since we are already on PCO. Using video and motion backgrounds is a constantly growing trend for churches and worship groups, but initiating this type of project can be a little overwhelming. If you want to start incorporating video into your worship service, there are a few fundamental supplies you need to get your hands on first.
Once you’ve determined where you want to project your video, you need to find a place for the projector to go. There are a few different types of cables you can use to connect your projector to your computer.

A DVI can reach a farther distance, but all DVIs are a little different so you need to be aware of what your projector and computer can handle. Easy WorshipA is a multimedia tool that was designed specifically for worship presentations. Media ShoutA is a very user friendly church worship software that is designed for creating slides, hosting video and presenting countdowns.
Song Show PlusA is particularly good at presenting worship song lyrics through its easy to use interface. And if you need some free worship backgrounds to get you started, we can help with that, too! Today, technology is allowing the church to incorporate production elements that would have been unthinkable or far too costly to attain. A church community just south of Nashville had an idea to create an immersive environment around their Easter Sunday message.
From concerns over the logistics of such a task to concerns over the concept and how the story would be told in this manner.
Reach beyond your comfort zone and take your church on a journey through the art of visual story telling. He has 10 years experience in the event management world and has a strong desire to see visuals and media used to increase the user experience. Apart from removing these restrictions, the paid versions also support custom video usage and more Bible translations. These presentations play via AirPlay to an Apple TV or over an HDMI adapter to your display. This projector seems to me very effective to demonstrate any presentation to office or educational sectors.
We’ve put together a little check list of sorts to help get you started and answer some of those daunting questions. While you may have seen some really sweet three screen setups at a large church down the road, your one room sanctuary may require something a little more subtle. This type of cable carries an analog signal, but is ideal for large rooms where a digital signal may not survive.

This program comes standard on all Apple computers and is very user friendly.A iMovieA will allow you to edit simple videos, as well as add text, music and transitions. Different licensing agreements allows your organization to customize the software and only pay for what you need.
But through advances in projection technology, software, media supply, and training, the church tech community is more equipped then ever to bring new resources, tools, and visual story telling elements to their congregations. Every aspects of this projector are cool and I'm looking forward to utilize planning center projector to present my official presentation. The best way to figure out what YOUR church needs is to try sitting in every seat in the house. You obviously need to test the limits of your projector and put in a place that is far enough away from the screen that you can use minimal cables to connect it to your computer, but close enough that you still get a nice, crisp picture.
This is the most flexible of your options, but you may have to get some different types of adapters to make it work perfectly with your system. You can get VGA cables that run as far as 100 feet, so if you’re in a big space this is most definitely a good choice for you. Leave a comment below or write on our Facebook wall and we'll do our best to find you some answers! It was a crazy idea, and honestly one that we had been wanting to do for some time, but hadn’t had the opportunity yet to try. Over the course of the service the tree began to grow from a small sapling to a massive tree covering the entire space as the pastor walked the congregation through the message.
Much like other presentation software out, PowerPoint is converted into static images so you will loose any animations that you had. Look at the different perspectives and try to determine one central location for your projection screen. If your projector is further away from your computer you’ll need a balun (basically a booster) to keep the signal going.

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