Images displayed on this page under the heading "Browse The Collection" were contributed from many sources. The mark of a good citizen understands that they have a responsibility to the community, environment, and law. Firstly, a big thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the survey and to help with spreading the word. On the topic of mobility you said that global citizens are more likely to travel often and live in different places. On global awareness you wrote about thinking beyond national boundaries and understanding what’s going on in the rest of the world. For me, one of the most important points of being a global citizen is realising that differences are ok. I’ve been mulling over the Global Citizen article for a couple of days and it kind of left me scratching my head. It seems the results of the survey point to it being a state of mind more than anything else. Well, the one thing that was most clear from the survey was that the concept means quite different things to different people.
A citizen is a member of a state, an enfranchised [right to vote] inhabitant of a country, as opposed to an alien; a person, native or naturalized, who has the privilege of voting for public offices, and is entitled to protection in the exercise of private rights.
In Australia, as in most countries, the rules about who can be a citizen have been determined by constitutions, acts of parliament, administrative regulation and the common law. Before 26 January 1949, the status of Australian citizen did not exist, and people born in Australia were British subjects. Australian citizenship comes with some privileges, for example the rights to live in Australia indefinitely, vote in elections and apply for a passport. We can be equal and different by becoming citizens and supporting others to achieve citizenship.
All material on this website © The Centre for Welfare Reform unless otherwise indicated. The Canadian citizenship certificate (formerly citizenship card) is a document used by naturalized Canadian citizens to prove their status in Canada.
If you have proof that you need to replace your citizenship card urgently, you can get it sooner than the usual processing time of 4 - 6 months. Frequently people need to get their citizenship card replaced urgently because they need to renew their Canadian passport to travel, or they need to prove that they are a Canadian citizen for work.
To use travel as proof that you need your replacement certificate urgently you must be able to show an acceptable reason for why you need to travel so urgently.
You can still submit a ticket as proof of urgency even if you have only paid a deposit, but some amount of money needs to be paid. Certain careers, such as working for the federal government, or working in the terminal of an airport require that you prove you are a Canadian citizen to work there. All documents provided must be from Canada or the US, otherwise CIC cannot verify their authenticity.
If you don't have all of the required documents for your citizenship card application, please see the next section.
If you don't have the necessary ID documents to apply for replacement of your certificate, you can use other documents as identification. If you have only one or do not have any ID documents with a photo, you should provide as many of the above documents as you can, AND what's called a Statutory Declaration.
This declaration contains several statements about your identity, an ID picture of you, and is sworn before a lawyer.
As of February 2012, CIC no longer issues proof of Canadian citizenship in the form of a photo ID card. The old style photo citizenship cards are still accepted as proof of Canadian citizenship by Passport Canada and other government agencies. Also, DO NOT bend, crease, or laminate the paper citizenship certificate or it will be VOID and will not be accepted.

If you submitted an application to replace your Canadian citizenship card and the application was returned to you, or you received a letter requesting additional documents or information, this means that your application was not complete.
If you don't respond to CIC within 180 days (6 months) of their letter to you, your application will be abandoned and you will not receive a replacement of your Canadian citizenship card. As of 2009, Canadian citizenship by descent is only extended to the first generation born outside Canada.
The application process for obtaining your first Canadian citizenship certificate through a Canadian parent is largely the same. Many times, if there is information about you that is incorrect on your Canadian citizenship card you can apply to update it and you will be issued a new citizenship document. Typos and misspelled names can be corrected through a simple request on the replacement citizenship card application. Incorrect dates of birth can be corrected as long as the information is correct on CIC's records and the misprint was only a typo. If your information, such as date of birth, is incorrect on CIC records, you have to apply for an amendment of your IMM1000 Record of Landing in order to change this information on your citizenship certificate. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
You can instill in others the virtue of citizenship by explaining the difference between good and bad citizenship. We had some fantastic results and it’s been really interesting reading your opinions!
This is linked to a growing feeling of caring about what happens in other places and feeling responsible towards other people, wherever they are. Not just differences in appearance or family background, but also differences in behaviour and points of view.
In fact the responses were not dominated by any one nationality, which shows that the idea has indeed spread around the world. Since I assume there’s an element of self-selection (ie you were more likely to answer the survey if you already feel like a global citizen) then I think that indicates that people who identify with global citizens are more likely to have experienced living in more than one country.
Since then she has lived in 4 different countries and tried to see as much of the world as possible.
The legal concept of an Australian citizen was created on 2 January 1949 with the enactment of the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948, now replaced by the Australian Citizenship Act 2007. There are also responsibilities including the need to obey Australia’s laws, serve on a jury if called upon and defend Australia should the need arise.
Please use your school or Edumail email address, as this will be used as part of the verification process. This model was developed to set out the key elements of citizenship.Simon Duffy's book Keys to Citizenship describes how we can achieve citizenship in practice. Under circumstances like these, CIC will almost always process the application with urgency. If you submit proof that you need your certificate urgently, it is at the discretion of the officer reviewing your file whether to expedite the processing of your application to replace your citizenship card. For this reason, you have to include photocopies of two ID documents, one of which must have a photo, with your citizenship certificate application.
For this reason, if you have to submit supporting documents from another country because you live outside Canada or the US, you must submit your citizenship card application to the Canadian consulate closest to where you live.
The statutory declaration acts as your photo ID for a Canadian citizenship card application if you don't have one.
In an effort to prevent fraud, CIC created a new document as proof of citizenship which now comes in the form of a paper certificate with a barcode and personal information printed on the reverse side. CIC will not continue to process your application for a new proof of Canadian citizenship until you provide exactly what they have requested. But, if you were born outside Canada and one of your parents was a Canadian citizen either by birth or naturalization at the time you were born, then you are a Canadian citizen by descent. Prior to this, the second generation born outside Canada could also claim Canadian citizenship through their Canadian grandparent.

A copy of the applican'ts own long-form birth certificate showing parents' names and the applicant's Canadian parent's long-form birth certificate showing their parents' names must be included.
If you have legally changed your name, you must include a copy of your marrriage, divorce, or name change certificate with your application.
She loves learning languages, learning about different cultures and hearing different points of view. Of course it helps to travel, but that’s not the only way to learn about different cultures.
From that date, people born in Australia became Australian citizens automatically, whether they were in Australia or outside Australia.
Although the book focuses on people with learning difficulties it is a framework which applies to all of us.Citizenship is a funny word - and it can have several meanings - but it is a useful word, because it can be used to describe how human beings can live together - with justice and mutual respect.
Statutory Declarations which do not contain a photo cannot be used to support your citizenship certificate application. There is no photo on the document, but when the barcode is scanned the photo of the document's owner that was submitted with their citizenship application will appear. All proof of citizenship issued after February 2012 is now in the form of a paper certificate. To get your Canadian passport, you first need to apply for proof that you are a Canadian citizen in the form of a Canadian citizenship certificate. It gives Australians a unique identity, is a unifying force, and formally welcomes migrants to the Australian community. All photocopies of documents must be certified.  A first Canadian citizenship certificate cannot be submitted without proper documentation.
More than 4 million people have become naturalised citizens since Australian citizenship was introduced in 1949. A citizenship ceremony is held for naturalised citizens and a certificate is presented to mark the occasion. For people with significant communication difficulties this also means lots of thoughtfulness, love and attentiveness.
But everyone can be in control - especially if we listen to those who know and love the person most.Direction - being a citizen means having a life of meaning - your own meaning.
Money gives us the means to be independent, to set our own course and to achieve our own goals. The challenge today is to get help without having to give up your citizenship Life - and it is by giving something back to our community that we can really help others to understand our worth. We can contribute by just being there, by buying, by joining in, by working, by laughing or even by crying. Through meeting, working with and joining in with other people we can form relationships, friendships, find lovers and make a family. Love is also the best guarantee of bring into existence a new generation of citizens to help build a better world.Citizenship is not dead, but it is flourishing - we are somewhere in between.
But it is certainly not true that citizenship means nothing to people with learning difficulties. But this may not be possible and I am sure many people who don’t have learning difficulties would also struggle to say yes to every question. These are all things we can also do something about - although some problems are more difficult to solve than others.But perhaps the most important thing, the thing which costs nothing, is to start thinking and talking about citizenship.
If we aren’t raising our own expectations and the expectations of those around us - or if we are accepting the emptiness of fame, money or power as the meaning of life - then we are not just putting the lives of people with learning difficulties at risk. No part of this paper may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher except for the quotation of brief passages in reviews.

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