However, with the integration of the tech acquired from Fly Labs, Google will supposedly bring editing right into Google Photos, without having to navigate to another app. But it’s interesting how things turn out in the industry and Fly Labs is now directly under Android.
WeVideo is a cloud-based NLE that allows video editors to upload media files and edit them collaboratively or individually from any computer with a viable broadband connection, for HD export and sharing to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter. In this article we'll take a look at cloud-based collaborative video editing in the cloud using WeVideo. You Tube is a video sharing website that rose in to immense popularity by enhancing the users by sharing videos as well as watching and uploading of the videos. It is said that with this acquisition, Google will look to directly integrate their tech into #GooglePhotos which lacks a proper image or video editing tool. Interestingly, the founder of New York based Fly Labs, Tim Novikoff was said to be very dismissive of bringing their apps to the Android platform when asked in an interview last year.

Google will continue to make the iOS apps available as usual and has even made them free for the customers, which is a bonus. Let's jump right in.The first step with a cloud-based editor like WeVideo, after creating an account, is to log in to the application using your Google, Facebook, or Yahoo account.
The company makes use of Adobe Flash Video as well as HTML 5 in order to display the video content. Logging into WeVideo via GoogleOnce I'm logged in, the first screen I see is the Projects and Media Library.
You Tube has decided to provide the users with cloud-based video editing platform named WeVideo in order to improve the popularity of their global service.
Here you can view all your projects, media files, and project members (Figure 2, below).Figure 2.
Under the Account tab is where you'll find all your account billing and sharing information, as shown in Figure 3 (below).Figure 3.

Account and billing info Under Projects on the left side of the interface, let's click Start Here to see how files show up in WeVideo (Figure 4, below).Figure 4. WeVideo mainly makes use of the “drag and drop” design interface that has wide range of applications in music as well as transitions. With the introduction of a browser based resource hogging process that is currently taking place in the cloud application enables the WeVideo to be used in the smart phones as well as tablets with the help of a computer.

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