As Media Partners at BVE 2015 KitPlus was responsible for recording, editing and publishing 50+ hours of video content from the event seminars, roaming reporters and studio discussions over the course of the show.
One of our main concerns about using an unfamiliar system was whether there was enough time for our editor to familiarise himself with the interface and workflow.
Enoch SamekeForscene Account Support, with over five years experience in the broadcast and post production arena. Clouding computing is becoming the standard of which online applications can be delivered and accessed.
Codeita is a really neat little piece of free software that allows a designer to prototype and design websites collaboratively. Another similar color generation app is Kuler which also generates different color schemes via the web without any installation.
Besides picking colors, you can now create prototypes using online tools without any installation needed.
All these cloud based apps will be useful especially when the design workforce is getting more mobile in this day and age. IBM Cloud helps BeBop Technology create a cloud-based video editing platform for the entertainment industry, among other IBM Cloud use cases. IBM announced that BeBop Technology has tapped IBM Cloud to create a cloud-based film and video editing service to help speed and ease the production of media and entertainment projects. BeBop's new IBM Cloud-powered namesake platform provides secure, remote editing and lowers video production costs. Running on IBM's SoftLayer infrastructure as a service, BeBop provides users with video editing and post-production capabilities that address long-standing piracy and editing workflow problems. Long said BeBop chose IBM Cloud as the foundation for its platform because of its use of high performing, GPU-equipped bare metal servers and multi-monitor support. In addition to SoftLayer, the BeBop solution integrates a cloud media management solution from software developer Teradici, whose Pervasive Computing Platform technology creates secure, high-performance virtual workspaces. BeBop also speeds up post-production workflow by eliminating the need for team members to download massive files before working on them. BeBop will launch for general availability in the first quarter of 2016 and is currently in private beta with notable film studios, television networks and digital content producers as well as post-production and visual effects companies, the company said. In other Big Blue cloud news, IBM recently announced that New Zealand-based application developer and emergency network provider, CLOUD M, has migrated its emergency alert tools and system to IBM Cloud for greater reliability and performance. In today’s world all those who have access to the internet will have access to one or the cloud services.
Jolidrive is a product of Jolicloud, the makers of the Joli OS (an alternative operating system for the netbooks).
You can view all the files and folders in your respective accounts by clicking on one of these services.
It also offers service specific features, such as the like option for photos on Instagram, watch videos on Youtube or Vimeo through the same popup window.
It is easy to integrated with cloud services and you view and edit documents, photos, watch videos right from the Jolidrive page. Although the service is free, connecting to additional services such as Google Plus, Vimeo, Pocket, etc.
101 websites for getting things done - an informative book which will make you more productive and efficient. Do you have a flair for writing and understand technology, software, gadgets and web applications well? Adobe Revel is a cloud-based photo synchronization service by the software giant that automatically syncs your photos across iOS, Mac OS X and web. Adobe Revel for Windows 8 looks absolutely fantastic, boasting a minimalist, simple design that’s quite easy on the eyes. Once signed in, you’re presented with a nice welcome message accompanied by an import option to begin your initial uploads.
Revel then gives you a bird’s-eye view of all image files found in the selected directories, and all you have to do from here is just click Import Library to start the upload process. Usually I don’t feel comfortable using Modern UI apps, and I won’t really say that Revel changed my mind about that completely. Furthomore, there’s an impressive full screen mode that allows you to sift through your pictures without any on-screen distraction. As mentioned earlier, the key feature of Revel is letting users access photos online through the cloud either via the web interface or the mobile clients of the service.
If you’re wondering how much space there is at your disposal, Adobe allows free users to backup only 50 photos per month, though you can enjoy unlimited uploads for the first 30 days without having to pay. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. NaviModel, the modelling and visualisation tool of the EIVA NaviSuite software suite for offshore construction and survey operations, sees a number of new and improved features with the release of version 3.5.

From point cloud editing to eventing and video recording for project visualisations, users get a more advanced tool that matches their needs and requirements. The software applies best fit surface to surface for final adjustment (iterative closest point (ICP) based approach), common point alignment and geo-referencing, and allows for merge of surface and points. The data eventing and video tool (used in the NaviSuite Nardoa pipeline and cable route inspection tool and in ordinary data eventing) has been revised and expanded. Users are now offered line and polygone event types in addition to the types offered in earlier versions of NaviModel.
Consequently, the eventing tool will validate all events in a project according to user-specified parameters, making for a far more efficient workflow during inspection jobs. A new photo-mosaicking feature stacks strips of video frames continuously in the 3D window, on top of the digital terrain model (DTM), along the ROV track. NaviModel 3.5 allows for the creation of video fly-through recordings of digital terrain models (DTMs) and subject objects and structures. Schlumberger announced today the launch of the MaxPull high-pull wireline conveyance system that can pull from 18,000 lbf to 30,000 lbf in wells 40,000 ft [12,192 m] deep or more.
Decom North Sea (DNS), the representative body for the offshore decommissioning industry, which promotes and facilitates collaboration and cost reduction, today appointed a new chief executive. Nordic American Tankers Limited ("NAT" or the "Company") announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire four existing Suezmax sister vessels built in Japan at a world-class shipyard.
The Northwest Seaport Alliance has signed on to participate in Green Marine, North America’s largest voluntary environmental certification program for the maritime industry. Danelec Marine informs it has supplied new-generation Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs) for three U.K.
An important addition to any commercial vessel’s survival gear kit, the Pathfinder PRO SART is introduced by ACR Electronics, Inc. PDQ’s OneSource System provides long range cell, wi-fi and high definition TV in one system for mobile users. The opening of the offshore season in northern waters has seen specialist oil industry vessels return to Lerwick Harbor during April to support subsea development projects. With material coming from different sources, crew and post-production staff consisting largely of students with varying levels of proficiency and tight timelines thrown into the mix we needed a postproduction solution that was quick to set up, easy to learn and provided a creative and reliable solution.
Historically seen as a viewing and logging tool, the software is proving its value as an editor on broadcast projects including The Voice and Gold Rush and sporting events like The European Tour and UCI cycling.
Add to this the fact that our editor was a media student and unavailable for training and you can imagine that we were more than slightly worried!
The Forscene desktop ingest server was then used to transcode and copy proxies of this media into the cloud via watchfolders set up on the KitPlus system. Being able to work with media while it ingests and publish directly from the platform to other content distribution networks and social media platforms are fantastic features for fast-turnaround projects like this one and the edit capabilities of the system are unrivalled in its class. Having worked with both manufacturers and post-production houses, Enoch has both hands on technical, operational and project management experience. Using the cloud makes it more cost effective as well as being able to work anywhere where there is an Internet connection. The good thing about cloud web hosting providers is that you can expand on your server needs at a moment’s notice. Using a dashboard that can be used to manage codes, files and databases from any web, it is a useful tool for sharing projects with other members in your team. Usually the communication is over email but it is an ideal way to communicate over changes.
IBM officials said BeBop is the first virtualized cloud-based editing platform tailored for the needs of the entertainment industry.
Typical cloud-based media management systems move a project's content files between editorial facilities. Instead, editors and post-production staff can remotely access and manipulate the project files while they are securely kept on IBM Cloud servers.
The main idea behind Jolidrive is the fact that the internet users use the myriad cloud services for different purposes. Popular ones like Dropbox, Google Drive, Youtube, Flickr are there, and you can get other services like Skydrive, Pocket, Google Plus and more with some promotions (more on that later).
Once setup, you can connect with your cloud services by simply clicking on them in the Jolidrive homepage.
It stays up to date with all you cloud services, plus Jolidrive looks great on mobile browsers too, as you see here on my Nexus 7. It’s one of the many similar options being offered by cloud providers, and aims to compete against the likes of Apple’s iCloud.
Launch the app and from its home screen, you will be able to sign in using your Adobe, Facebook or Google+ account to get started, or sign up for a new account.
Adobe Revel automatically crawls through your local storage and selects the Pictures library for your first uploads, though you can easily add a different destination or manually specify multiple directories via hitting ‘Browse’.

The application is fairly swift at syncing photos and doesn’t perform any unwanted compression on them that would deteriorate the original image quality. That said, the app’s UI feels fairly intuitive in all areas, including the library management section that allows you to easily rename and sort your photo libraries with ease. That’s not all – you can also edit the photos via the integrated basic image editor accessible from the app bar.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It includes new and improved advanced features developed in collaboration with major players in the offshore industry. In NaviModel 3.5, this functionality is also available for standard NaviModel Pro users using any sensor that collects XYZ data in relative coordinates.
This was done in cooperation with major survey companies whose staff are experienced NaviSuite users, making for a thoroughly tested solution meeting customer needs and requirements. Moreover, it is possible to customise the event setup by adjusting the settings of the toolbar, event layout, properties, shortcuts and type of export files. This offers customers a detailed visualisation of the inspection data, making it easy to identify events along the route without having to watch hours of video streams.
This allows for an elaborate but easily created visual presentation of survey results or operation data to for example end-clients.
The final result is a 30 fps mgp 4 video clip, independent on your graphics card’s performance. After chatting with Forbidden Technologies for a while we decided to use their Forscene platform.
We were excited about Forscene’s ability to edit and publish video directly to social platforms and decided to put the system to test on our on-stand interview videos as well as daily highlights packages. Because Forscene is accessible from any desktop or device through a standard Internet connection we were able to give our editor immediate access to a Forscene account and he then used the online training videos and user guide to familiarise himself with the interface and workflows the weekend before the show.
This was possible using only the 2-3mbps connection available because 15:1 proxy versions of the original media were uploaded to the Forscene cloud instead of the original high-res source.
These suite of cloud based image editors puts the processing in the cloud itself, without taking any resources from your computer. Instead of taking files to the editing tools, BeBop takes the editing tools to the content—which is kept secure on IBM Cloud. Most people use Google Drive for managing documents, spreadsheets, forms, etc, Flickr for photo management, Youtube for videos, and likewise. While you may not be able to add anything to your drives, Jolicloud does have support for editing and collaboration. Best of all, it is free and has integration options with some of the favorite cloud services.
While it could be accessed from a Windows computer through its web interface, a dedicated Windows app for the service hadn’t been released by Adobe up till now. You can share photos with your Facebook friends, add or delete custom albums, change the view, add more files to an existing library, and adjust a few generic library options. With limited time on our side it enabled us to get content to our channels and partners in the most efficient way.
The Forscene team markets the product as being simple enough for producers and directors to use while offering the advanced functionality that editors demand – we were about to find out if they were telling the truth! Media was available in the Forscene account while still ingesting – so the editor could begin cutting without delay. This new service allows designers and clients to communicate directly over the design so that changes are immediately understood.
Managing these cloud services, from online storage options like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, music services like SoundCloud, or Video services like Youtube, Vimeo, it certainly is a hassle.
Jolidrive simply brings all these services under one umbrella and manage all these services at Jolidrive. For instance clicking on the edit icon for one of the documents in Google Drive will lead to the edit page as you would find on Google Drive, so you won’t need to go to the Drive separately. Fresh to the Windows Store and designed with Windows 8 and RT in mind, Adobe Revel brings all its awesome photo synchronization and editing features to Microsoft’s platform. Once the edit was complete, videos were published directly from Forscene to our YouTube channel – referencing the original high-resolution source stored locally. Fully embracing the Modern UI design language, Revel automatically backup your photos to the cloud so you may access them across your other devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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