SNL's Commodity Briefing Service is essential reading for any business professional needing to understand the current status and direction of the market. Our methodology uncovers the pressure points that influence changes in market sentiment, the exchange prices, premia, discounts and treatment charges. GBPUSD has turned sharply to the downside yesterday exactly from 1.5550 area that we highlighted it as lower side of a resistance zone. This service is a respected source of commentary and price forecasts, trusted by leading mining companies, metals processors, fabricators, traders, financial institutions, industry bodies and legal firms.

The carefully considered price forecasts that result are a key resource to support clients' investment decisions. However, despite higher prices we see rally from the low in corrective formation, probably making wave (4) that will send GBP back down, maybe already later this month.
We delve into the news and information and add price movements, arrivals in major markets, Futures price movement analysis, acreage, production trends in agri commodities, tender information, import and export details, weather, commodity outlook and gives you a complete picture every Friday in the form of a report. Notice that decline from the high is sharp, so it's considered as an impulsive wave that is part of a larger bearish price action.

The resistance remains at around 1,880-1,900, and the nearest important support level is at 1,840-1,850, marked by the recent local low, among others. The resistance is at 1,865-1,870, and the nearest support is at around 1,840, as the 15-minute chart shows:The technology Nasdaq 100 futures contract (CFD) bounced off the psychological resistance at around 3,700, as it trades along the level of 3,660.

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