Kenza restaurant has launched a ‘Morocco to go’ takeaway lunch service to provide delectable, speedy Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine to local businesses in and around trendy Devonshire Square, near Liverpool Street Station, London. Kenza – meaning ‘treasure’ in Arabic – specialises in Moroccan food that is a feast for all the senses. Middle Eastern hospitality is all about sharing and meal times are seen as a precious opportunity to connect with other people, so grab your friends and colleagues, order your piece of ‘Morocco to go’ and venture outdoors to graze over a sociable lunch this summer. Commenting on the new takeaway lunch service, Kenza’s sales and marketing manager Elana Loudiyi said: “The ‘Morocco to go’ service gives our customers the opportunity to eat high quality and flavoursome food that is served within a guaranteed time of 10-15 minutes.
Kenza’s takeaway food service is available from 12pm, throughout the afternoon and evening. Opened on the 28th August 2007, Kenza is everything you expect from the Middle East: a vibrant atmosphere, traditional Moroccan heritage and rich home-style dishes. By night, it is an enchanting and glamourous setting for dinners peppered with artistic entertainment from belly dancers. Global network consisting of thousands of public and private networks of varying sizes; it is linked by a set of standard communications protocols. Interconnecting device that transmits data between two or more networks by determining the best path for them.

Facility that receives and amplifies signals transmitted in the form of microwaves and relays them to another receiver. Device that converts digital signals into analog signals so that computers can communicate with each other over telephone lines. Company that is permanently connected to the Internet; it provides individuals and organizations with access to various Internet services. Computer that hosts various resources (including files, applications and databases) and places them at the disposal of all the devices connected to the network.
Facility that transmits radio waves to a satellite and receives radio waves from a satellite. Satellite designed and placed into geostationary orbit to ensure long-range reception and transmission of signals in the form of radio waves. Eat on the street or indulge back in the office, with ‘grab and go’ meals made to order in less than 15 minutes. Other delicious options include flaky, savoury pastries, salads, wraps served with Lebanese fries, tagines and grilled meat skewers.
Kenza also operates a free local delivery service and will happy set up working lunches ‘on location’ as required.

It gives those who don’t have the time to dine in, or who want to enjoy the fresh air of the Square, the opportunity to take the authentic taste of Morocco with them.
Kenza’s menu is a meld of Levantine cuisine with particular emphasis on Moroccan and Lebanese food. It’s lounge bar is a bright getaway, perfect for small meetings, work pauses or indulgent mid-shopping breaks.
A vibrant and impressive venue for group celebrations, all areas are available for individual hire, including alcoves for up to six people, Dar Lazrak for up to 15 people, Dar Charifa for up to 50 people and the cocktail lounge for up to 60 guests. Mesmerising, authentic decor sourced from the souks captures the essence of Morocco in carved wood, ornate ironwork and colourful patterned fabrics. Warm mood lighting, Moroccan Ottoman stools and lounge tables are an attractive setting for working lunches, while snug alcoves and cloistered areas provide intimate respite from the urban hustle and bustle upstairs.

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