One of the biggest goals of Branding is to have customers continually recognize your brand. Corporate branding – at first glance these two words may seem of average importance, but the truth is they are far more than that. A strong brand is about building recognition and then maintaining strong perceptions with your current customers and potentially new customers.
Samantha Prinsloo is the owner of Creative Designs and believes that developing a strong brand awareness for their clients in their target market through effective visual communication and strong creative solutions is essential! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
COMPANY OVERVIEW? A privately held, MBE Certified Company? Minority Business Enterprise? Optimum Branding was founded in 2012 to service the internet needs of our national client base.? Servicer of small to medium size companies across the United States with the capability to assist Fortune 500 companies with local listings, web design, social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), customer service, business process outsourcing, and network management. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Vast industry experience that Scoring & reporting enable has been recognized by sophisticated work strategies that industry authorities. QUALITY CONTROL OVERVIEWOur quality control is not a surprise, but the outcome of a great foundation and proper execution.
TOTAL SOLUTION PROVIDEROB’s exceptional results are coupled with the Commitment and Accountabilityof a mid-sized company with a scalable and flexible platform.
They didn’t get as popular as they are just because of their names, it took a lot of hard work, marketing and most of all creating a strong Brand. You see corporate branding means everything to your company – It is how your company is recognized from the colors you choose to your logo to the layout of your office or store, and that includes your e-commerce website.
While the ability to reach becomes easier for all companies, that amount of competition increases in parallel.

When that company brand becomes recognizable, and current customers or potential customers recognize it, they will be able to easily find your company. Consider this – when we say Disney, Mercedes, CNN, McDonalds, or Microsoft what do you think of. While this takes time to develop and then establish it is certainly worth the resources necessary and the time it takes for the branding to take hold. Remember your corporate branding is an umbrella of your company’s activities – its values, vision, positioning, image, and even its personality. Apple has established a strong position as being an innovative company that is design driven and offers a number of products and services. You now know why it is so important that your company give corporate branding their full attention so that you can maximize your brand recognition. Our goal is to raisethe bar through consistent Top Tier performance and overall Best-in-Classservice.OB focuses on taking your business to the next level by innovating our practicesand leveraging the versatility of our Cutting-Edge approach. A good visual with the proper marketing can help brand a company and keep them on the road to success. We can also help with customer Testimonials, Press releases, Display social marketing stats, lets get together and discuss what we can do to help you brand your company.
Corporations are becoming more aware of just how important the role of corporate branding is in establishing and maintaining their presence on the global market front.
In fact, corporate branding will allow you to create a unique position for your company within the market place. These are just a few companies that have established powerful corporate branding for their company, and then used the corporate branding to penetrate and establish a global market where their company is highly recognizable.

If you want to establish a corporate brand and then grow it successfully, you need to have management tracking and measuring the strength of your existing corporate brand and in relation to the total brand portfolio. For example, let’s look at the branding strategy of P&G, which is well known for their multi-brand strategy and yet it incorporates all of their activities of the company. Apple’s corporate branding encapsulates the heart and soul of the company, and all of their main messages use that corporate branding while sub-brands help to identify specific product lines. Coding & other technologies Every employee learns the generate unique analytical “OB Way,” which is then reporting that is fully leveraged. The right corporate branding strategy will allow your company to enable more leverage, which leads to branding excellence throughout your company. Research will help you to understand your company’s landscape in more detail and it will serve for the basis for your future corporate branding strategies. Their branding strategy is about creating simplicity and it easily incorporates all of their activities under their corporate branding, and they are easy to identify. Any staff requiring access to the premises outside of their security clearance must be accompanied by management personnel. Through these conversations, it became clear that the link between design and branding is important, and that having a top design team is to crucial to having a winning brand.
You get that feeling via smart design, which creates the experiences people have with the brand.

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