If you answered it is making users download the mobile app you know what the issue is – nearly eighty percent of mobile apps are never downloaded in app store and only ten percent of downloaded apps are ever used. The mission of FATIASDECA TECH Review is to equip its audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology.
Proximity marketing makes the use of wireless technologies to distribute messages to people chosen by their closeness to a definite location at the time the communication is sent. Proximity advertising or Bluetooth mobile marketing is one of the most practical means to advertise the product straight through the phones.
Information and offers can be delivered in a large assortment of formats: text, still pictures, video, animations, audio, VCard (business cards) VCal (calendar events). Mobile marketing has become increasingly fruitful in such countries as Western Europe and North America. Mobile marketing can offer lots of opportunities to the business through which their product and services can be promoted nicely. Image Matters is an integrated marketing and communication solutions provider based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with the ability to handle all your mobile marketing, and proximity advertising needs. This is Alia, webmaster for BluetoothMarketing.ae is an innovative mobile marketing service offered by Image Matters Advertising.
Early television advertising was essentially graphic radio advertising–voice reading over moving text. Location signals today in mobile marketing are undeniably valuable yet woefully misunderstood.
About the AuthorMark Campos works on product strategy at Waze, alongside some of the brightest minds in geolocated data and advertising, and has spoken on data and policy across the country.Formally trained in Architecture at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, his personal work explores the intersection of information design, robotics, custom fabrication, and public space. Sprint (S) and T-Mobile (TMUS), are close to finalizing a $32 billion merger proposal, according to reports this week.
The rumored merger has generated skepticism from some industry observers who worry about the creation of another telecom behemoth. The company is also investing heavily to upgrade its infrastructure and expand its high-speed 4G-LTE network. Some analysts see the carrier’s recent moves as an effort to boost its asking price in a potential acquisition.
The merger proposal has yet to be officially announced, but antitrust officials already have a lot on their plates.
Should the deal fall through, T-Mobile could prove an attractive acquisition target for another big tech company like DISH Network (DISH) or an overseas carrier.
This year in the United States for the first time ever, mobile viewing time soared past desktop in terms of total digital media consumption. Unfortunately, mobile lead generation does not work quite the same as traditional lead generation, which tends to be fairly straightforward.
Mobile lead generation is not as clear-cut, largely due to how most consumers behave when surfing on their mobile devices. One way to do this is offer customers a discount or promo when they like your Facebook page.
Brands often make the mistake of focusing on data generated by desktop usage, when mobile data is more readily available and more accurate, enabling you to create finely detailed marketing campaigns. Google Mobile Analytics can help you to view the source of your app’s traffic, as well as how your app is used by customers, giving you the ability to attract users and retain them. White label mobile marketing is used for flashing bulk messages to a number of mobile users.
White label mobile marketing could be a cost effective way for spreading awareness about a new product, service or sale. White label mobile marketing is beneficial for all whether it is a company, shop or an individual.
Social Media Optimization or SMO is rated among one of the best internet marketing techniques that businesses have benefitted from. There are several people who use YouTube regularly and these days it has become a great search engine. Creating blogs and posting press releases that will link visitors directly to the original website is a smart SMO strategy. The content that is created should interest and influence the readers in a way that they would want to share it with people on their network. Having accounts on popular social and professional networks will help businesses promote their services.
There are quite a number of influential websites and blogs that present news and analysis of businesses and their products.
SMO has emerged as a very influential internet marketing tool that helps business attract huge volumes of traffic within a short span of time and also gives rise to viral marketing. SMO services helping businesses gain the most traction in the online market place out of this new and exciting internet marketing technique. About Arcis Resources Corporation by and through its wholly owned subsidiaries is a technology solution provider with strong focus on software, web, mobile apps, and social media. This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended and section 21e of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. WASHINGTON A little-known side to the government’s health insurance website is prompting renewed concerns about privacy, just as the White House is calling for stronger cybersecurity protections for consumers. Connections to multiple third-party tech firms were documented by technology experts who analyzed HealthCare.gov, and confirmed by The Associated Press. The privacy concerns come against the backdrop of President Barack Obama’s new initiative to protect personal data online, a highlight of his State of the Union message scheduled for Tuesday night.
The administration did not explain how it ensures that privacy and security policies are being followed.
Google said Monday it doesn’t use that kind of data or allow its systems to target ads based on health or medical history information.
HealthCare.gov is currently serving consumers in 37 states, while the remaining states operate their own insurance markets. The analysis of website activity logs is carried out with the help of specialized software.
Based on the analysis carried out through activity logs, changes can be brought about in the website to suit the visitors’ interest.
If you thought Google consisted of a bunch of nerds developing programs to make the world smarter, you are half-right. Omnipresent, omniscient, and omnicompetent, Google is one hell of an omnivore, err, not really, it went with the flow. Google Analytics is surely one of the best free web analytics out there, but just like other worldly things, it is not perfect.
The Nexus 5 and the G2 are extremely powerful phones, and both are manufactured by the same company, LG. Apple iWork and Google Docs are cheaper alternatives to the industry leader Microsoft’s Office suite.
Shortly after Google released the cloud-oriented Google Docs, as a part of the Google Apps, Microsoft answered the challenge with its own Office 365. If you are curious about how the Google search engine works, this article will be an eye opener. It’s been nearly a decade since Congress first tried and failed to pass a privacy law. Congress now has several privacy bills delivered or promised ready for debate and more are poised for introduction. What Is Do Not Track?When you visit a typical commercial website, that website is far from the only one that knows what you have been doing on that site: third-party companies typically contract with websites for permission to track your behavior across many, many sites.
The information gleaned from your online wanderings is valuable and can be sold to data aggregators who will update your digital dossier or to companies in the advertising industry that will use it to target ads at you. Many responsible individual advertising networks allow consumers to opt out of this third-party data collection.
Some self-regulatory initiatives are taking important steps to give consumers more information about behavioral advertising and to make opting out easier and more persistent.
The DAA also allows consumers to opt out of all its member companies’ serving of behaviorally targeted ads (though not the tracking itself) with just a couple of clicks.

However, even if you do manage to opt out of the behavioral ads of the 60 member companies in the DAA, this doesn’t stop the more than 200 other tracking companies out there from following you around the web.
Government pressure has and should continue to encourage these innovations, but technology platforms don’t need the government to get Do Not track off the ground. The fact is that the major browsers have taken different approaches, and we don’t yet know which will work best for consumers. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It is usually done by uploading remarkable advertisements which might consist of texts, videos and animates matter. The sorts of things frequently delivered using proximity marketing include: photos, video clips, interviews, product or service brochures, wallpapers, splash pages, discount coupons, special offers, company information, contact information, event announcements and much more. This is considered to be the best medium which is slowly growing in the field of marketing strategy.
The reason behind this is that contrasting email over Internet, carriers who merely police out their networks set the best practices and procedures to mobile communication industry. SPAM messages were and have always remained an issue in different parts of world due to the fact that carriers market their member databases to third parties. There is one more thing which you need to decide that what type of marketing services will suit your company. They’ll deliver useful, relevant brand messages with context, driving more customers to store, more eyeballs on the season premiere, or increase purchase of their new menu items.
There are panel-based solutions, which only measure a portion of your audience, and may have conflicts of interest. But both Sprint and T-Mobile have been losing money consistently, and they argue that they need to combine to take on their larger competitors.
The company said last month that it added a record 2.4 million subscribers in the first three months of this year, its fourth consecutive quarter with over 1 million total net additions.
T-Mobile finished the first quarter with a loss of $151 million, up from $20 million in the last three months of 2013. Comcast (CMCSA), meanwhile, is trying to acquire Time Warner Cable (TWC), a $45 billion deal that would create the country’s dominant provider of television channels and Internet connections.
What’s clear is that neither T-Mobile nor Sprint can afford to maintain the status quo too much longer. This trend remains consistent with what is taking place in other parts of the world, where mobile screen time has already supplanted desktop usage for preferred online engagement.
With traditional methods, offers are made on landing pages and promotion takes place through social media accounts, blogs and email marketing. This strategy helps your brand create an effective and immediate sense of loyalty when the customer likes your Facebook page using their mobile device while at your business. If you are not leveraging all of the data available to you, you are missing out on the opportunity to generate valuable leads.
For instance you can send New Year wishes to your friends and clients using bulk SMS service.
A carefully drafted marketing message including the product details and the companys logo sent to millions of mobile users can make the product a hit.
For instance take a restaurant that wants to tell its customers about the ongoing discount for group dining and couple meals. It is important that all the media, videos and images are embedded into the press release pages and blogs. This is considered as viral marketing where the message is spread through the use of networking on social and professional websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter.
It is important to give importance to the title of the profile and the header, which should have target keywords so that the profiles get higher rankings on search engine results. When submitting content on these sites it is important to make sure that the content is precise and makes a connection with the core audience of these portals. The best deal of making use of SMO marketing is that most of the visitors attracted to the website belong to the same niche market.
To get the best benefits of SMO, it is better to take the help of an experienced SMO and SEO service provider. We specialize in developing online information and directory portals for markets that strategically bring revenue, and growth. Those statements include the intent, belief or current expectations of the company and its management team. Some can even glean details such as your age, income, ZIP code, whether you smoke or if you are pregnant. Ever-evolving technology allows for individual Internet users to be tracked, building profiles that are a vital tool for advertisers.
There is no evidence that personal information from HealthCare.gov has been misused, but the number of outside connections is raising questions.
The administration is getting the health care website ready for the final enrollment drive of 2015, aiming to have more than 9 million people signed up by Feb. Because your computer and mobile devices can be assigned an individual signature, profiles of Internet users can be pieced together, generating lists that have commercial value. But they may be able to correlate the fact that your computer accessed the government website with your other Internet activities. In one 10-minute visit to HealthCare.gov recently, dozens of websites were accessed behind the scenes. Cortesi said there can be legitimate uses for such trackers, but said questions linger over the level of detailed information that could be sent to private parties.
The administration has set a nationwide goal of 9.1 million people signed up through the insurance exchanges this year and paying their premiums.
The reports created with the help of these logs provide us with information about the average session length of time, along with other facts and figures like page views, visitor sessions, etc. New features can be incorporated in the website on the basis of information about the demand or response from the visitors. Since the raw data is available in log files, one doesn’t have to make changes in the website, in order to collect data through page tagging.
It includes the activities of collecting and analyzing data in order to understand and optimize web usage. This Buzzle article takes into account the merits of both and provides a fair analysis of their features. This Buzzle article brings you the comparison of the biggest names in this industry, Google Glass vs. This Buzzle article puts the two phones through their paces and pits them against each other. Will their considerable market strength affect their attempts at growth into the cellular phone market? In this Buzzle article, we give you a few tips that will help you be successful with Google AdWords.
The Federal Trade Commission and the Commerce Department have both weighed in on how best to approach online consumer privacy.
For example, the Digital Advertising Alliance is working on technology to put an icon in all targeted ads to let consumers find out why that particular ad showed up in the first place. Unfortunately, this opt-out is cookie-based, so if you delete your cookies out of concerns for your privacy, you’re erasing the instruction to DAA member companies not to track you. The browser companies have recently promised to build is a Do Not Track setting that would allow consumers to prevent companies from tracking them. But Do Not Track is under attack from some who prefer the current balance of power between consumers and trackers to remain tilted in favor of the trackers.
That means no registry of Internet users, no registry of advertisers, no registry of publishers. Many believe that Do Not Track will work only if the government dictates the technology and imposes a single solution on the market, but doing so now will simply stop innovation in its tracks.
Through proximity advertising one will be able to make great deal with potential customers directly. The technique can be used with blue tooth enabled devices, cell phones and Internet connections.

Proximity marketing is being used for different reasons like offering localized like maps, providing instant savings and freebies, broadcasting coupon equipments as well as phones and few more information about particular region. New mediums often begin with pasting the old into the new, expecting to measure and drive the same kinds of engagement. Therefore it’s counterintuitive that the data we use to target and measure activity on mobile are so blunt. There are third party solutions, like connecting data through transactions at the register, but require expensive data subscriptions and complex technical integrations.
What this means for marketers is their best, and maybe only, opportunity to engage customers is through mobile devices, making mobile lead generation vital. Once a prospective customer fills out a form and receives an offer, they are converted into a lead. Today, customers use promotions and discounts that can be redeemed through their mobile devices. With this strategy in place, you have the ability to continue nurturing those leads, and ensure that customers continue to return to your business.
As a result, you can see exactly who you need to target, and even how to best target those leads. Today you can make voice calls through Internet and also use the web for video conferencing. The restaurant uses bulk SMS marketing and calls the people residing close by to take advantage of its offer. This type of marketing results in exponential growth of traffic visiting the website and in turn increase in the leads and sales. Building a following on social networks helps the profile getting indexed by search engines easily. Our goal is to serve as a platform for software, web, mobile app, and social media development used for licensing, and distribution worldwide.
Prospective investors are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, and that actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements as a result of various factors. They included Google’s data-analytics service, Twitter, Facebook and a host of online advertising providers. Other information about the website activity includes the data about most popular landing pages, the passwords beings used, country of origin of visitors, popular referring sites, number of forms submitted, page and form errors, and popular keywords used by visitors, etc. This Buzzle article enlists some places that are banned on Google maps and tries to tell you why. These efforts have converged to create a raucous conversation about how technology and policy can work in concert to protect and enhance Internet privacy. It simply requires browsers to build the tools and trackers to respect the desires of the consumer. Moreover it permits phone users to take the benefit because they can also make orders for number of things. It communicates and transfers the rich content and multimedia flyers directly to Bluetooth allowing cell phones and some other kinds of equipment to receive. These devices are packed full of sensors, they’re recording great data, why aren’t we able to use all of it? There are marginal performance lifts in geo-awareness and geo-fenced campaigns, but again, context is king. This could take the form of customer loyalty discounts, promo codes, or specials on location. Communication is the primary function of Internet and it can also be used for messaging in addition to making voice and video calls. According to a survey conducted on mobile users, more than 40% of the users revealed that they respond to the marketing calls made through text messages. Similar to other internet marketing techniques, SMO too has some excellent strategies that business can adopt. The next step is to link to the video to the main website where the original video is loaded. The content on these pages should also be rich in keyword so that they can easily appear in the top rankings of search engine results. This is also helpful in cases where the product has not been covered by other news sources. The company is currently reinvesting all its sales on marketing efforts to increase its bottom line.
Accomplishing the strategy described herein is significantly dependent upon numerous factors, many that are not in management’s control.
Strengthening the partnership with websites which redirect their traffic to your website becomes possible by learning how to track the website activity. The visitor’s activity on your own website is monitored with the help of on-site analytics.
This Buzzle article takes a look at why, in the wrong hands, Google Glass could be rather annoying. The moment you begin allowing for Mobile marketing then you will experience the difference. Mobile banners are a dull use of the medium, and yet they constitute 82% of mobile advertising.
Native apps, by contrast, are a unique channel for marketing, with strong signals of user location, behavior, context, and goals.
Marketers are learning the only end-to-end solutions that can measure ad effectiveness from impression to purchase are first-party, native platforms with accurate location signals. Use of Internet for messaging is a new thing and what makes it attractive is the reduced cost of messages. The service provider would flash the messages at the given mobile numbers and also send you the sent report for the SMSs. Similarly realtors, doctors and service technicians can increase their business using bulk SMS marketing. In addition, the company is on track to launch its hemp infused energy drinks for 1st quarter of 2016. Some of these factors include the ability of the company to raise sufficient capital, attract qualified management, attract new customers and effectively compete against similar companies.
We know that mobile banners are widely ignored (with 38% of clicks being accidental), and it’s quickly becoming acknowledged that their days are numbered. The mobile device is persistent throughout our daily routines, as marketers we should be able to see and take advantage of that data. Trying sending bulk messages from your mobile would be expensive and also it would require a great deal of effort, if you want to send message to the mobile numbers not stored in your handset. Thus, the problem of external server calls affecting the page load speeds doesn’t occur in this case.
In off-site analytics, web measurement, and analysis is carried out, irrespective of whether the site is owned or not. We can still reach users in native apps, but when marketers buy that inventory blindly, they lose context.
Native location apps give us rich behavioral profiling, valuable context, and an audience that sees and responds to ads. Fatty acids in hemp oil are associated with health benefits that include protection against heart disease, cancer, bowel disease and other auto immune diseases.
The visibility, comments, and potential audience of a website are measured and analyzed in off-site analytics.
Critical user signals are lost in mobile ad networks; marketers must find signals that are common denominators across hundreds or thousands of apps, which ultimately compromises their understanding of context and effectiveness.
With such a vague understanding of user behavior at the moment of an ad impression, we’re unable to deliver ads of value or measure their effectiveness. And if there’s one signal that mobile marketing should always consider, its location.

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