If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. If the portable DVD player with composite video is equipped with a USB port, it can be connected directly to the computer with a USB jack. Check the back of the portable DVD player with composite video and the PC for connection options. Three round jacks colored yellow red and white are composite Audio Video and use a standard AV cable.

If both components are equipped with the same type of jack, use a single cable to connect them. Connect composite AV cables to the color coded jacks, using yellow for the video connection, white for the left audio and red for the right audio.
Use the AV IN jacks for the portable DVD player with composite video and AV out on the video card jacks on the back of a personal computer.3. The plug inserts in one direction only, so turn it over if the plug does not insert easily on the first try.4.

Use a composite to USB adapter when the portable DVD player with composite video and computer are equipped with different jacks.
The color-coded plugs on the composite cables match the jacks on the adapter for connecting to a portable DVD player with composite video.

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