A video card is also known as aa€¦ Video Adapter, Graphics Accelerator Card, Display Adapter, Graphics Card.It is designed to to give your computer a big boost in its ability to process and display video images on your computer monitor. You'll need a dedicated video (graphics) card (or two) installed in your video editing computer.
The primary function of a computer system's main BIOS is to check for and set up the computer's hardware and load the operating system when you start (boot) your computer. A GPU is a powerful specialized logic chip - a dedicated processor optimized for accelerating the computing of graphics data.
The GPU computing power is orders of magnitude higher than that of the computer's main CPU.
It frees up the computer's CPU to execute other commands while the video cards GPU itself is handling graphics computations. All current LCDs, Plasma displays and TVs work in the digital domain and do not require a RAMDAC. To increase graphics processing power, you can install two graphics cards on most desktop computers.
Just make sure you have a powerful enough power supply installed in your computer to carry the added power load. All Rights Reserved.The information on this site is provided for informational and educational purposes only.
Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. When it comes to video editing--especially with today's HD formats--it seems as if no amount of computing horsepower is ever enough. My objective was pretty straightforward: Build the fastest possible computer for the money.
The combination of the Z77 motherboard, Samsung SSD drive, and Windows 8 appear to be a match made in heaven when it comes to boot speeds.
In the spirit of Dave, I’ll say that I have no idea if the build above is the best way to spend about $1,300 on a computer system for video editing. If you're serious about video editing a good video card can increase the power of your video editing computer tenfolda€¦!Find out more belowa€¦!

This requires the graphics card to be activated before the computer's operating system begins loading and this is accomplished by the graphics card onboard Video BIOS.
Choose one or more topics.  Video Editing Basics Learn the basics of video editing using WeVideo, an online editing program.
Importing raw footage, scrubbing the timeline, rendering effects and transitions, and encoding 720p and 1080p videos all benefit from as much CPU and GPU horsepower as possible.
Though it’s based on a Sandy Bridge i7 and has a decent graphics card (Nvidia GTX570) it was time to take it to the next level.
I was particularly focused on the CPU and the GPU, both key components for video production. Keep in mind I was going to re-use a few components, namely the case, the power supply, and my media hard drives.
With Premiere Pro (and I assume most editing applications) it’s best not to use just one drive. Previously Adobe Media Encoder would crash routinely when trying to encode 1080p videos (it worked fine for 720p). We have much more food, wine, film and arts coverage coming up on Stark Insider as we continue down the Road to a Million Views.
Recent projects include short MORADO shot in the Baja, doc THE ART OF HALL WINES in Napa, and music video WRONG'S WHAT I DO BEST at the San Francisco Art Institute.
I’m in Adobe Premiere Pro, or Adobe Lightroom, or Adobe Audio, or Adobe Media Encoder pretty much every day now. I’m always impressed by how quick people are to share knowledge, provide insight, and describe their experiences. In the end I figured the extra cost wasn’t worth it at this point, especially with new platforms coming out this year. The class will edit a short sequence together using video clips provided and media available through the video program. If time is money, and there’s no question in our new media ventures that we need to do whatever we can to reduce content processing. I like to wait a year or so and buy gear that’s dropped significantly in price which means my next upgrade will happen 12-18 months out.

Another goes on an external 12TB Raid 0 that I use for archiving, and yet another goes on an external USB drive that gets placed offsite. The new models should have enough oomph to do video editing on the road – or in a local Starbucks (of course).
His Broadway features have garnered acclaim, including SHREK UNMASKED, the most viewed BTS video for the musical on YouTube. My goal is to get the best quality product we can, be it an article, video, or photo gallery, out the door as soon as possible.
If you like to learn about DSLR online then you probably already know about Dave (and other guys too such as Philip Bloom).
Although this was an upgrade, since I replaced the board and CPU, along with a clean install of Windows 8, for all intents and purposes this is really a new computer.
Since everything will have backups I’m not too concerned about data loss, only the best possible throughput. Lately, I’ve also been copying my active work files onto an SSD that I use for editing.
Thunderbolt, with its impossibly high transfer rates, could be very useful in cutting down project times. Whatever the reason the new system, even with the GPU and CPU overclocked, is remarkably stable. A former audio engineer, he invites you to join his journey in DSLR, where he confesses he’ll make mistakes, but will eagerly share his learnings along the way.
I’ll still get a MacBook Pro as the hardware (especially the screen and keyboard) are best-in-class. Aside from the lack of a start menu (please bring it back MS!) Windows 8 impresses me; a minority position to be sure.

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