MediaTech has launched a 12 by 10 meter High-Resolution LED Display screen at the junction of Orchard and Cairnhill Road outside the new Robinsons mall.
This screen offers advertisers a multi-sensory canvas to display their advertisements and digital campaigns through augmented reality technology. In a nutshell, probably the best outdoor LED digital screen on Orchard.” Mediatech already has a long line-up of advertisers for 2014. The Philippines celebrates the Christmas season the longest in the world – as early as September up until early January. Three months after Heart Media was acquired by Olivier Burlot and Julian Peh, the newly formed media group is making its first mov..
Imagine if Apple unveiled the latest iPhone without a logo or if Lady Gaga had released Born This Way without her name, face, or album title on the cover. In doing so, Zeppelin committed a masterstroke of marketing brilliance that still resonates today. The album many of us simply refer to as Led Zeppelin IV (or Zoso) is the subject of an August Classic Rock cover article by Barney Hoskyns, author of Led Zeppelin IV (Rock of the Ages).
Hoskyns not only documents the recording of the album and its landmark songs (“Stairway to Heaven” among them); but he and author Dave Lewis (Led Zeppelin historian and editor of Zeppelin magazine Tight but Loose) also discuss perhaps the most famous album packaging in the history of rock music – a combination of runes and puzzling artwork that inspires conversation even in a digital era that treats albums like relics. To appreciate the impact of Led Zeppelin IV, I think it’s helpful to understand the album’s historical context. On the one hand, the band had recently been voted Best Group in the annual Readers Poll of Melody Maker, ending the Beatles’s eight-year run at the top of the prestigious poll. Sensing that the band needed to retreat from the rigors of touring and rebound from the disappointment of Led Zeppelin III, band manager Peter Grant urged Zeppelin to focus on creating the best album possible – triggering a period of quiet retreat from the public eye, which sparked rumors that the band was breaking up.
In the words of Mick Wall, author of When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin, “Their next album, whatever else it turned out to be, would be make or break . No one knew what the band’s future would look like – possibly a return to the tested-and-true cock-rock sounds of “Whole Lotta Love” from Led Zeppelin II or perhaps more of the Joni-Mitchell inspired folk sensibilities of “That’s the Way” that appeared on Led Zeppelin III. The record sleeve contained some basic information about the song listings, the lyrics of “Stairway to Heaven” written in an ancient script commissioned by Jimmy Page, and a small drawing of a man holding a book containing mystical markings. As Hoskyns writes, the anonymous packaging enraged executives at Atlantic Records, responsible for distributing the album. But the anonymous album cover also made another statement: essentially Jimmy Page was saying that with its fourth album Led Zeppelin had created music so special that conventional labels were inadequate.
In 1971, the album design served to draw record buyers into that otherworldly, mystical realm as listeners opened the cover and explored what was inside — and apparently as Jimmy Page intended. According to Dave Lewis (and many other historians), the four symbols were the brainchild of Jimmy Page, who designed his own (the elaborate set of letters that resembles “Zoso,” which has become a synonym for the entire album).
No explanation was given or association with any band member offered.  The symbols simply appeared on the artwork. But the mere appearance of the symbols – devoid of meaning – did more to market the album than anything Atlantic could have accomplished. The symbols were a masterstroke in another way: Led Zeppelin created a totem for people to rally around and claim as their own, much like logos of sports teams do for their fans.
By comparison, in 1971 the Rolling Stones also unveiled its now-famous “tongue-and-lip” logo.
We don’t know what Led Zeppelin is calling us to do by publishing four cryptic symbols – theories range from the sinister (the symbols invoke the occult) to amusing (Page’s symbol is said to symbolize a near-death or Tantric-sex experience).
Led Zeppelin’s fourth album was an immediate best seller, Number 1 on the charts in the United Kingdom for 62 weeks. But the album cover design – intended to draw attention to the music – has a life of its own, too. Stripping their famous name off their fourth record was an almost petulant attempt to let their Great Work symbolically stand on its own two feet.
No wonder John Paul Jones later said people stopped comparing Led Zeppelin to Black Sabbath after the release of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album: Led Zeppelin had created a work whose music, coupled with its artwork, was, and is, beyond proper comparison and description. I am very fortunate to have original artwork from a friend in high school in Grosse Pointe that is priceless.
LZ 2; I saw them here in Boulder a year ago and they did a great cover of an adequate cross sampling of studio recordings, not live (Song Remains The Same). Anche sono anni che ormai le tv a led impazzano sul mercato, vi sono ancora tante case in cui il vecchio televisore a tubo catodico spadroneggia in salotto.
Si puo ad esempio partire subito con il botto con il Panasonic Viera TX-L55WT60, un televisore di 55 pollici il cui valore di mercato si aggira intorno ai tremila euro. L’alta qualita delle immagini e incrementata anche dalla retroilluminazione in sedici aree, che rende il contrasto e le sfumature di altissimo valore. Il design del Samsung UE55F8000SZ e al tempo stesso granitico ed elegante, caratterizzato sia dalla struttura liscia e satinata dei contorni, sia dal blocco cromato ad arco che ne caratterizza la base.

Per quel che riguarda la qualita delle immagini, invece, basta pensare alla presenza di un processore quadcore per capire a che livelli siamo. La visione da cinema screen rende le immagini morbide e di altissima qualita, rendendo la visione di qualsiasi film o evento televisivo un piacere per gli occhi e per l’animo. Anche il design e similare in tutte e tre i casi: tutti i modelli selezionati potrebbero essere collocati negli stessi tipi di arredamento, senza alcuna differenza stilistica.
La conclusione e che nel mercato attuale, se non si hanno particolari esigenze visive, un televisore vale un altro. Stoke City will be leading lights in LED advertising next season as they become the first football club in the United Kingdom to double up on the eye-catching digital system around the Britannia Stadium pitch.
The Barclays Premier League Club will be investing in a second row of LED Digital advertising for their fifth season in the top-flight of English football following the success of the pitchside system over the past four years. It will mean that City can offer increased global exposure to brands associated with the Club and therefore increase the perimeter advertising revenue which has been generated since they first introduced the system.
Club officials visited Milan earlier this year to see the system in operation at a Serie A game.
The second row of LED will be used similarly to the recent Euro 2012 Finals out in Poland and Ukraine, artwork will remain static so as not to conflict with the messages which are being broadcast on the front row system. This second row will be added to the 220-metre full television arc used at the Britannia Stadium and its introduction at a higher level will be more aesthetically pleasing because there will no longer be multiple brands on static boards. Engineered for outdoor applications as well, the Vigilant High Bay showcases narrow optics and significantly reduced glare while with high light levels and even dispersion.
His article is a worthwhile introduction (although certainly not the only one) to a work that has sold 23 million copies and is ranked among the greatest rock albums of all time by authorities ranging from Rolling Stone to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
In my view, the success of Led Zeppelin IV is a lesson in creating brand mystique by not over-explaining and instead revealing a few well-chosen clues that provoke discussion.
As many rock historians have reported, Led Zeppelin was at a crossroads when it released the album that would help make Zeppelin “one of the biggest bands on the planet” in Hoskyns’s words. Fans began finding in record stores an album with the mysterious cover image of an anonymous old man and his bundle of sticks.  The front and back covers together then revealed that the old man was really standing in the frame of a picture affixed to a crumbling wall set against the backdrop of a dowdy modern apartment building – a most interesting return for a band constantly dogged by critics for hyping its name over its music. The inside gatefold revealed a pencil drawing of an occult-like hermit standing watch over a rocky incline. For indeed today Led Zeppelin IV feels less like a rock album and more like a timeless, mystical journey into another realm ruled by all things carnal (“Black Dog”), exotic (“Four Sticks”), romantic (“Going to California,” “Battle of Evermore,” “Stairway to Heaven”), joyous (“Misty Mountain Hop,” “Rock and Roll”), and foreboding “(When the Levee Breaks”). Lead singer Robert Plant either designed his (a feather inside a circle) or chose it from The Sacred Symbols of Mu by Colonel James Churchward. At first I wanted just one symbol on it, but then it was decided that since it was our fourth album and there were four of us, we could each choose our own symbol. According to Lewis, in the weeks leading up to the release of the album, Atlantic released advertisements that revealed each symbol next to the image of one of Led Zeppelins’ previous albums. By not explaining the symbols, Led Zeppelin empowered fans to speculate about their meaning and interpret as they wished. By contrast, Led Zeppelin created something more evocative, as evidenced by our ongoing attempts at interpretation.
Inspired by the Greek goddess of victory (named Nike), the logo also transcends the Nike brand. I imagine the picture covered in dust amid a pile of artifacts in a storage locker owned by Jimmy Page somewhere.
Second, do you have any LZ website that you find more accurate, aside of the usual suspects (official, commercial, etc)?
Ma nel 2014, con i prezzi che puntano al ribasso, l’occasione e propizia per passare alla tecnologia led (in realta sta prendendo gia piede la nuova tecnologia 4k, ma e ancora prematuro scegliere televisori di questa categoria a prezzi abbordabili).
Pur non avendo la qualita d’immagine che un plasma puo offrire, la tecnologia al led di casa Panasonic svetta comunque in quanto a prestazioni. Il Viera TX-L55WT60 e un televisore si adatta a qualsiasi tipo di arredamento, ed e adatto sia per i salotti, sia per le camere da letto. Anche in questo caso lo schermo e da 55 pollici, anche se il prezzo e leggermente inferiore (2800 euro circa). Ad oggi Il Samsung UE55F8000SZ viene quindi visto come il modello da seguire nel mondo delle tv piatte, e da tempo la sua leadership e comprovata dai dati di vendita. Con il suo modello 55LA860V, la LG punta a sbaragliare la concorrenza, a partire dal prezzo che non supera i 2500 euro. Una comparazione fatta su modelli della stessa categoria mostra anzitutto come la differenza di prezzo in alcuni casi e davvero importante (500 euro di differenza tra i 3mila euro del Panasonic ai 2500 euro del modello LG), ma non e comunque giustificata dalla qualita video, eccellente per entrambi i modelli come abbiamo notato. Solo per chi vuole determinati livelli di immagini vale la pena compiere una ricerca approfondita. Dialight’s Vigilant high bay fixture is a groundbreaking innovation shining 125 lumens per watt at half the power consumption of standard HID lighting.

The Vigilant HB fixture gives excellent clarity and visibility especially suited for high ambient temperature and high overheads in the steel, automotive, aircraft and other industrial and manufacturing settings. The ambient temperature rating is -40°C to +65°C for dependability in extreme indoor environments. Extreme energy cost and ongoing maintenance requiring boom lifts is a drain on power, personnel and operating costs. It was a meaningless protest, really, but we wanted to prove that people were not buying us for the name. Drummer John Bonham and Bassist John Paul Jones chose theirs (three interlocking circles for Bonham and three interlocking ovals overlayed with a circle for Jones) from Rudolf Koch’s The Book of Signs. I designed mine and everyone else had their own reasons for using the symbols that they used. The act of essentially offering up the sigils for discussion created a viral sensation that continues today. Perhaps because the symbols are drawn from sources that predate the band, they transcend Led Zeppelin. Unlike Led Zeppelin III, which had dropped off the charts sooner than the band would have liked, Led Zeppelin IV remained in the U.S. Fans hunted for hidden meanings, or, failing to find them, sensed a strange reflection of their own mute refusal to communicate with the outside world. Ironically I found a framed and matted copy of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album for sale at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Wednesday evening. Led Zeppelin laughed at that notion and took rock in a completely different direction, which critics resented at the time. A friend of ours was showing my family examples of how Tarot cards have been used in literature. Il peso di questa tv si aggira sui sedici kg, ma la base trasparente e il profilo metallico rendono il design di questo prodotto molto leggero ed elegante.
Con questa televisione la casa coreana si e decisamente superata, fornendo una televisione che rappresenta un punto di svolta in questo settore, un po’ quello che ha rappresentato, per fare un esempio, l’uscita del primo iPhone nel mondo della telefonia mobile. La cornice ha una sottigliezza davvero impercettibile, ma e abbastanza da rendere il design di grandissimo gusto, adatto a qualsiasi tipo di arredamento. The Vigilant LED HB fixture delivers about 60,000 lumens output from a 480W LED light power supply that the company developed.
Just 18” and 24” in diameter and under 32 pounds, the Vigilant High Bay has a smaller footprint, is lighter than other LED high-output fixtures and easy to install. Dialight’s LED fixture features easy installation and multiple mounting choices like ceiling and pendant mount and durable glass lenses for dependability in unforgiving settings. A footnote on the Led Zeppelin post: as I researched this post, I had no idea Led Zeppelin unveiled the four sigils the same year the Rolling Stones and Nike unleashed their own now-iconic logos. When he showed us an image of the Hermit from a Tarot card, my daughter was impressed to learn that an image of the Hermit formed the inside gatefold of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album. And I visit the usual suspects such as Tight but Loose for Led Zeppelin news (including the Tight but Loose Facebook page). After I returned home and my heart stopped palpitating, I read the lyrics with the music on and came to a similar conclusion as you, finally.
Proviamo a fare il punto su quali sono i migliori televisori led che il mercato offre in questo momento. This conscious communication breakdown helped create one of the supreme paradoxes of rock history: an esoteric megahit, a blockbuster arcanum. I picked the rolling-tongue and swoosh logos purely for comparison reasons and then discovered that they, too, were adopted in 1971. It’s funny how you want to interpret certain songs anew when something happens that you think is on point.
Stripped of words and numbers, the album no longer referred to anything but itself; a concrete talisman that drew you into its world, into a frame. All the stopgap titles we throw at the thing are lame: Led Zeppelin IV, [Untitled], Runes, Zoso, Four Symbols.
In an almost Lovecraftian sense, the album was nameless, a thing from beyond, charged with manna.

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