The internet has radically changed the state of journalism, but content marketing is a relatively new field that can still benefit a lot from the practices of traditional reporters.
A 2013 contrastive study from Sage Media shows that most newspaper editors prefer headlines that serve two purposes – capturing attention and conveying information. This isn’t to say that you should ignore the importance of including keywords in your content titles, as they remain strong SEO signals. Though those articles performed well seven years ago, they would do a poor job of engaging with today’s reader. Clearly, these headlines weren’t as heavily optimized for SEO, but they still rank well and more importantly, they’re far more engaging and informative for potential readers. A few months ago, Facebook conducted a survey that showed 80% of readers wanted headlines to communicate the purpose of the article, inspiring the social media site to create a policy against click-bait headlines. Traditional journalists always have understood that while headlines need to be interesting enough to lure readers, they also need to genuinely communicate the content’s message to earn the reader’s trust. In fact, in some ways, content marketers must put even more of a premium on headline construction than print journalists. Use this understanding to create digital headlines that both capture readers’ attention and inform them on the content’s subject. Example: “Goals for Teacher Improvement” is a headline that doesn’t really tell readers what to expect from the content.
Conveys that five specific goals will be laid out, making the scope of the article much less nebulous and giving readers a better idea of what to expect. Uses “this year” to indicate that the content is timely and can be implemented in a way that will lead to immediately attainable improvements. Creates a sense of urgency, giving readers a reason to click right away in order to avoid falling behind other teachers. Understanding your readers is the key to creating content that will resonate with them, a reality that conventional journalists have understood for decades.
This concept is even more important for content marketers who typically target a more niche audience than those targeted by conventional media publications. Now, compare those media outlets with a Los Angeles law firm that focuses on intellectual property. Traditional publications routinely test their headlines and content to see what connects with readers. Use your comment sections to pose questions to readers to understand their positions and interests. Understanding your readers takes work, but it’s worth the extra effort to deliver more engaging content. Journalists have long known that readers aren’t forgiving of reporters who don’t check their facts, and content marketers should strive for similar due diligence. As a content marketer, you should consider doing firsthand research on the topics about which you write.
Traditional journalists make it a point to create timeless content that can be used when another article is shelved at the last minute or an unexpected boost in page count creates additional space. Conduct regular editorial meetings to determine how and when front-page topics should change. A recent study from the University of Houston found that readers are about 26% more likely to remember stories they read in the newspaper as compared to those they read on the internet. Certainly, all of these potential distractions have their place on websites, but marketers should evaluate how much each one is worth when compared to the potential sacrifice of some readers. As a content marketer, your voice may be biased toward promoting a given product or service, but you can still take a lesson from traditional journalists’ need to be brutally honest. Reporters take great efforts to disclose possible biases influencing their work to provide an honest depiction of the article’s context and facts. Describe the nature of your relationship with third-party reporting or external contributors, noting if any financial arrangement exists.
While it may feel strange to offer these types of disclosures to your readers, doing so can lead to increased brand trust and the perception of your brand as an ethical authority.
As you might expect, you’ll have an easier time building a loyal reader base if you demonstrate such a thorough understanding of your industry that you’re able to offer solutions to your audience’s toughest issues and provide reasonable speculation about the future. One way to do this would be to recap all the new stories published over the past year that pertain to a relevant topic in your industry by highlighting the commonalities among them. When Google penalized two content-publishing platforms last year, Search Engine Watch’s Jennifer Slegg wrote about how the penalties reflected Google’s clear commitment to penalizing spam content marketing strategies and issued recommendations that all publishers should follow. Keep in mind that, while readers may find particular stories interesting, they’re generally more interested in learning about the broader implications of the articles they consume. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Nobody needs a license to be a journalist, but most great journalists have been trained for years—and at a young age—to gather stories in a certain methodical way. The way search algorithms are evolving, high-quality content has more marketing value than ever, and full-service marketing and advertising agencies have started to realize that quality is going to be more important than quantity moving forward. Creating content that has the primary purpose of driving the sales pipeline and a secondary purpose of improving the life of my user. Creating content that has the primary purpose of improving the life of my user and a secondary purpose of driving the sales pipeline.
I find this to be a great value proposition for why organizations should use your content marketing approach. The moment we stopped saying, ‘We’re pool builders,’ and started saying, ‘We are the best teachers in the world about Fiberglass pools and we just happen to install them as well,’ … that was one of the most prosperous days of our lives. In reality, 3M’s mission is all about helping people live a better life through advancements in science. To Marc’s earlier point, the primary goal has to be focused totally on the audience, and the business goal needs to be secondary. Focus on building ongoing subscribers to your #content, & THEN create leads from your subscriber base. Marriott believes that if it can solve its audience’s travel problems consistently, that audience will be more likely to stay at a Marriott. In contrast, if the real why to creating your content is an internal business goal, odds are 99-1 against success. When people talk about their content marketing, they talk about the WHAT … the blogs, the podcasts, the videos, the events, the social posts.
Your findings may uncover that some of your WHAT should cease to exist until you can get your WHY straightened out. Nice article, I’m just starting to encourage my new employer to adopt a content strategy. Luckily I’ve checked out our main competitors and it seems they all have the same self-centered dull content as each other. What are the 38% of marketers who say they are effective doing differently from the rest of us? I asked some successful B2B content marketers how they make the most of their content investments. Our B2B content marketing research revealed that successful B2B content marketers have two critical habits. Invite your company’s advocates – customers, partners, and employees – to get involved at every stage of your content process through an advocate marketing program. When you bring these key elements into your content, you can connect with members of your audience and motivate them to take action.
I work with a few writers at a time to curate The First Round Review, as well as several photographers, graphic artists, and illustrators. The only way I can keep track of hundreds of moving pieces is by updating my Trello board every day. The only way a systematic tracking tool works is if you update it constantly, but it’s well worth it. The biggest misconception that I see with both marketing and content strategy is that they can be encapsulated into something finite.
You also must create (and co-create) value for your audience in a way that is unique, captivating, and interactive.
When you properly manage your internal experts, you bridge the gap between content and customer relations – which are inseparable. More than ever before, you must create connections, nurture relationships, and perpetuate a dialogue with your audience, prospects, and customers.
As a result, the ideal portrait of today’s content marketer is someone with a diverse skill set who has developed a few key habits for success.
Relentlessly pursue the story – In many industries, people often write about the same thing. Look for the right story within a topic and approach it from a fresh angle that will distinguish your content as great. Consistently review and revise – Good content marketers are always striving to make their content better. Always listen – The best content marketers I know consume far more content than they create – blog posts, social media, and even (dare I say it) books and magazines with words printed on actual paper. It is completely well-written with perfect depiction of people mindsets regarding content marketing. Over the past 12 months there have been a wide variety of eBooks published about every topic in the digital marketing mix from the newest mobile marketing strategies to better use of big data to the standards like content marketing, social media, online advertising, email marketing and digital public relations.
As 2013 winds down, it can be really useful to review some of the better in-depth resources on best practices and thought leadership. The theme for most of these eBooks is decidedly “content marketing” with some social media mixed in, because how can content really ever achieve optimal reach and engagement without social media? Produced by the folks at Content 4 Demand, this B2B marketing focused eBook outlines the key challenges, presents important opportunities and where marketers should be prioritizing for the year. Linkdex has been experiencing an evolution over the past year with a focus on integrating search, content marketing and digital PR.
Subject matter experts contributing include: Ann Handley, Joe Pulizzi, Matt Roberts, Bas van den Beld, Melissa Rach, Rob Garner, Kevin Gibbons, Michael Brito, Robert Rose, Avinash Kaushik, Gerry McGovern, Simon Penson and many more. Sure social media has been on our marketing plates for several years now, but who wouldn’t want to know the future from social media smarties like Geoff Livingston, Philip Sheldrake, Anita Campbell, Ann Handley, Michael Brito, Rohit Bhargava, Shel Israel, Toby Bloomberg and more. Here’s an excerpt from my part of the predictions eBook: Can you share your best advice for a brand to connect with their audience on a one-on-one level? Do brands actually need to connect on a one to one level in a real, lasting and meaningful way to be successful? The best advice about how brands can connect with people in a meaningful way is to have a great product or service and to be genuine when talking about it. For the past two years TopRank has partnered with Content Marketing World conference to create a conference eBook featuring thought leader speakers. Here’s an excerpt of my contribution to this rock and roll masterpiece of an eBook:   Turn it Up and Drive Fans Wild! Modern music distribution channels extend to wherever consumers are eager to discovery, consume and share or buy. That lesson of understanding and proactively diversifying content distribution, formats and messaging across platforms is essential for content reach and engagement.
Retail Touchpoints and LivePerson put together this eBook to give digital marketers some insights into how technology and consumer behaviors are evolving and how brands can expect to engage with digital savvy customers. Content Marketing and influencers go together like the ingredients in your favorite dish and ironically, eBooks are one of the more successful formats for this combination. As a vehicle for influence, contents one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s mix to attract, engage and inspire action.
Investing in a content and influencer marketing strategy can be one of the most impactful actions a business can make. Marketers on the early end of the content marketing maturity model realize they need to employ a robust content marketing strategy but often need reassurance of where to start. There are 3 pieces to getting audiences talking about your presen- tation on the social web. Here’s an excerpt from my interview:  As an influencer in online marketing yourself, what is the most creative request you’ve ever received from a marketer? I think the takeaway is that no matter how creative you are, the creativity is not a substitute for the relevance of your message. As you can tell, I’m a fan of creatively repurposing content and I hope you find these eBooks a useful and a source of inspiration for your approach to content marketing in 2014.
What are some of the digital marketing eBooks that made your “favorites” list this year? It places your brand at the top of the pops as a thought leader – someone people trust and admire.
Always delivering a unique style, unique feel and unique substance to your content is hard. Forget about creating content for the sake of it, and start worrying about creating unique content.
To help you get started here are 16 tools for content marketers that will help you create unique content more often.
This list of power words is a great resource to tap into next time you’re writing a headline. At Guru you can order unique content, with a fee comparable or better than  other freelancer sites. You can create a personal storage of your documents here to avoid self-plagiarism in the future. Today’s fast paced media world provides topics that change not only daily, but also hourly.
This tool for content marketers helps you search and analyze the hottest trends in your niche among blog posts, tweets, photos, videos. BuzzSumo is similar to Topsy and can be used for the same purpose – to find the hottest trends on the internet for a specific niche. All you have to do is to type a keyword (for example, ‘writing’) and choose the type of content you need in the left sidebar.
Using a service such as a content explorer let’s you see the most shareable content in your niche.
Using Feedly you’ll learn more about what has to be said of relevance for your topic or product. The digital image world is aplenty, but only some sources will help you with your unique needs.
With the help of Canva you can create almost anything: gift cards, content for social media pages, infographics, featured pictures for your blog posts etc. This tool will be totally useful for those who want to turn complex data into interactive infographics and reports – InfoActive was created for this purpose. Here you can find lots of graphic and diagram types to visualize your data and make it look better.

For example, why just write about a great restaurant with website pages and reviews, when you can see and hear satisfied diner’s comments and impressions or get a virtual tour of the setting with a video on the site?
We all want to be “in” a movie and video content can give your website guest, or blog reader, that desire to be there, or to engage more directly. Video production may seem daunting if you are not a Spielberg-type, but nowadays even young kids are learning about the basics of filming, which means there are more sources for you to use. Try PowToon where they can create quality video for you or guide you through the process of video creation. You can generate your own gifs (graphic interchange formats) with this tool – ImgFlip gif creation tool. Voice overs or narration are great means of getting your content delivered effectively, but truly setting a tone for your message is more captivating.
You can choose to provide unique content to your audience, but it requires time and effort. If you’re up for the challenge, get started with some of the tools for content marketers on this list. Great list of useful tools for solopreneurs, I think you are missing Pixabay which is a great site for images and picmonkey is also a great photo editor. Just like a well-thrown party, user experience (UX) combined with terrific content can have an outsize impact on your customers.
UX encompasses the behaviors, emotions, and attitudes of the people using a product, system, or service.
As a field, UX is the practice of designing your website, mobile app, or other digital project to give your users the best possible experience that matches your business goals.
In a study by the Nielsen Norman Group, a leader in the field of usability and UX research, participants were asked what they thought about various websites they had used.
For example, when there’s no indication that content is “below the fold” (off the screen) users might not think to scroll.
Navigation gives you the opportunity to reveal content in useful ways, giving users confidence in your brand — or frustrating them.
Maybe you suspect you don’t have any UX issues because your customer survey responses are positive or the analytics look OK. When a colleague ran usability tests for a well-regarded nonprofit, she watched confused users struggle with, and even fail at, tasks she asked them to perform — imagine dozens of fruitless clicks and many disheartening searches. Instead of asking what users think, watch what real people do both in a lab as well as out in the world. Many larger companies are building out UX departments, but they may not lead to great UX for their customers.
At a recent UX conference, an obviously annoyed designer from a UX department confided in me, “The marketing department gets stuff out the door before our team even gets a chance to look at it!” UX departments are often siloed, meaning UX thinking does not filter through the organization. This article originally appeared on the Intelligent Content blog and in the June issue of Chief Content Officer. A good content marketing strategy will improve user experience & that will be an additional advantage. If you looked at my standardized test results from when I was back in school, youa€™d see I scored very high in math and very low in verbal. You probably possess some of these editing skills too, so leta€™s examine how you can use them to become a discerning content marketer. I read text passages slowly, studied each word carefully, and analyzed how the writer could have presented his or her message more clearly. My poor test scores could have convinced me that the English language and reading comprehension were my weaknesses, but instead, I turned my way of reading into a career. Thata€™s not what happens when you want to make a hit TV show or a website that people care about. Editors produce the right content experiences with refined messages that help meet your business goals. For example, I enjoy painting, but I dona€™t always have time to paint on canvas, so I frequently paint my nails.
Essie is my favorite nail polish brand and the companya€™s YouTube channel has a collection of nail art tutorials. Every aspect of the video also forms a seamless call to action — the instructive lesson makes you want to buy the products used in the tutorial so you can try the look yourself. Create a summary of your webinar’s key takeaways and post this summary as a blog post.
In the interest of improving the field of content marketing overall, here are nine lessons from traditional journalism that every content marketer should know to better engage and build trust with readers. Many content marketers, on the other hand, create headlines for SEO purposes rather than to engage with their readers, ultimately failing to inspire people to read the articles. However, if your headlines read awkwardly – as if you’ve struggled to work in clunky keyword mentions – you’ll want to rework them to appeal to both readers and search-engine spiders. The sales of print publications depend largely on above-the-fold, front-page headlines – either the issue is intriguing enough to make the sale and generate revenue for the publisher or it’s not. If a headline reads too “spammy,” the reader won’t likely engage further with the brand, significantly diminishing the ability of the marketer to close the sale. In his book, The Marketplace of Attention: How Audiences Take Shape in a Digital Age, James G. Take, for example, Cosmopolitan magazine, which targets a broad audience of self-identified trendy women in any geographic location, or The Wall Street Journal, which tailors its content to business readers in a huge variety of industries. Because the firm’s target audience has much more specific needs, it is vital that this type of business – and any other content marketer targeting a niche following – learns as much as possible about its potential readers.
Respond to all comments left and ask follow-up questions that further enhance your knowledge.
If you aren’t 100% confident that the information you gather is accurate, dig deeper to develop a more thorough understanding. It’s common for content marketers to reprint source quotes found on other websites, but a reprint doesn’t fly in the world of traditional journalism.
For example, if you’re creating content about a software program that a client just launched, ask if you can try using it yourself to get the full experience of the product. One of the easiest ways to do this is to think about the questions your customers ask most frequently. Different audiences will respond differently to editorial calendars that feature more news than evergreen content and vice versa. Take a lesson from traditional newspaper staffs and bring every member of your content team together periodically to assess how well published topics are performing and when changes should be made. If a major news story breaks out in your industry, it may be important to run with it – even if you’ve already met the number of news-related blog posts your weekly publishing ratio dictates. Doing so helps them to earn readers’ trust – something that content marketers should make a priority as well. Following trade media to gauge the direction of your industry will give you the insight to see the big picture. Rather than simply recap the event, discuss the outcomes of similar practices in the United States or Iceland to help readers understand what to expect. Old-school journalists have always strived to stand out by conducting their own analyses and interviewing experts, instead of using other articles as sources. He has worked with some of the world’s largest and most recognized brands to build their online presence. I found this information to be supremely helpful and relevant, especially points 2, 6, 7, & 8. Some editors fall into the habit of writing for their own amusement rather than concentrating on expressing article take-away value.
I worked for a newspaper for several years before coming to the Internet marketing world and that was one thing that I learned from my friends in the newsroom. This is something we’ve been talking about for a while as former publishers that transitioned into content marketing in the mid-2000s.
You have to really believe in the power of storytelling to stick to the journalistic process and not cut corners. Once you know who you’re writing for, you will be able tweak your articles in that fashion.
What became the difference in River’s success was moving the product from primary to secondary in the mission.
Most likely, what you sell is primary to your company’s mission, which is then passed down to your content marketing mission.
This is a noble mission on which to base the direction of its content – focused on the needs of the audience with a specific content tilt (science).
We focus on what our organizational goal is and create content we believe drives that organizational goal. How can we be so useful and impactful to the audience outside of the products and services we sell? Or, maybe better said, you can’t reach the business goal without first serving the needs of the audience. Then focus all your energy on building ongoing subscribers to your content, and THEN create leads from your subscriber base. Indium believes that if it can solve its audience’s needs around industrial soldering equipment, the audience will be more likely to buy Indium’s soldering equipment. If your why is based on selling more shoes or consulting services or routers, your WHAT will have no soul. Founder of the Content Marketing Institute , Joe evangelizes content marketing around the world through keynotes, articles, tweets and his books, including best-selling Epic Content Marketing (McGraw-Hill) and the new book, Content Inc. Hopefully won’t be too difficult to gain that competitive edge (and maintain it of course). I was reading the about page on fisher tank’s website recently and what I saw really amazed me.
Earlier this week we decided to adopt a new tagline for our consultancy: Put Your WHY on the Web. Neither of these habits is rocket science, but they are musts for highly effective content marketers. Your advocates can generate ideas, participate in content creation, provide feedback, and share your content with their social networks. As content marketers, we don’t always have a direct line to our customers or partners. They understand how to apply the key elements of journalism and storytelling to their content. Focus your stories on your audience’s key pains and opportunities – not your products or services. I’ll sit with a cup of tea and a small plate of dessert and review (aka, stare at) the next two weeks in my calendar.
There’s no tool more helpful for organizing content and keeping an eye on your progress. I feature interviews with the most talented people in tech, and every article moves through the same phases: initial contact, kick-off call to hone in on a topic, interview, transcription, writing, and approval by the interview subject.
Each article gets its own card that I move from bucket to bucket as I make progress on the story until it’s done.
This allows me to keep transcripts, multiple drafts, and photography in one place for every article. Your prospects often are unaware that they should consider a different product, service, or vendor. Instead, generate an aha moment around their pain – get them to recognize that an issue exists. Make their newly discovered issue stand tall above all the other challenges with which they deal. Each solution has unique advantages, but buyers often don’t notice the subtle differences among competitors. Stop trying to differentiate by features and instead create aha moments around superior ROI, faster payback, and lower cost of ownership.
And you must do this while telling a compelling story and keeping tabs on what is and isn’t working from a business perspective. Hone your skills – whether it’s writing long-form content, creating video content, or keeping up with the latest trends in your industry. Get started learning more about content marketing best practices in two free e-courses – part of CMI’s comprehensive Online Training & Certification Program delivered by leading experts. She helps her clients improve their response rates, clearly communicate complex messages and generate high-quality leads.
This mad daddy eBook is the size of a proper print book covering all aspects of content marketing from an international cast of subject matter experts. This particular eBook was put together by TopRank for our client Dell and has had over 150,000 views on Slideshare and counting.
As a consumer, the idea of a real, lasting and meaningful connection with a box of soap kind of scares me.
With the conference in Cleveland, the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the theme for this year was a gimme.
Create great content and plan for amplification so your next hit will top the charts and drive fans wild. Each of 10 thought leaders from Jason Goldberg of Razorfish, Jim Lenskold of the Lenskold Group, Larry Freed of ForeSee, Andrew Boyd of Harte-Hanks and several others provided their predictions into future of digital engagement for the coming year and beyond. From strategy to staffing, technology, measurement, and training, this report explores scalable organizational models for addressing content needs across the enterprise and makes recommendations for a holistic program. Content is the currency for building relationships that can boost credibility, influence and commerce. Incorporating influencers that can also inspire relevant action with your content marketing efforts facilitates reaching new audiences with brand messages that are credible and trusted.
This eBook is a brilliant piece of work by Jason Miller with collaboration from Maria Pergolino that includes fun, marketing themed activities as well as industry thought leaders. The actual giving of the presentation is an experience often captured by livebloggers and on video, which is later published online. Promote the presentation with a blog post be- fore the event on the social channels where you’re active, whether it’s Linke- ?dIn, Facebook, Twitter, Forum or Blog. First, chocolate covered crickets from Grasshopper, a virtual phone system got my attention. Another resource worth checking out is Optimize (of course) which is as much about content planning, marketing and measurement as it is about social media and SEO. We respect your privacy.PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing.

It is a reliable plagiarism checker offering various checking types including a check against the internet in real time and your database of files. For topics, there is no need to re-invent the wheel – just create the best wheel on the market. It works similarly to the previous two services – just put your niche keyword into the search bar and enjoy the result. There are plenty of places to find just the right one to act as the stepping-stone for your content. Using this tool you can easily design any kind of presentation for any purpose: a presentation of a new business product, blog content, article illustration, etc. By giving a potential customer a “real life” perspective of the message you are trying to convey, you are engaging their senses in a whole new way. The main difference is that the free account service will automatically add their logo at the end of every video. Imagine talking about tropical vacations with soft ukulele music, or selling tattoo designs with funky vibe music, our subconscious also needs to be engaged throughout the delivery of your content. This is a free gallery of Youtube audio selections and you’re bound to find just what you need.
These are great tools to help with improving content on all sorts of creative levels, from juices flowing to different tools that enhance content. A great party may have wonderful food, drinks, and music, but the organization of the room, the feel of the space, and even the time of day all impact the experience. It incorporates disciplines such as content strategy, information architecture, technology, interaction design, and visual design. Usability is arguably the most important factor in user experience, and in practice the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Similarly, hamburger menus (triple-bar icons) can bury content and functionality — out of sight, out of the mind of the user.
You know those guests who say, “Thanks for the great party,” then complain on the way home? Yet in the exit interviews, she was stunned when users would say, “It’s a great website!” Whether they were trying to please her or not feel like a failure themselves, they were lying; the website had serious room for improvement.
For example, it’s hard to predict how a responsive website targeted to on-the-go parents will work when grocery shopping with just one free hand and interrupting kids. When you do, every Saturday we’ll send you an email about content strategy and an exclusive letter from Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute. Your content needs to quickly communicate what your audience wants and needs, so my natural abilities are actually the perfect fit for content marketing. You need editors, not brand managers, who will push the envelope to make the thing go forward. This meaningful content gives your ideal prospect an enjoyable experience that produces results. Ita€™s relatively quick, and I get to display my work every day for as long as the manicure lasts. To communicate a persuasive message, each concise video required a focused vision and intentional refining. I watched a number of Essie tutorials while researching this article and now have a long list of new colors Ia€™m going to buy. I prefer preparing over planning because it allows for more flexibility when unforeseen circumstances arise. Synthesize your research into a cohesive presentation, whether it’s an article, podcast, or video.
In the video above, Rita explains that the argyle print she’s creating is composed of diamond shapes. You don’t have the chance to make a positive impression on your ideal prospects until you release the content you create.
This article's comments are now closed.Get instant access to proven marketing training a€” for free. Instead, find the original report and confirm that the citations or conclusions are accurate. Instead, reach out to the quoted experts (or other professionals with expertise on the subject) and gather your own, unique quoted content. A good fact checker should be familiar with your subject material and can be hired on a freelance basis. You also may find it helpful to interview software users to gather their firsthand accounts about what the product can and can’t do. Covering current events in your industry is certainly important, but you’ll want to balance this with evergreen content to meet your audience’s needs. Building content pieces around the answers to these questions results in materials that can be deployed successfully at any point. The only way to know what will work best for your audience is to test publishing ratios and measure the data generated by your experiments. Santana, the study’s lead author, cited a number of possible reasons, but the efforts traditional journalists undertake to minimize distractions seem to be the most plausible explanation. Content creators would be wise to take this lesson to heart in order to maintain the interest of their readers and stand out from industry copycats. With everyone cranking out content and the availability of fast and cheap (and very superficial) freelance-written posts, a lot of published material today is little more than space filler.
And it’s potentially even more difficult for an agency to put the right processes in place to make their content team function like a newsroom, because the business side often has no idea how to adapt the billable hours model to that kind of system. But content marketing is all about telling a story, and stories are all about mysteries and unresolved problems. If 3M focused its mission around specific products and services, it would not only be impossible (3M provides thousands of products), its mission would constantly change because the products change.
Once we deliver consistent value to our audience – and they begin to know, like, and trust us – then we can extract value from that relationship. We’ve worked with hundreds of B2B companies in the past six years and literally no one does this.
Our mission is to advance the practice of content marketing so that enterprise marketers can be more successful in their jobs – getting buy-in for the practice, showing return for the investment, and organizing the approach so they are successful. Just place samples of your content in front of your executive team and have them engage with the content you produce. I suppose the tilt in B2B really is telling a different story to your competitors and really differentiating yourself. It’s an effort to direct the conversation with businesses that want to improve their online marketing, away from technology, away from tactics, away from data analysis of what time of day is best to post on Facebook. Those are the results from CMI’s 2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends. They can have a tremendous impact on the quality, volume, and results of your content marketing. Advocate marketing programs connect us with their ideas, success stories, insights, and feedback in real time. I fill time slots by identifying key tasks that I want to accomplish and set aside time to prepare for upcoming meetings.
However, planning helps me clarify my priorities and hold myself accountable for key deliverables. I also can start a commenting thread on each card, which allows me to stay up-to-date and in constant communication with the other writers on my team.
I read headlines, industry publications, trade publications, consumer trends, tech trends, fiction, and non-fiction. Most are so busy keeping the lights on that they haven’t paid attention to how bad the status quo has become. Share industry insights that help your prospects realize that their peers are experiencing similar costly issues with a business-as-usual approach. Help the prospect realize that the status quo isn’t just an issue but a real cost and business risk.
When you amplify their knowledge, they will not only be recognized as thought leaders but also as life savers by your customers.
Then, repurpose these answers as a Q&A on your website to your knowledge base or as blog posts.
I like the diversity of voices and perspectives in this eBook and it wins the prize in terms of depth of content.
From match the author with the book to crossword puzzles, this eBook serves as a fun departure from the business of marketing automation software.
To support their model, Skyword interviewed multiple content marketing practitioners and thought leaders such as Dave Kerpen, Ekatarina Walter, Doug Haslam, Brian Clark, Erik Qualman, C.C. The presentation itself may be posted to Slideshare and deconstructed into component parts like a series of blog posts or an eBook. Another effort came from Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo who created a custom video pitch as well as hand written letter promoting their Social Media Marketing eBook, which we then wrote about on our blog. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing. My 2-year-old’s first whiny words after waking: “I wanna go back to the party!” Delighted by the music, dancing, food, and people, she remembered the experience with glee. In the same way, making informed choices facilitates a smooth experience with content — which is why great UX design is usually invisible — invisible, but critical all the same.
The common principle in the UX field is empathy for the users — really understanding what they want and need. However, UX has a broader aim to ensure users are satisfied with content, features, and function.
Observation also leads to the discovery of solutions to common yet unrecognized problems, keeping you one step ahead of your audience and, hopefully, of your competition. Designers need to understand the conventions to which users are accustomed so they can make informed design decisions. In addition to optimizing your chances of connecting with your target audience, research is also the foundation of captivating content. Is there a more succinct phrase you could use, or do you need to explain a point with more details? Confident editors have overcome the false security of perfectionism and publish their best efforts.
Newspaper formats allow traditional journalists to minimize distractions because they can present only one or two pages at a time. Publish this stuff often, and sooner or later you will lose your followers who can find better information elsewhere.
Self-serving content that does nothing for the audience and wastes time and resources of the brand.
Once we have an ongoing relationship with them (around their needs), and they begin to know, like, and trust us, then (and only then) do we present products (like Content Marketing World) in front of them that align with that audience need and helps CMI’s bottom line.
Is the content in line with your brand’s deeper mission or does your content exist solely to pitch your product?
Additionally, internal experts are often unaware of the opportunities that they have to nurture leads and may let customer relations sift through their fingers – along with your opportunity to create valuable content assets. She is also one of the Online Marketing Institute’s Top 40+ Digital Strategists in Marketing for 2014.
Then find a way for your product and company to be the best answer and resource for those things.
With over 60,000 views on Slideshare this eBook has been cross posted to over 50 other websites. Chapman, Joe Pulizzi, Connie Bensen and several others to gain insight for the formulation of the model and the report.
In this eBook, which is a complement to a webinar, Dan conducted a survey to explore how presentations motivate people to share.
It’s possible to have great usability but not great UX because users’ needs and desires aren’t fully met. In the case of the hamburger menu, improving the UX can take as little as adding the word menu under the icon.
IT professionals need to understand that increasing server speed is directly connected to UX. While first drafts are certainly the place to let your ideas run wild, stay focused on the message you need to communicate. For example, our guide, Rita Remark, didn’t distract viewers with statistics about how many people give themselves manicures each year. Dedicate time to fact-checking (even if you think you already did) and hold every aspect of your content up to professional standards. Start a video training series.Identify a common problem in your industry and develop a 5 part video series that provides solutions to this problem. Content marketers, on the other hand, must contend with multiple points of entry in a single view – banner ads, related post links, calls to action, etc., that all prompt viewers to leave the page they’re reading.
Go for substance and, like Adam said in the previous comment, you will earn trust and loyalty. Give prospects an aha moment about how much the issue costs them each day it goes unsolved. Your experts also may be timid introverts so you’ll have to help them become content rock stars.
He also connected with multiple experienced public speakers like Jason Falls, Chris Brogan, Laura Fitton, Seth Godin, Nancy Duarte, Guy Kawasaki, Brett Tabke and a few more to surface some really insightful ways you can optimize the performance and reach of your presentations. The producers of this video pushed themselves creatively beyond a standard plain background to construct a complete experience for viewers.
Develop a branded guide or tutorial.Leverage the expertise you have in your industry by developing an eBook that helps professionals in your industry learn something new.
Identify the various questions that appear in your analytics data then develop infographics that provide answers to these questions.9. Take this one step further and develop a video (approximately 2 minutes in length) that provides valuable and informative information to professionals in your industry. Instead of posting a very insincere one-line comment and dropping a link to your website in the comments section, consider creating a blog post (or video) that summarizes the discussion taking place, then provide your own solution to any problems discussed. Re-purpose the most informative comments you have on your blog posts or social networks.Turn your most popular and informative comments into pictures that you can then highlight on your blog or social networks. Remember the power of webinars. Hosting webinars that address common problems in your industry is a great way to position your brand as go-to resource.

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