What this is saying is that Marketing is a management process that should be considered at board level and the marketing strategy should be integral to the firm’s business plan. The marketing plan and marketing mix offered by the company must then go on to exceed the customers expectations at all times, but it must do so efficiently and profitably. Marketers effectively manage the marketing mix whilst acting as across function champions within a company. A common regret of most failed companies is that they didn’t initialise any marketing programs prior to failure. And secondly, develop a plan, use it but remember the fluidity of its nature; evaluation and control should be a critical part in your ongoing development. TestimonialsRolls-Royce PLCMichael Isherwood, Engineering Data & Document Programme Lead, Rolls-Royce PLCStudiowide provided a professional and supportive approach in the development of key cultural change posters promoting knowledge management at Rolls-Royce Plc. Services can range from financial services provided by the banks to technology services provided by the IT company or hospitality services provided by hotels and restaurants or even a blog where an author provides a service (information presentation, interesting reading etc) to his audience. While everyone knows about the 7 Ps of services marketing, the 8th P of Services Marketing has emerged in research very recently. In integral services management, improving productivity is a requisite in cost management; but quality, as defined by the customer, is essential for a service to differentiate itself from other providers. It has been recognized that overall profitability of a firm may be greatly impacted by focusing on not only at the top-line by improving sales but also focusing on the bottom-line by lowering over-all cost of delivering services. It has also been established in research that process improvements deliver better standardization and hence better quality in services.
Also did you read our article on the The 4 P’s of Marketing – The Marketing Mix strategies from which the 7 P Marketing Mix theory actually evolves?
Le prix doit egalement etre mis en avant et pour cela rien de tel que les promotions, vente flash et diffusion sur les grands sites de vente en ligne ou d’encheres mondialement connus.
Une fois la commercialisation en marche, il faut alors etre attentif au retour des clients mais egalement des vendeurs afin de repondre toujours mieux aux attentes de votre public cible.
En cherchant des informations sur un site specialise,je suis tombe sur votre site que je trouve fort interessant. Consider Kellogg Graduate School of Management’s professor and authority on the subject, Philip Kotler, and the 4Ps of the marketing mix.
Others may prefer to ground a definition in the 5Cs situation analysis and its relation to creating value, capturing value and sustaining value. The definition presented in the blog I read is really only just promotion (refer to the figure to the right).
Nirmalya Kumar in his book “Marketing as Strategy” does an exceptional job to define marketing in these broad terms, and describing the functional definition in terms of business, the organization, and an enterprise. When defining or explaining marketing, do you want to be the guy that “promotes” a product, or do you want to be seen by your 6 year old as the “transformational engine inside the corporation that delivers substantial revenue and increased profitability?”  Kids as well as our business colleagues don’t need a dumbed-down definition of marketing – tell it like it is.  What is marketing? For fun – here are some classic definitions of marketing from well-known thought leaders.  They demonstrate the value contribution to a business. Kotler in his textbook “Understanding Marketing Management” (2009): “Marketing is about identifying and meeting human and social needs. The American Marketing Association: “Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. It’s no wonder the reputation for the function of marketing in the corporate world is so low. However, we need more people like you, Mark, to take this topic head on in the blog-o-sphere which may well be the first point of educating the large population of marketing people that are in the role, but have not had the leadership and guidance yet to fully understand the impact and importance of their role to the enterprise.
As a CMO, He transforms reactive, market-driven companies into agile market-driving category leaders with a disruptively innovative vision for marketing as strategy. As a writer and speaker, Andrew challenges traditional thinking to spark new design-centric ideas essential to igniting transformation. Definition ThinkingPervasive Strategy is a shared plan, a leadership approach and a set of methods to achieve exceptional outcomes. Big Data is the collection, management and access of large, complex structured and unstructured data. Analytics is the process of extracting value from Big Data through formal statistical analyses. I invite you to subscribe or sign up via RSS to stay current (see the subscribe field upper right of page).
A company will also use market research and environmental scanning to identify and anticipate customer needs, and then build a marketing plan, in the form of a marketing mix. They project manage, co-ordinate, advise and inspire creativity whilst always looking after the overall company brand image. Bringing in new customers without prospect databases, not having marketing tools or materials and often little or no name recognition in the marketplace is tough.
This can mean as little as bouncing ideas off a marketer, outsourcing the role or employing someone full time, it depends on individual circumstances. Always remember that the definition of marketing is about satisfying customer’s needs profitable, and to do so it needs an appropriate marketing orientation. Studiowide used their experience to translate very difficult theories, concepts and ideas, into a range of hard hitting and powerful message in the form of posters. Our energy, excitement and passion comes from helping organisations succeed in this hyper-connected world.
So the classical 4 P structure of the Marketing Mix needs to be modified suitably to incorporate the 8 Ps for services marketing, which was previously known as the 7 Ps only.
Services marketing are dominated by the 7 Ps of marketing namely Product, Price,  Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence. In services management, often the variable costs are a lot more than fixed costs, and so incremental costs, if managed properly can have a huge impact on productivity.
Quality perception is a crucial differentiating factor on services management and for long term sustainability of the same. Our authors are educators from top QS ranked universities and practitioners from multinational enterprises. Brochures, parution dans la presse, publicite tele, affichage sur tous supports, internet, etc… La liste est longue et permet aux plus exigeants de trouver satisfaction dans le cadre du marketing operationnel. L’avantage etant de pouvoir apparaitre sur les plates-formes de vente les plus vues et les plus prosperes. Le marketing operationnel par definition permet la prise en consideration de tous ces elements afin d’aboutir a une offre concurrentielle et prometteuse. Il apporte des reponses claires et des orientations tres simples et interessantes afin de bien debuter dans le domaine du marketing operationnel.
As strategy, it is one of the most important elements in business to get right before all others.
Marketers’ definitions are often poor, limited, and often wrong – but mostly, incomplete.

Any marketing  professional or business school graduate should recall them, Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Marketing Analysis in the 5Cs model is grounded in: Customers, Company, Competitors, Collaborators and Context.
As a business professional, you know that marketing is involved with nearly every strategic element of business. The link here goes to a book review that can give you a high level overview of this London School of Economics professor’s modern (2004) perspective.
True marketing professionals should not limit their own articulation for the value they deliver to the companies they work for, nor should they dumb-down the meaning since that propagates the misinformation. It’s so important to ground marketing, the function, and the profession, in terms of a conscious, connected and strategic business activity, at the highest level, both in thinking and pervasive throughout the organization. Far too few marketing leaders understand this, and I fear the situation is getting worse, not better. Most of these topics lead back to how pervasive strategy and fearless marketing drives business.
It’s a management process, and as described clearly in the CIM definition, is integral to the business plan. However the role of a marketer in managing the marketing mix, acting as across function champion, project managing, co-ordinating, advising and inspiring to ensure corporate identity is protected, means that you do not have to go it alone. These posters perfectly embodied both the projects needs and adhere to the Roll-Royce branding and communication policies.
So for services, a firm may greatly benefit through proper re-engineering of processes and remodeling the same if required to improve productivity at each stage. Une analyse strategique des objectifs et des priorites determinent l’axe a suivre pour arriver au resultat voulu. But, individual responses will define it based on what their unique marketing experience is, or what their job profile says they should do, which may be a limited reflection based on who wrote the job description (HR?) and the specific needs for that company. The source of this weak definition is one of the biggest marketing agencies in the US with an enormous visible daily footprint. Is it time for marketers who get this to start calling what they do something other than “marketing”? Even seasonal businesses must continually reach out to customers or risk having to rebuild their sales every year.
Please thank your team for a great job and tell them their work will be cascaded throughout Rolls-Royce, in the UK, US, Germany, India and various Nordic countries.A1 CBISS LtdKevin Priest. Le principe est de parvenir a se positionner sur un marche en examinant toutes les possibilites, alternatives et concurrences existantes.
Le probleme qui se pose alors est la methode, le cout de la commercialisation et la necessite de faire appel a des tiers. Knowing this well, and the difference between what it is they do on a day to day basis should be the impetus to elevate their own chosen profession. It looks at the cooperation between the different functions within an organisation, and responds to changes both in the environment and the customers needs, rather than trying to push the company’s own objectives into the market all of the time. Il faut trouver un compromis permettant la diffusion la plus large possible au prix le plus bas. More specifically marketing professionals should be broadening marketing inside their own companies increasing its functional contribution in terms of business value. If you are a VP of Marketing, or a CMO, with leadership domain in a group that understands the depth of marketing, or if you are a Marketing Professional passionate about the definition, and deep business function of Marketing, and understand the extensive contribution that you make in your organization, please share a supporting thought below. A1 CBISS LtdI would like to take this opportunity to recommend Studiowide for their marketing services. From day one, I have found the whole team to be very friendly, approachable and always available for telephone or face to face support.
Studiowide are extremely knowledgeable in their field and have fresh ideas - this has helped us drive our marketing activities.
The project was a very creative and constructive one and we wish to express our appreciation for a professional experience whilst working with Studiowide. Autant de question auxquelles il faut apporter une reponse concrete, precise et convaincante. The team took us through the whole process from storyboard and content, to flow and animation in a fun yet structured way and were very flexible in making changes along the way.
Si vous pouvez proposer un service ou produit dont tout le monde a besoin mais dont il ignore l’existence la vous avez tout bon.
Studiowide also produced the videos in different languages which have now gone on to be used throughout our regions.
We will be collaborating with Studiowide in the future and certainly recommend them for their ability to listen, adapt and quickly turn around new ideas.Hawco LtdTom Mitchener, Marketing Manager, Hawco LtdAs a major supplier of technical products to the refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, electrical and control sectors, partnering with a marketing agency that understood our business was imperative. With tens-of-thousands of products and thousands of customers it is comforting to know that when called-upon, Studiowide can provide the right support. From social media and design to SEO and multi-channel communication strategies, Studiowide consistently surpass our expectations and deliver successful campaigns that maximize our ROI. I would definitely recommend to others.Citizens Advice KnowlseySean Coman, Communications OfficerStudiowide designed, produced and helped promote our new website which was set up to bring together the advice services of Knowsley in one, easy to use website.
They were very useful for generating ideas and brought a lot of professionalism to the project to ensure the quality was as high as possible. We utilised Studiowides variety of skill sets available by getting them to design our brand identity, our website and even our posters and leaflets. There was never a problem getting in contact with the team and they were always happy to help – even went above and beyond to deliver the service. Studiowide played a key role in this project by supporting Lufthansa with the design and development of a computer based training platform. This platform was used as a key tool in bringing this new standard operating system to each site across Europe. We had a short timescale and our communications were via mail and telephone calls in order to save travel costs as we are based in Germany.
Studiowide understood our objectives and created a cartoon video which will be extremely helpful in promoting our product. They listened to our ideas and the resulting product showed just how well they had grasped the concept of what we wanted. We have had very positive feedback from the families and children who have received the flyer, and we’re sure that it has helped us to recruit more patients attending the workshop. Studiowide were very helpful and professional in their work with us, and gave us a great product really quickly. We would definitely use them again in the future.USS LtdRobert Lee, Data ManagerStudiowide designed and produced a series of posters and pocket guides for us in relation to Information Security.
The staff were always approachable and would listen to our ideas, but more importantly they brought their own ideas to the table to produce an original theme for the campaign.

With the excellent work from Studiowide and the quality and clarity of the final material they have produced for us, we have given ourselves the best chance of achieving the goals of our campaign. I would not hesitate to use them again and would certainly recommend them to other organisations.PremsealJohn Burns, Managing DirectorPremier Sealant Systems wanted to rebrand the company and were looking for a modern, professional marketing partner to help us do it.
The new website and literature looks clean & sophisticated and has generated a lot of interest. His talk was excellent, the students really enjoyed it and it really brought classroom learning to life for them. It was also clear from his talk that Studiowide are taking an innovative and refreshing approach to both designing projects and working alongside clients.Prinovis (UK)Gus Tomlinson, Solutions DevelopmentJust a quick note to say a BIG thank you! This is from name, logo, colour scheme, right through to multiple literature pieces, co-ordinated with a great website. CryoClinics offers a very unique service, but this did not deter the team at Studiowide – they probed with numerous questions and in my opinion grasped what it is I offer and how it can benefit people very quickly.
With this knowledge they were able to provide me with some great ideas and developed a campaign to grasp people’s attention and ensure they acted upon it.
The service we receive has always been excellent, and look forward to developing our business relationship in the future.
Studiowide listen to our requirements and provide us with creative solutions.Energy Projects PlusSandra Manning, Project ManagerThe strength of this company is its creative visual talent. We have gone from our own homemade look to a completely re-branded look that is totally professional, topical, fresh and, well, just plain gorgeous.
We will continue to use Studiowide as the service levels and professionalism is like second nature to the whole team.
There have been many occasions where we have applied critical marketing deadlines, which again have been met with ease.
They understood that we were on a very strict timeline for our project and helped us to develop a plan that would meet our timeline and other constraints. They brought many creative ideas to the table we hadn't considered and also were very flexible in making changes that we requested. Overall they were a great team to work with and we have received many compliments on the video Studiowide developed for us.Home SecureKevin Jones, Marketing DirectorWe contacted Studiowide as we needed high quality images to compliment a new range of products we were introducing.
We gave some example images of what we were looking for and the guys at Studiowide exceeded our expectations and produced images which were of a far greater standard than any of our competitors.
We have had the images in use on our website for a few months now and our sales on this type of product have increased considerably! The service and quality of work was outstanding and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Studiowide in the future.Creative ContinuityGraeme Wilson, Managing DirectorStudiowide delivered our website design and development project on time and within budget – the end result surpassed our expectations.
They are a friendly, responsive and experienced marketing company, with a great team who are all a pleasure to work with.FastMove PropertiesHayley-Jane Roberts.
Managing DirectorWe have worked with Studiowide to develop our new property letting and property sales website. We came into this project quite cautiously after having our fingers burnt on a previous website project. Also, the after sales support they have given us in the early stages of going live is second to none. Thank you very much for all your hard work, dedication and creativity throughout the whole website design and video production process. The team have always been very welcoming and understood the message I am trying to portray. I am really excited and looking forward to the future successes of Home Build Help, which is largely down to your ability and vision.Grim Reaper FoodsRussell Williams, Managing DirectorFor a company to understand a client’s idea and bring it to life, for me, is amazing.
Excellent to deal with, fast efficient service, from concept to final design - within timescales, and informed at each stage.OPTIMA Bathroom SolutionsDamien Golden, DirectorWe were looking for a Product Photography company to shoot products for our website, brochures and other marketing materials.
Studiowide had to assemble all products and set the various different background props in situ. As a result, I would highly recommend Studiowide and we will be using their services again in future.HR Integrated SolutionsHeather Hayes, DirectorHaving very limited experience in the area of marketing or branding, Carl was extremely patient with us; talking us through the process but still allowing our own ideas to take fruition! Carl and his team have the patience of saints; for as the ideas became visuals we changed our minds and wanted different aspects. All our demands were undertaken by the Studiowide team without complaint; they understood and wanted the best for us, their client.
All the feedback we've received has been positive and it's helping us move into new business areas.Lottery Project Historical Band DocumentaryKeith Owens, Engagements SecretaryThe DVD (documentary) proved to be far more involved than we had originally thought, and I suspect the work you did on it went far beyond your initial brief, but your team never complained, and the end result is something they can be proud of (we certainly are).
Your work on the three elements of the band relaunch, the website, 500 DVDs and 10,000 leaflets, was professionally and enthusiastically carried out, and delivered perfectly to time. They took the time to listen and developed a good understanding of what I was trying to achieve. After completing our website, tailor-made for our business, we have now asked them to complete a marketing campaign for us, and look forward to continuing our relationship. I would thoroughly recommend Studiowide to other small to medium sized businesses as they have been very supportive and helpful.Dr Knowles CosmeticsDr Ian Knowles, Medical DirectorWe have used other marketing companies in the past and non have given us a level of professionalism quite like this. Working with a Studiowide Chartered Marketer has enabled us to quickly move forward to the next stage of our developments.University of LiverpoolMarketing Graduates, University of Liverpool"Excellent presentation that gave a thorough and engaging insight into the marketing profession",  "Refreshing, interesting, great approach to students, relevant information. I think this lecture is one of the best I have ever had",  "The Studiowide presentation was great, engaging and interesting throughout",  "Kevin Melia's speech could be the most interesting, most inspiring lecture I've ever had in the context of marketing. He has clarified how broad marketing can be, that it's more of a philosophy than just a website, that there are stages to go through.
LOVED IT!"Sefton InsulationEllie Abernethy, Project ManagerI Just wanted to say thank you for the work you’ve done for us recently on the Sefton Scheme website and in turning around the posters and leaflets on the Warmer Wirral project so quickly. MSIF.Merseyside Special Investment Fund (MSIF) have used Studiowide to present marketing workshops since 2011 via the Liverpool Business Initiative Event.
The start-up businesses who attend this event are consistent in their positive appreciation of Studiowide. MSIF look forward to working with Studiowide throughout 2014 and onwards.Single Use SurgicalKate Stoddard, Export ManagerStudiowide helped us to produce our first company promotional and training video for overseas customers. We are really very pleased with the final cut and enjoyed working with Carl, as he really took the time to understand our company and our needs, and put together a bespoke solution. Studiowide are a highly organised and efficient team with tonnes of creative ideas and technical know-how.

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