Every business faces unique roadblocks when coming up with ideas for content. The strategies that work for your team may not work for your content marketing peers at other organizations.
But, regardless of your industry or unique corporate structure, there are several steps in the ideation process that every content marketer needs to tackle. To help you visualize an ideation strategy, I’ve compiled a list of different idea-generating strategies real content marketers employ. When trying to come up with ideas for content, Belle Beth Cooper talks about coming to a consensus as a group and some common pitfalls to avoid. Once this stakeholder group convenes, it is time to debate and vet ideas internally to make sure the best ones stick.
Once topics are selected, it’s time to act on them as quickly as possible by assigning roles and responsibilities.
Jonathan Mildenhall, Coke’s VP of Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence has talked about how content marketers need to be comfortable with a little bit of chaos. Instead of relying solely on internal resources for content ideas, Autodesk uses user-generated content from their community.
Another great way to source content ideas is to tap into the creative energy of other departments. Kelsey Libert, Director of Promotions at Fractl talks about how some of the most successful content marketers don’t let one-off ideas separate too far from their core campaign-based strategies.
Because each business is different, methods can be tweaked or combined to fit the needs of your organization. To up your game like the companies above, take a look at Kapost 50, a list celebrating the top 50 content marketing companies today. James is a brand community strategist who has worked with tech startups to Fortune 500 consumer brand businesses to help them better leverage social tool to engage their customers. No Competition Marketing (NCM) is the result of using what we call the Girl Scout Cookie Sales Approach. We Offer SEO, VSEO, Paid Ads Management, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Video Marketing, Copywriting, Branding, Keyword Research, Site Analysis, Analyze Online Presence, Consulting, and Training. To help businesses rise above their competition while providing the answers their potential customers seek on the internet, and increase their repeat business. Will be launching membershipsite soon with in-depth information on how to implement various components of strategy yourself, and a resource list of the tools i use and recommend.
Marketing is always at the top of any business agenda but coming up with ideas and concepts can be a challenge, but not any more if you attend our 101 Marketing Ideas & Concepts conference. At just ?25 per person this innovative and business focused event offers you each marketing idea at just ?0.25.
101 Marketing Ideas & Concepts conference offers you the opportunity to discover how marketing and marketing platforms can improve your organisation, bottom line, brand, sales and shareholder value. We are pleased to announce that we are open during the day for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, paninis, cakes at CICCIC, and what a great place to relax and enjoy a cuppa with our amazing art gallery, beautiful day lit Victorian hall and why not read our latest Arts & Culture newspaper too. Blues music is a growing music genre and excellent to watch and hear live but with over 32 types of blues music genres it’s no surprise the most common blues music is that from the Deep South of America, jazz blues, gospel blues and of course blues rock. Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.
Creative Innovation Centre CIC, with the help of Universities South West, Regional Growth Fund, Arts Council  and working with Somerset College and Richard Huish College is researching into what local Taunton Deane 14-24 year olds like and do. Explore the transformative potential of education or extend your personal creative skills by undertaking an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Art and Design at the inspirational CICCIC Arts School, an exciting place where creativity is at the heart of things. Creative Innovation Centre CIC is non-profit Community Interest Company and social enterprise Company No. Restaurant owners and operators have a lot to look forward to in August for restaurant marketing opportunities.  For starters, August is National Sandwich Month, National Catfish Month, National Panini Month and Family Meals Month.
Restaurateur can also take advantage of special days celebrating Banana Splits, Bananas, Brownies, Cherry Turnovers, Chocolate Pecan Pie, Chop Suey, Filet Mignon, Frozen Custard, Ice Cream Pie, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Lemon Meringue Pie, Mustard, Oysters, Peach Pie, Peaches, Pecan Tortes, Potatoes, Raspberry Cream Pie, Raspberry Tarts, Rice Pudding, S’mores, Soft Ice Cream, Sponge Cake, Spumoni, Vanilla Custard, Waffles, Watermelon and Zucchini. For beverage marketing, Beer, Lemonade, Root Beer Floats, Rum and Whiskey Sours take center stage in August.
There are also several days focused on family and friends in August.  Restaurant marketing plans can be built around Friendship Day, Girlfriends Day, Sisters Day, Son and Daughter Day, Middle Child’s Day and Senior Citizen’s Day, among many others. Dickey's Barbecue Pit Announces Three-Store Development Agreement in OhioDunkin' Brands Announces 2017 Retirement of Paul Twohig, President, Dunkin' Donuts U.S. Before giving the best guerilla marketing ideas, it is necessary to first explain a few things about marketing in general.

We ‘marketers on an extremely thin budget’ know that paying through the teeth for a slick advertising campaign has never and will never equal success and certainly won’t make up the difference when promoting shoddy products and services. While guerillas spend their money prudently, they understand the difference between investing in disposable commodities, such as paper clips and staplers, and investing in goods and services that assist in attaining a far reaching goal. Further, guerillas are keenly aware that poorly designed and written marketing materials are recipes for disaster! Another idea is foregoing expensive purchasing decisions such as TV advertising and yes, even Google video ads, in lieu of low or no cost alternatives such as referral programs (Affiliate), email marketing, link bait on third party websites and free e-commerce stores on websites such as Shopify. When searching for the most cost effective solutions to meet your needs, here’s a word of warning; don’t confuse ‘least cost’ with ‘best cost’ and understand that ‘cheap’ doesn’t mean the same thing as ‘inexpensive’. You’ll never hear a true guerilla marketer say; “That’s not our fault” or “I’m sorry you had a bad experience with my company – there isn’t much I can do about it”. In other words, it is best to do everything in your power to ensure prospects, sales leads and repeat customers have complete confidence in your ability to solve their problem. Your ears and eyes are the best marketing tools you own so ask questions and really listen to the response(s).
Before any of these principles can be implemented in your organization’s guerilla marketing campaign, a basis must be established for why buyers should even care about what you have to say.
In this model, decision makers spend time alone thinking about ideas, forming their own vision for the content, and then sharing those ideas with fellow decision makers. This fast-paced strategy keeps creative inspiration alive, and capitalizes on the energy of the brainstorm versus putting ideas aside to be created by someone else at a later date (which might never happen). Even if they have an established method of ideating and brainstorming for potential content ideas, everyone needs to keep an open mind and be flexible as ideas come across the table for consideration. By having specific editorial goals and standards in their content marketing plan, Autodesk can essentially put out a call for a certain type of content, or just cherry pick from the best artistic concepts that bubble up from their community. Sales, for example, might have some great ideas for content that will help them sell better.
Ideas are vetted based on how unique they are and how closely they align with the objectives of a campaign. The best way to find what works for your organization is to test new strategies, then tweak and refine as you go along. From that first idea to tracking performance, Kapost helps you get the right content out the door. A Western New York native, Jessica recently moved back to the Buffalo area after two years in New York City. Girl Scouts sell their cookies at locations with established traffic like grocery stores and such. So if you are looking to push your business forward for the coming year this event is right up your street. You’ll go away infused and confident that your marketing activity can work even better for your business. Discover how a content marketing approach enabled a Devon based SME to engage with a global audience who were unaware of their existence and enabled them to increase sales leads, improve conversion rates and generate more sales. James, was an engineer at Pratt and Whitney with masters degrees in mechanical engineering and computer science. The large mobile (shown left) contained 500 paper doves, which when flying in formation actually numbered enough to set off the fire alarm within the church. Since his death, his plans have been shared with Episcopal churches in both Connecticut and Virginia, and the mobiles continue as great legacy which brings people together for creativity, community and worship. Superior marketing provides all companies with their greatest leverage and control and should be viewed as an investment of sorts. Additionally, they don’t waste precious time making penny-wise and pound-foolish decisions and throwing good money after bad.
In lieu of creating ineffective point of purchase material, we instead choose to hire graphic designers and copywriters (just to name a few). Never forget that every company, regardless of products and services offered, is in the marketing business and every customer will judge your brand on every single aspect of the experience. Amazement – Every effort of a cost effective advertising campaign must inspire ‘shock and awe’. Content – As a guerilla marketer, you must value substance over glitz so continually over-deliver on the promised experience. A great example of this ‘best practice’ is radio shows which allow listeners to call in and give their opinion on content. Seems elementary but many entrepreneurs who fail in business do so because they believe others should care about their company’s products and services as much as they do!

Then, content pillars (large content assets) that support those topics are brainstormed, debated, and decided upon.
What roadblocks do you currently face, and how can the above strategies help you remove them? Feast your eyes on all of our content marketing ideas so far, and plan for the months ahead (make sure to check on dates that may change each year).
NCM is a comprehensive approach to online marketing that fully utilizes interdependent infrastructure of the internet and the systems layered upon it. The doves are hand folded using detailed instructions that are distributed with the paper squares weeks before construction.
Unlike traditional marketers, guerilla marketers invest more time, energy, imagination and knowledge than money! As a result, they don’t worry as much as traditional marketers do when money is in short supply because they have enthusiasm unequaled, tenacity to turn the tide in their favor and a creativeness which only comes when huge advertising budgets are simply not an option. For example, although Facebook advertising is popular, we’ve found it to be largely ineffective and haven’t spent money using the service for several years now. Careful attention to detail provides guerilla marketers the edge over bigger businesses that often overlook the little things which have the biggest impact on customer experience. Respecting your target market’s experience(s) demands content integrity and challenges them as well. For instance, there are many organizations which blast ‘tweets’ and Facebook updates to their audience and never take a few moments to read and, when appropriate, respond to others.
From there, ideas for smaller assets are assessed based on their alignment with the campaign. The weather is (hopefully) some of the best we see all year, and with just about a month left before the chilly wind starts to blow, there’s no excuse too trivial for spending oodles of time outdoors. John’s for over 15 years and a very talented person who enjoyed organ repair, sailing and sailboat repair and Change Ringing of handbells. On the evening of the raising, everyone gathers with their doves to thread them together and suspend them from the frame.
As long as you don’t experience a massively expensive failure, testing can continue because it is on a much smaller scale and thus, less expensive. It is best to consistently solicit the opinions of clients and customers and encourage two-way conversations which are much different than the classic “I talk and you listen” model. We also keep an eye on trending topics and news, which can be written and published quickly to leverage the popularity of timely topics. For those of you looking for a real “reason” to skip work, why not check the list below? Today, Roger’s original sketches and engineering drawings are kept by his wife Darlene and two sons, who are also engineers. Additional strings of doves are also added at the centers of the smaller bars to bring the total number to between 300 and 350. The mobile is raised for Pentecost (roughly 5 weeks after Easter) and remains airborne through Labor Day.
Simply said, guerilla marketers recognize that they cannot buy their way to a successful company. Not only can you save tons of money with an entry price of $5 the results, whatever the need, are truly amazing. The drawings remain a symbol of the expertise and craftsmanship that went into creating the mobile. When the mobile is raised, it moves and spins slowly with the natural airflow to provide an amazing scene where the doves take flight on their own.
Lacking adequate capital means imagination and sheer tenacity must become indispensable weapons in your arsenal. Because guerillas have often developed and tested their processes over time, they know that ‘first-things-first’ such as the way buyers and sales leads are greeted, makes all the difference in the world to meeting and exceeding goals.

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