If you have experience in the Content Marketing universe, you know that things do not happen that quickly or that simply. The part that I found very interesting was something that he mentioned toward the end: He compared Content Marketing to a team sport like soccer (or futbol) or basketball. In basketball, there are specific positions along with skills and attributes that make a player that is a good fit for a certain position. In the same way, there are specific content marketing tactics that bring visitors to a site, each with it’s own role and capability.
In most cases, it takes a basketball program a while to gather the right resources to build a successful team.
In the same way, content marketing has to bring together all of the necessary resources to execute a great content marketing strategy.
The confusion starts when people think that these two marketing tactics are separate from each other.
We need to look at how they can complement one another, and overlap, not jockey for position. Use keywords naturally (but with SEO in mind!) – Write your content for people, but be sure you use your primary keyword in titles, at the beginning of your content, and other strategic places. Satisfy searcher intent – Google (search engines) ultimately just want to make sure that they are serving the most relevant content to match the query. Get mobile ready – More than half of all web traffic is now served to a mobile device of some type, making it mandatory to ensure your pages are mobile responsive. Be social – Amplify and Cross-promote your content on social media and utilize social sharing and connection buttons on your site pages to boost engagement with your content. Use visual media – People process images 60,000 times faster than text, so it only makes sense to use as much visual content as possible. The easiest way to get around the dilemma of separating the two is to think of them as one strategy.
So marrying, or merging the two as one powerful strategy gives you a better picture of what the ultimate goal is. When putting together your plan of action for marketing your business online, don’t just pick SEO or Content Marketing and focus your dollars there, rather consider an inbound marketing approach to your marketing and choose a holistic strategy to get the most value and return on that investment. Get Our Best Stuff In Your InboxJoin our tribe to receive the latest articles, ideas and marketing resources from FCS to get insights on how to grow your business online.
About the AuthorCecil KillingsworthOnline marketing strategist, web designer, developer, photographer and father of two.
Ready To Work Together?Are you ready to generate demand for your business, and increase your marketing and sales as early as next week? Yet while almost all companies are pursuing content marketing, few businesses believe it’s a great strategy.
Neil Patel of KISSmetrics explained why businesses don’t achieve better results from their content marketing campaigns in 10 Common Reasons Why Content Marketing Isn’t Working for You.
Instead of blindly investing resources, identify the content marketing strategy with the best ROI and consider hiring good personnel who know where to best spend marketing dollars. Bottom Line: Successful content marketing requires following a documented strategy, adequate funding, developing content that’s compelling or at least interesting or entertaining, properly promoting the content – and persevering to make it all work over the long term. William Comcowich now serves as CMO of CyberAlert LLC, the media monitoring and measurement service, and editor of the CyberAlert Blog which covers PR, marketing and social media. Content marketing is an approach to attract, communicate and engage with customers and prospects without literally selling. Content Marketing is a buzz word that you hear everywhere now, but why does content matter? Many companies today are not sure where to start, but listening to what people are already saying about your businesses is a great place.
Being authentic is an expectation that consumers already have today; and they are holding business accountable to live up to those expectations. Content marketing enables marketers to build a targeted, engaged audience over time, rather than using advertising to rent eyeballs when the need arises.
Content marketing drives three times the sales of digital advertising based on Nielsen data. Content marketing’s cost per lead drops 80% after the first five months according to Kapost and Eloqua.
Content marketing’s leads generated per $1,000 of marketing spend passes leads paid search generated per $1,000 of marketing spend after nineteen months. Here are seven elements that make content marketing more effective and related actionable marketing tips to help you improve your content marketing.

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Fishkin even says that, on average, a visitor will visit the Moz site over 7 times before they begin a free 30 day trial!
He said that assuming Content Marketing happens in this mythical way is like only valuing the person who scores the goal, or makes the basket. There are front office personnel roles that need to be filled, budgets that have to be established, practices to make sure that each player knows their role in they system. There are the people that make up the company, marketing budgets that must be defined, and careful planning as to how things like content creation, social media, SEO, paid search, and all of the other content elements work together to conduct efficient marketing efforts.
They ask: are these tactics at odds with each other, and which will overtake the other as the best strategy for my company?
SEO can’t exist without content, you need words and articles to optimize and distribute for links, and content needs SEO to rank as well as it can to maximize its reach and effectiveness. To that end, here are some quick tips for making sure your content marketing and SEO play nice together!
Keyword stuffing will get you penalized, but having them strategically placed still plays a vital role in optimization. Which means you now should focus on writing great content entirely on-topic, and not worrying as much about satisfying the search engine as you do the person searching.
They are after the best, most authoritative content they can come up with, and obviously you want that to be yours!
Content optimization is a better way to think about it because a lot of SEO activity is based on producing strategically written content to target a keyword or phrase and to produce either organic discovery in search engines or to gain a link back to a piece of content to drive traffic and trust. A Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Prof survey reported that most successful B2B marketers (66 percent to be exact) have a documented strategy. It takes into account critical marketing issues like the target audience, revenues, branding, and key performance indicators, such as click-through rates and web traffic.
The most effective content marketers dedicate 39 percent of their marketing budget to content marketing. Businesses typically struggle to generate good content and even struggle to find content topics.
Content marketing can be difficult in some industries, namely industries where people are not online, and B2B niches that are not “sexy” or well-known. It includes blogs, e-newsletters, articles, white papers, e-books and social media or other means that help inform prospective customers and convert them into loyal customers. From a brand perspective, the challenge is clear we must create relevant content that engages consumers where they are. Quick searches on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, and forums can give you a pulse of what the internet is saying about your business or brand. This finding makes sense since branded websites including blogs are trusted by about three-fifths of respondents while search advertising is only trusted by two-fifths of respondents and other digital advertising formats are less trusted than paid search. This finding is consistent with Hubspot’s blogging research which showed that blogging two to three times a week gains most of the impact in acquiring customers. Further, content marketing leads generated per $1,000 of marketing spend is three times greater after three years (or thirty-six months).
Customers seek product information across a variety of formats including information, how-tos, styling and expert advice based on research by Shopping.org, comScore and the Partnering Group.
With the shift to digital devices where roughly 90% of content is consumed, it’s important to consider the type of device (computer, smartphone or tablet) where your content will be viewed and where your reader will be when they seek and read it. For an RV dealer client of mine, we started our own yearly (hopefully quarterly soon) magazine, rather than the usual brochure. It is an ongoing process with the purpose to attract and retain consumers, by creating and curating valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behaviour.
Advantages of content marketing are risk mitigation, lead scoring and lead nurturing. When traditional marketing harps about the product, content marketing shows the experience to the users. Content is generated from understanding the clients, market places, consumer needs and growing trends in the market. If your business in online, how you create and share relevant content, in the end will determine the visibility of your business. I found this very interesting, and so I wanted to flesh it out a bit more in order to, hopefully, explain the intricacies of content marketing in a new way.
But the important thing to take away is that, just like the player scoring the bucket is not the only element in a successful basketball team, assuming that one element of content marketing is going to create instant success is a flawed way of thinking.

Without content, you have nothing to attract (or  build) links to which pretty much eliminates your chances of ranking for anything.
Most people (70 percent) prefer to learn about a company from an article than an ad, and 60 percent feel better about a company after reading brand content.
Consider that generating a lead through traditional marketing costs $373 but $143 through content marketing. Some simply hire inexperienced writers for a few dollars a post and assign them a list of topics. If you’re in one of those areas, keep your expectations in check and keep producing and promoting content within your niche. If you’re in that situation, keep producing content, strive to create a small but devoted following, and exploit the competitor’s weak points. Prior to CyberAlert, Bill produced interactive multimedia programs and served in PR positions in major non-profit organizations. Every form of content has to be consistent in order break through the clutter in a relevant and authentic manner. If people are being very negative about your brand, then it’s time to make content that builds that trust back up. Actionable Content Marketing Tip: Make sure that your content marketing is effectively interconnected so that prospects can move from information about your product to how-to put your product together and other styling related content.
Actionable Content Marketing Tip: Assess prospects’ content needs based on where they are when they seek your content to ensure that your content meets their needs in terms of format and length.
Content marketing has emerged as one of the most powerful marketing tools in the online platform. Along with providing useful information to the users, it also helps synthesis the online presence of the company. When done well, it creates content for the blogs, social media and online conversation for the company, building an online archive of reliable information of the product that will be favored over and over again by the Search Engines for any one seeking information of the product or service. Now, I understand that this analogy has its flaws, and there are a number of other items I could use to compare content marketing too, but let’s focus.
We have to understand that the person passing the traffic to the ultimate conversion is just as important as the one that scores the sale. Each has its unique benefits, but we need to think more holistically and see the overlap and benefits of combining them. In addition, most marketers (72 percent) believe branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine, 62 percent say it is more effective than advertising on TV, and 69 percent say it is more effective than direct mail.
Promote your content through social media posts, an email newsletter, blogging, and sharing content with key influencers. In other words, find the content marketing opportunities they’re missing and seek to benefit by filling the vacuum and meeting the customers’ needs.
If a customer is doing research while waiting for someone, it’s not the time to expect them to read your five page white paper. Actionable Content Marketing Tip: Understand that customer reviews can qualify products that may not seem positive to you but attract other customers.
Also, where appropriate, include links to other parts of your content as well as links out to other resources.
Actionable Content Marketing Tip: Don’t forget to share your content across major social media networks.
Supplying content to the market regularly and keeping the company name alive are the simplest and easiest ways to get one’s content marketing done. For example, “There are too many children at this restaurant” will make it the perfect choice for a family. Actionable Content Marketing Tip: Don’t forget to optimize other content formats than text.
Success requires producing content that’s truly valuable to customers, well-written, visually interesting and better than the competitors’. While you need to allow both positive and negative comments to remain on your site, it’s critical to respond quickly to problems customers have.

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