Copyright 2015 ExploreGram uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram. FxGuru allows you to create amazing Hollywood visual effects in your videos on your smartphone! FxGuru is a cool visual effects app for creating stellar action effects with video on your Android. These videos are very easy to create; simply choose an effect, shoot in well lit area, hold camera steady and record for 10-15 seconds (the MotionMatch™ technology helps you and gives you visual guidance when shooting), press a button to process and share it! Yea, I was watching the show when that cheap, very decent tablet (I did check online reviews) showed it.
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We stumbled upon a very cool image-editing app that instantly adds a variety of funky effects to your photos with one-click ease. As easy to use as it is cool – just drag your photos into Lo-Fi program (which looks like the back of a point-and-shoot camera), click the randomize button and you end up with a surprising variety of cool old snapshots. MSQRD: The Incredible Video Selfie Effects App is a new fun video selfie app that is taking social media by storm.
The MSQRD app, developed by Masquerade Technologies, uses advanced facial recognition technology to recognize your facial features such as eyes, ears, nose etc.
Apply Effects and Share: Some of the huge number of available special effects and masks offered by MSQRD include animal faces such as panda, monkey, polar bear and tiger etc.

Addictive and Gaining Popularity: The MSQRD app is extremely fun to use and addictive for both kids and adults alike. Waqar HassanPrinceton Computer ExaminerWaqar Hassan is a Writer, Blogger, SEO & Social Media Expert and an Entrepreneur. Can Chinese car makers have a greater impact on global auto market?Every year at the Detroit Auto Show or the Toronto Auto Show, it's the same reaction: the media become extra excited when they get a peek at the latest models from Ford or Toyota.
There are nearly a score of special effects you can use that include UFO’s, mech robot attacks, satellite crashes, flamethrowers, Molotov cocktail explosions, rocket launchers and much more. If you are aware of visual effects creation, the level of accuracy this app offers in under one minute is uncanny, on a desktop it takes a skilled artist hours to do it manually. It may appeal to folks like myself, that are interested in film-making, action flicks and movie visual effects.
FxGuru is free to try, yet if you’re more serious about it you can purchase all of the effects. I downloaded the app and in order for you to get all the effects, you have to buy the MegaPack with the other effects included.
Lo-Fi is a retro photo effect application for the Macintosh and Windows desktop platforms produced by Wingnut. Using MSQRD (short for Masquerade) app, you can easily apply cool transformations, various masks and animated special effects to your face in selfie images or videos in real-time and generate videos that you can share on social media. The video selfie animations generated by the app can be then be shared through various messaging apps or on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

The app, launched in January, is fast gaining popularity with a number of MSQRD users sharing their special-effect selfie videos on social media.
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Impress your friends with “big budget” video effects on your camera phone with FxGuru app for Android!
If you want to impress your friends or if you want to create amazing Hollywood visual effects in your videos and share, FxGuru might be novel but it’s a cool app to download!
The impressive thing is that the MSQRD app applies the transformations or special effects on your face in real-time with no lag. You can also show various emotions with live animated special effects overlaid on your face in the selfie image or video. The app is also becoming popular among celebrities with supermodel Cara Delevingne recently sharing many of her selfie videos generated by MSQRD with her Twitter and Instagram followers.
Be sure your phone has a fast enough processor (possibly dual-core or faster) to handle the video processing.

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