HP Financial Services, a division of the computer company HP, conducted research that showed employees weren’t connecting with the division’s business strategy, including its vision, goals, and values.
Companies that continue to take a tactical, short-term approach to communicating with key constituencies will find it increasingly difficult to compete. Many companies take a tactical, short-term approach to communicating with key constituencies, which is not only nonstrategic but may be inconsistent with the corporate strategy or even impede it.
We define strategic communication as communication aligned with the company’s overall strategy, to enhance its strategic positioning. The authors would like to thank the National Investor Relations Institute’s Center for Strategic Communication for support of our research. How Boards Botch CEO SuccessionResearch finds three key reasons boards fail at CEO succession planning.
Digital Health Care: The Patient Will See You NowDigital technology is empowering patients to participate in developing their own treatment plans.
Which SOI Innovation Is Right for You?Sustainability-Oriented Innovation is no longer a one-trick pony.
Direct Distribution and SEO - For releases with more defined audiences, such as customer releases, direct distribution through e-mail (if allowed), newsletters, and the Web site will suffice. Customer Information or Marketing Release - Similar to a product release, this focuses on other initiatives such as promotions, partnerships and customer or prospect programs (such as a give away).
Official Statement Release - Often times companies need to put out their official position on a matter such as a partner’s merger, a non-newsworthy acquisition, or a the CEOs speech at a big conference. Wire Services - Using PR Newswire or Business Wire puts the release both in press offices (at least, in theory), in search engines and in news databases such as Factiva.
A former boss of mine used to say: “If you think you have a vision, I recommend you take a cold shower.” Wrong! In other words: Pragmatically managing product portfolios is important, but in the long term a company will not thrive without a strong idealistic organizational purpose. While employees may be proud of the quality of a company’s products and the success and growth they facilitate, I do believe that true motivation rather comes from the sense of belonging to a unique big project or a distinct family of values. In high-tech companies, typically, the CTO is the visionary leader and the best person to champion the vision and communicate it to the whole company.
Another, more tangible, approach is to treat the vision as the umbrella for all strategy and define and monitor the progress on key performance indicators across all organizational functions. Yahoo is obviously determined to become the patron of social software and continues building its super social network. No doubt, in the future we will see more tightly integrated media campaigns (VNR, viral video, webcasts, blogs, micro-sites etc.) that are news- and buzz-worthy, leverage the customers (or are driven by customers), and turn the campaign itself into the event ("eventization" they call it in Hollywood). Total quality management (TQM) depicts an organization's network of commitments as a map of interconnected loops.
The Corporate Commpass, created as a MindManager map, translates the TQM model to the realm of corporate communications and helps simplify the complex dynamics of external communications with stakeholders. Of course, this process can also start with Step (2), the point here is that the loop is closed. This closed loop of outbound and inbound communications draws from the concept of “symmetrical public relations,” crafted by the US Scholars Grunig and Hunt. The Corporate Commpass map builds upon this notion and divides into outbound and inbound section to signify corporate communications as two-way-street: Not only must outbound messages reach their respective target audience effectively, but so must messages from stakeholders permeate the organizational boundaries, be correctly interpreted, and eventually translated into new or refined outbound messages. The bottom of the map states the communication objectives and tracks – based on the input and output sections – the progress on these objectives. The Corporate Commpass can be checked on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, dependent on the intensity of an organization’s communication. Scientific and technological breakthroughs can take years to develop, but when they leave the lab and enter the world at large, word spreads quickly.
Word-of-mouth marketing firm BzzAgent has closed a $13.75 million second round of funding - raised from General Catalyst Partners and IDG Ventures Boston - to build new market share and add staff, reports CNET. Another man retreated to his room at age 14, and proceeded to watch TV, surf the Internet, and build model cars - for 13 years. Reading the article I was wondering about the longest time I ever spent alone in my room, without going outside or seeing any other human being.
The fuse: Brand Identity & Package Design symposium is a top event for everyone who believes that design is a business function.

In the Middle East, this figure falls substantially below the global average with only 8.3 per cent of respondents stating that their organisations integrate CSR and sustainability strategies into their wider corporate communications strategy. Over 1,300 communications professionals worldwide participated in the third PULSE survey, the objective of which is to provide valuable data and insights upon which communications professionals can respond to, better plan and benchmark their organisation’s approach to communications activities and their own internal PR resources. Your browser is out of date Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. Our programs and performance across the broad range of corporate citizenship issues demonstrate our values and are central to forging and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders. We organize and prioritize our efforts using five citizenship pillars to implement our vision.
Medtronic employs a two-tiered, cross-functional management structure to drive corporate citizenship throughout the company. Developing an integrated, strategic approach to communications will be critical to success.
Top consulting companies have employed countless MBAs to develop strategy for their clients. Argenti is professor of corporate communication at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College.Robert A.
While the optimization can help bring the right visitor to the site, the internal links and design make sure they stay there and take any appropriate action. In addition, the URL for these releases are also submitted to news search engines for indexing (and should be optimized). Marketing executives often want to out information on product upgrades, new versions or other types of information of interest to customers and prospects. The audiences can vary (customers, investors etc) but the purpose is to have an official statement of record. Release are often time put on the wire not for the press, but to make it into the search engines and news databases. According to Collins, “visionary companies” demonstrably enjoy more sustainable success than those that legitimate their existence by mere revenue goals – especially if these companies manage to effectively communicate their vision to the audiences inside of their organization.
Thus, one tool to endorse and better communicate the company vision towards the employees is the “Letter from the CTO,” a regular – perhaps monthly– personal e-mail that the CTO sends out to all employees. This map may be used as a guide to design work processes, manage commitments to completion with customer satisfaction, and measure productivity.
An intuitive dashboard for executives and corporate communicators, it provides a holistic, closed-loop view of the communications process and integrates environmental impulses and audience feedback into a 360 degree check of quality control. Initially considered to be a highly innovative and paradigm-shifting approach, “symmetrical PR” has become the widely accepted foundation of the modern organization that understands communicating with its audiences as an ongoing dialogue. Using the standard set of monitoring devices (such as surveys, media clippings, blogs, event takeaways) as its “eyes and ears” in the public, the organization is able to actively listen to the voice of its stakeholders (and potential future stakeholders) and to pinpoint the main external factors that are relevant for (re-)shaping the corporate communications strategy. Each channel is linked to a specific measurable objective and other details that classify the tactics (such as priority, expected response).
This list of channels may typically include blogs, web sites, conferences, trade shows, industry groups, survey results, press articles, customer inquiries and feedback. The input feeds the outbound part and is considered for crafting new or adjusting existing messages. In that case, the corporate communicator knows that his organization is engaging in a true dialogue with its constituents, embedded in a closed-loop conversation that propels a constant flux of relevant communications.
It provides a super-easy way to broadcast content via RSS - without the need to run a blog or site. Users can go ro right to a feed, perhaps as a replacement to email to distribute personal news about yourself. The Popular Mechanics blog takes a look at the advances you may be hearing about this year.
BzzAgent has clients such as Anheuser-Busch, Cadbury Schweppes, Ralph Lauren and Levi's Dockers.
The agents are required to disclose their affiliation with BzzAgent; they file between 4,000 and 9,000 reports a week. It was maybe a full week, when I was fourteen or so and my parents had left for a summer vacation trip.
The symposium will take place at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC from April 24-26 and will feature brand strategists, design mavericks, and packaging leaders sharing forward-thinking ideas about how synergistic strategy and design drive brand innovation, consumer loyalty, and profitability.

For example, in Qatar, the host country for the COP18 conference in December 2012, has also recently introduced mandatory sustainability reporting as a requirement for industries seeking to align with the country’s national vision.
Our progress also increasingly supports our business, by enhancing our brand, driving innovation, expanding access to new markets, decreasing risk, and saving money.
The first two are specific to our product and industry focus and demonstrate Medtronic's unique opportunities. Our Corporate Citizenship Leadership and Core Teams, outlined below, include individuals responsible for citizenship-related activities. Davis & Company developed an infographic that explained the strategy in one page, using clear, simple language and easy-to-recognize graphic icons. Academics at top business schools have spent their careers developing frameworks explaining how to develop better strategies for top companies.
To research the concept that strategic communication is inextricably linked to corporate strategy, we asked these executives about their communications strategies and tactics. A recent study by the Brookings Institution showed that in 1978, 20% of corporate value was attributable to intangible assets, whereas in 1998 that had increased to 80%.
Howell is a distinguished visiting professor of business administration at the Tuck School of Business.Karen A. For example, a product release should link to a product page which then links to areas the product can be bought. This distribution is best when a company wants to make sure the release is indexed these databases so that it’s searchable in the future *and* in where there may be news value (the second is often seen as more optional that the first). However, it is not always easy in the daily business routine to fill this purpose - or Big Hairy Audacious Goal, as the MBA jargon goes - with life. It may describe, similar to what Ray Ozzie did with his famous memo, the company vision and – more important - how well the organization is doing in delivering on it. By institutionalizing the “listening” part of the communication process in such way, the corporate communicator is always close to its constituents and able to identify emerging themes before they become issues. It's more of an administrative interface and the content is designed to be read via the actual feed only. The list includes BAN (Body Area Network), SPIT (Spam over Internet Telephony), and Mobile WiMAX. It was very quiet, and I read, listened to music, and played the guitar every now and then.
The Core Team takes action on citizenship priorities, drives progress against corporate-wide goals, and facilitates internal and external communications about our performance. However, only a handful of academics and a cadre of tactical consultants, primarily at public relations companies, have struggled with strategy implementation in the area where it matters most: its communication to a set of varied constituents. However, the dearth of both academic and practitioner emphasis on the strategic nature of communications, coupled with recent legal and regulatory responses to corporate scandals (such as enactment of Regulation Fair Disclosure and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002), has created a strategic communication imperative — an increasingly urgent need for executives to ensure that their communications practices contribute directly to corporate strategy implementation. The research not only indicates the drivers, best practices and lessons of strategic communication, but it also suggests that when companies take a strategic approach to communication, communication becomes integral to the formulation and implementation of strategy. It is worth noting that technical and vertical trades are sometimes interested in these releases. Often times, we are held captive by (important) project tasks and operational details and lose sight of the ‘big picture’ that makes working at a visionary company such a special commitment.
Bottom line: If you want your employees to embrace your vision, you ought to keep them in the loop about how this vision is coming to life.
The Strategy Office provides the executive support and analysis for the preparation and implementation of the company’s strategic and operational goals.
The group also monitors emerging trends and makes strategy recommendations to our Leadership Team.
It identifies effective performance indicators and specific benchmarks for monitoring the company’s performance against its strategic goals and communicates the strategy to all levels of the organization.

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