Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. HBR's 10 Must Reads on Communication (with featured article ?The Necessary Art of Persuasion,? by Jay A. The truth is that the way an organization communicates can be the difference between success and failure. According to a recent Korn Ferry survey, the role of the chief communications officer is broadening. While it’s still tough to measure the efficacy of corporate communications, new tools in sentiment analysis, reputation analysis, and brand assessment are adding more rigor to the field. In the meantime, corporate leaders can do their part to improve how their companies communicate. Recruit talented, senior-level communications executives with solid business skills and deep knowledge of the company’s products and processes. Let communications leaders advise and educate the C-suite.If corporations need to listen better to their communications leaders, then the reverse is also true. Wendy Marx is president of Marx Communications, an award-winning B2B PR and digital marketing agency. BRANDish is a marketing and marketing communications publication published by Reliks Media Limited in collaboration with Vanguard Media Limited. Enter your email address to subscribe to this website and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Ein Unternehmen ist laufend herausgefordert, seine Marke (wie es spricht und wie es sich verhalt) zu steuern, seine Visibilitat und Authentizitat zu pflegen sowie den Ausgleich zwischen Erwartungen und Erfahrungen der Anspruchsgruppen zu finden. Als Full Service Agentur besitzt Farner die Erfahrungen und das Wissen, um die sich daraus resultierenden Aufgaben wirkungsvoll zu losen. Farner unterstutzt die ricardo AG bei der Konzeption und Bewirtschaftung ihrer Facebook Auftritte. Farner unterstutzt und berat Swissport International als «verlangerte Werkbank» in allen Aspekten der externen und internen Kommunikation. Farner macht die Lienhard Office Group fit fur die interne und externe Kommunikation und positioniert die Unternehmensgruppe als Experte rund um das Thema Buroeinrichtung bis hin zum Thema «New Ways of Working». Dank Farner gelingt es dem Unternehmen, sich auf allen Ebenen – Corporate, Management und Technologie – erfolgreich zu profilieren und Themenfuhrerschaft zu markieren. Jena Communications is a full-service corporate communications agency specializing in marketing, brand awareness, internal communications, public relations, corporate eLearning solutions and project management.

Our ability to quickly respond to this need with highly-effective marketing strategies and powerful sales tools gives you the flexibility you need to perform your day-to-day responsibilities with peace of mind. Our location makes us the perfect choice as your corporate communications agency with offices in New York, New Jersey and the Lehigh Valley right in your backyard. In todaya€™s digital global marketplace, reaching your internal and external customers though effective corporate communication is now more important than ever; numerous platforms now allow companies to reach their target audiences in distinctive ways.
When you choose Jena Communications, you get a team of seasoned professionals with a track record of success in your industry. We would welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your goals with a full-service Agency-of-Record relationships or specific tools to help your company achieve its goals. In many organizations, the function hardly gets the attention it deserves until the moment crisis hits. By now, we’re already familiar with the damage an out-of-place tweet by a CEO can do in the age of social media. A pilot program designed by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is now being conducted at five business schools, including Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, to educate emerging business leaders about reputation management and strategic communications.
Tools like Biz360 and TweetEffect Social are also helping companies measure how followers engage with their messaging on social media platforms.
Closing ranks can be dangerous in the digital age, but it’s a most common reaction when things go wrong. Her firm specializes in helping SMBs become well-known industry brands and dramatically transform their business through public relations and inbound marketing. Reliks Media Limited is a public relations and media content development with primary focus on the Nigerian marketing environment. Die Verschmelzung dieser Felder fuhrt zur gewunschten Perzeption bei den wichtigen Zielgruppen eines Unternehmens. Das Team von Farner erstellt und setzt Reputationsprogramme um, welche die Vertrauensbeziehungen zu den Stakeholdern starken. Unsere Kunden konnen von uns Corporate Communications Dienstleistungen erwarten, die auf ihre Situation und Bedurfnisse zugeschnitten sind. Jena Communications offers proven solutions to the growing challenges in the corporate environment. As a local Advertising Agency you get the convenience and cost savings you can only get from a local business.
Jena Communications provides the corporate industry a unique, total-media solution that combines traditional agency services such as creative design, public relations, media placement and strategic marketing with cutting-edge in-house production services such as web development, interactive media, HD corporate video production, eLearning development and multi-media communications.

A strategic partner you can count on to efficiently produce the results you need, within a framework you can understand and be comfortable with. It includes researching your customer base, creating your brand, building your strategic plan and executing your advertising campaigns.
But undervaluing the importance of powerful communication is a mistake, and it’s costing some companies dearly. Das gewonnene Vertrauen wird zu einer der wichtigsten Ressourcen eines Unternehmens und Corporate Communications wird zur zentralen Fuhrungsaufgabe. Disziplinenubergreifende Konzepte im Bereich der Corporate Communications sollen die haufigsten Szenarien und kommunikativen Herausforderungen in der Unternehmensentwicklung abbilden: Marktexpansion, Krisenkommunikation und Reputation Recovery, Profilierung gegen Innen und Aussen, Change Communication, Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Messaging, Corporate Media sowie Online- und Digital Media.
Und wenn sich ihre Organisation im Wandel befindet, helfen unsere Change-Spezialisten, diesen professionell zu bewaltigen. As a full-service corporate communications agency and traditional advertising agency we combine visionary marketing strategies with cutting-edge technology to produce real-world results.
We understand your needs, and have the ability to make you product stand out in the fog of confusion and the sea of distribution. With all these services under one roof, your marketing and communications efforts stay consistent, concise and cost effective. And it doesn’t help that business schools tend to squeeze corporate communications in among heavy-duty statistics and accounting courses, even though it encompasses everything from media and community relations to internal and investor relations as well.
Otherwise, they’ll end up spending too much time mopping up after crises as opposed to preempting them.
The old process no longer works in this marketplace-you need new methods to efficiently demonstrate your products and brand to your customer base in a meaningful way. By delegating these responsibilities you can focus on your day-to-day operations with piece of mind knowing your marketing plan is going to produce results. Not only can that be tremendously expensive, but communication blunders can do real damage to companies’ brands. Don't just survive this market, emerge a leader by combining your innovation with our smart communication!

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