Our task is to help companies understand social media and their potential for corporate communications. In the face of a rapidly evolving scenario, we are not driven by technology for its own sake: rather, we see the role of social media as bringing companies closer to their stakeholders and building durable relationships. Thanks to our expertise in corporate communications, we provide insight into how social media apply to different needs: from the media to investor relations, from employer branding to corporate responsibility. We support our clients in developing strategy and identifying opportunities in social media.
Social Media AwardsOur Social Media Awards were conceived as a multi-platform research project with the uniting goal of Read > Digital strategy and consultingA clear and actionable strategy is a vital element for successful communications. Our blog is an informal space we use to keep in touch with friends and all those who share our enthusiasm for digital and corporate communications. As published by the FT’s Investors Chronicle,  the 19th annual edition of Webranking reveals that while Europe’s 500 largest multinationals are improving their online communication, they still have a way to go to adequately respond to capital market needs. Siamo lieti di annunciare i risultati della 19° edizione di Webranking delle 500 maggiori societa in Europa, la ricerca europea piu importante della sulla comunicazione corporate digitale. Scaricate il report e scoprite come le piu grandi aziende italiane comunicano sui canali digitali. 1) I have worked with large corporations for 30 years and truly recognize the legitimate place of governance.
3) I recognize many examples where strict rules of engagement with the public are necessary, especially in a regulated environment. There is a fine line between true governance and hiding behind anachronistic policies because of a fear of change, which is usually the true nature of the resistance.
However, let’s look at an example I wrote about recently, where a salesperson from a huge company attracted $47 mm in new business completely through using social networking tools.
In my experience, more often than not, companies are hiding behind policies written in the 1970s without considering the current competitive environment. In one of my classes, a student from a regulated industry said he could not even have a LinkedIn profile because of his wealth management company’s communication policy. In many companies the real obstacle to success on the social web isn’t a lack of direction or budget or resources.
It was a strong statement but I was trying to make a point that their policy was not in line with reality.
Person to person communications it at an event is only heard by those within range, and likely forgotten soon after. I’m lucky enough to work for a small yet forward thinking company who actively encourage the use of social media but I have spoken to friends where real restrictions are in place regarding the use of social networks.
Fear of change is definitely an issue and in many cases a generational thing, as leaders of business change and younger generations take over, it’s likely that social media will be used for all sorts of communication, and embraced. Of course you are correct and certainly this is a significant difference not to be minimized. It will be very interesting to see how the changing of the guard affects MANY things we take for granted in big companies today! Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this Gordon and contributing your voice of experience to the discussion.
The real acid test when governance is a fear reaction rather than an act of due diligence is when social media acts as a disruptive innovation.
Terrible leader keeps their people blind, while great leader recognize the new vision which new social technological prowess can liberate.
Great leaders share that vision to create new streams of opportunity value and also raise the bar by tapping into an organizations employee cognitive surplus, that has always been there but now has means to be expressed. In many posts have we written about the relevance of influencer marketing and how it differs from the value of brand advocates.
Shoppers trust in influencers and use them as their third-most-consulted consumer decision information source.
Years ago, we have made clear that the 3 Rs of the social consumer will be leading the decision making process in the future: ratings, reviews and recommendations. Although the opportunities are there, only two out of three marketers (65%) invest in influencer marketing so far. Have a look at the infographic and decide yourself if and how you would like to use influencer marketing in the future. The infographic shows the amount of video uploaded to YouTube each minute and gives insights in the ad revenue that the site’s top channels generate in that minute.
Some weeks ago, we spoke about a study that described what B2B decision makers expect to read on vendor websites. The study makes clear that there is no real sharing structure to be made out from company to company.
The same as with the sharing patterns, there are three key personas within the businesses who act according to their own behaviors, expectations and needs. Many marketing, PR or product managers think about starting their own blogs when joining one of our inhouse or open seminars. However, the truth is that if you curate your competitor’s content or third party content from time to time (with a back link!), you jump into their fish-bowl. There are some secrets in online marketing, and there are those that have become common knowledge which people might spread in infographics. Whether you know what it means to create a user-friendly website structure, a clever banner campaign to get more potential customer data, or not. Check out which of the seven hints might help you drive more leads through to your sales team. And, whether you believe it or not, there are three more hints in this text that might foster lead generation for The Strategy Web. InMobi released their second wave research report on Mobile Media Consumption at Mobile World Congress. The research piece shows that 50% of the average global mobile web users primarily use their mobiles now to go online. The study states that globally, 54% of users discover mobile ads via apps, 40% on a search engine, 27% on a retailer website and 23% on a video website.
While I still have some marketers from media houses and brands in my ears, saying that apps and mobile ads don’t seem to be the right marketing approach, it seems they just did not find the right content approach to their users. PS: If you are interested in attending the dmexco discussion in Hamburg, please book your seat here. It is always exciting watching the results from the latest contradictory studies and infographics on corporate Social Media these days popping up here and there. Last week DOMO, a Social Media analytics service company, came to the conclusion that 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs cannot be found on any Social Media or social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

Is it not the best argument that the average number of followers for Fortune 500 CEOs with Twitter accounts is 33,250?
The only shame of the report is that it has no depth in the argumentation why the CEOs are not to be found on those social platforms. An MBA programs infographic shows that 94% of corporate business are embracing Social Media these days. Although, we have a different approach und understanding as to how to correctly do Social Business, we can today understand the base motives.
We know that our teenagers are tech-savvy like we have not even been TV-savvy at the same stage of live.
Some interesting studies and infographics might help us identify what drives the lives of the 18-34 year olds. I know of friends and other people that passed my life who had bad grades and today have their own company, did fantastic start-ups, or help other people manage their business better. As I am doing many webinars and seminars on B2B Social Media, it is always good to get and share some of the information and data that will help marketers understand the opportunities of Social Media. The challenge will be to enbable a cultural change inside the company where content, context and collaboration can grow. However, I have stated in many interviews lately why -except for the three reasons above- I love to work mobile, in hotel lobbies, lounge bars, at the airport or in restaurants as well as coffee shops. Nevertheless, smartphones, laptops, tablets and WiFi offer us a complete new workplace freedom and leverage mobile productivity.
I am happy that companies like Gist create infographics that put together data explaining the rise of the mobile workforce. Managers should start thinking about how they could make the mobile office a flexble solution for their employees, don’t you think? Snapback Caps: PixelioVor einigen Wochen haben wir, Heike Bedrich und ich, unsere 3-Saulen-Strategie veroffentlicht.
LinkedIn remains the most broadly used social network among the Fortune 500, with 93% of the companies analyzed maintaining an account, per the latest annual analysis from the University of Massachusetts.
Marketing, advertising, communications & public relations trends, statistics, charts, graphs, infographics, presentations, and video that are not published to the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog or to eStrategy TV. David Erickson, VP of Online Marketing at Minneapolis Public Relations firm, Karwoski & Courage. Newsletter: ricevi periodicamente la nostra newsletter con contenuti, files e modelli esclusivi. L'Anno 2010 sarà l'anno dell'action strategy per i social netowrk che si stanno propgando nel web? Nell'analisi si evicne come i media lavorano molto bene insieme, ma abbiamo evidenziato urge scegliere la giusta via soprattutto quando si hanno dei tempi e dei budget da rispettare.
Autore: Gianluca AbbiatiCofounder and member of Babitamedia, a internet media agency, specialized in creation and development of website, web applications, mobile App and various internet marketing projects.
Experience in all aspects of website development, for all kinds of clients, from big brands to individuals. Who we are a dynamic, creative group of smart thinkers and doers who bring our minds and talents to bear on a variety of business and communication problems large and small.
We set goals aligned with the company’s strategy so as to maximise the return on investment in social media, ensure close integration with other channels and undertake effective measurement. We leverage the expertise acquired in all our research programmes, and in particular from the Social Media Awards. We post our views on interesting trends, comment on best practice or report back from the conferences we speak at or attend. In other words, the legal department should keep a tight reign on corporate communications. I am not dismissing the need for governance when it comes to the SEC, IRS, and when there is a reporter at the door from 60 Minutes. Of course there are many important and legitimate reasons for corporate governance but sometimes we also become complacent and no organization can afford to do that! Today, many marketing organizations and brands have understood the power of influencer marketing and dedicate a significant amount of their budget to them.
Where they have recently explained why Saudi Arabians are the most engaged YouTube viewers in the world, this new infographic shows us the YouTube world in one minute in order to reveal what happens during 60-seconds on the world’s leading video sharing site. A figure that is base on the site’s estimated annual revenue of $5.6 billion, which means over $14 million of revenue each day. Now, a new study of 352 buyers (predominantly large businesses) from The CMO Council and NetLine shows that the majority of organizations (94%) favors to curate and circulate relevant content in their organization before finally deciding to purchase B2B solutions and services. However, they expect to have access to detailed data to enable better decision-making at the tail end of the purchasing funnel. The vendor selection is major to moderate influenced by online content, find 88% of the B2B buyers and more than a third (38%) find that online content provides strategic insights and shapes the purchase decision. And for most of them, it has become a challenge just finding the right topic that makes them outstanding with their product or service offering. The easiest bit is if you use their infographics, webinars and branded industry blogs to expand their ideas and thoughts.
However, it is still a challenge for most marketers to detect those inbound marketing insights that simply come from the structure and content of a website. Reach Local states in their advice that almost half of the users come to research your service or products via the mobile website. It covers some on-going overview on 14 countries on how we consume mobile content these days, and it obviously underlines the rapid growth of mobile media and the benefits of mobile advertising around the globe.
The mobile commerce world is growing at speed of light and innovative retailers and brands should be well-prepared for it – and ideally have at least a click-to-call solution on their mobile website. While one company claims businesses adopt Social Media not fast enough, the other shows the opposite truth. However, another infographic by MBA Programs states the intense evolution of Social Media in corporate business. Even more, 85% also mention the positive impact it has on their business… and if it is just more exposure which can be assumed to be the main reason in many companies why they use Social Media.
It shows that heavy users (47%) were earning grades of C or below in school versus only 23% of the light users. The expensive outbound marketing tactics will lack behind to the cost-effective inbound marketing efforts that micro-blogging, blogs, videos and webinars could provide to prospects. Where employees can create intelligent, educational, entertaining and remarkable input for their customers – and ideally they share it with the quantity and quality streams of their networks and social graphs. A clever approach from them to create an infographics which other people will be sharing, and thus spreading the word in favor of B2B Social Media blog, published by Kipp Bodnar and Jeffrey L.

Controling still store paperwork as lawyers and tax consultants recomment it (fear of data loss).
HR wants to take control of how much time you spend in the office (productivity check – employees check employees).
A boss that fears to loose control over your work productivity (better see than hope, hierarchy could change). And I have not ever thought about my past and how co-workers might have a killing impact on my lifetime. It gives insights on device popularity and and the preference of where people love to work mobile. This year Glassdoor was measured for the first time, with 87% of companies active on their Glassdoor profiles. I nostri esperti aumentano di numero, potrai porre domande sulle seguenti aree tematiche: Fisco&Lavoro, Energia, Web. In Italia, dopo la diffusione massiva di facebook (per altro ormai anche ricco di utenti cadaveri, nel senso di utenti iscritti m apoco attivi), ci si aspetta l'esplosione di Twitter e di Friendfeed. Occorre non disperdereenergie ma piuttosto concentrarsi verso la direzione che si ritiene più consona alle proprie esigenze. We help them by developing strategies that maximise the potential that social channels offer and are aligned with their overall communications approach. Using communication policies and social media as an excuse for inaction is just the next in line for people who make a living keeping their head in the sand.
Good policies should take the fear, doubt and murkiness OUT of social, not allow them to perpetuate.
I love coming to this site where I am more or less guaranteed a kindred spirit point of view. If we can give them a few guidelines (or even basic education if required) you will have more people embracing social media and getting the advantages that come with it (where permitted, of course).
Dodging the issue is easier than doing the proper work to effectively service the end user customer. And there are good reason for it which we can see from one of the latest infographics in the market provided by the guys from The Shelf.
Blogs already come in right after them, even ranking higher than well-trusted social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. These days, influencer are more trusted than brand content where recommendations have got the biggest power with 92% of consumers trusting in those.
They can play an important role in your community management when negative input needs tob e turned into positive arguments. For years, marketers thought B2B buyers and influencers alike are simply using vendor-related content from time to time. The content that is valued the most is research reports and studies (65%), technical spec and data sheets (50%), analyst reports (46%), whitepapers (35%) and posts on trade publishing sites (30%).
As people will want credible, meaningful and authentic blog posts, this is the only way to get your readers attention.
Figure out when most people share your updates, or when it’s better not to send them live. If you as a marketer are looking to increase the data you generate through your landing pages, this infographic might offer some more food for thought. It is not surprising that in these 14 countries 80% retailers say they plan to get the right approach to mobile in 2013. How can CEOs understand the shift in the world of their buyers when they are not paying attention to the three reasons why Millennials are redefining the purchase behavior of today? Are they not convinced of the ROI it might provide, although 45% of Execs see the positive impact on business? If you look at them, then you know why they manage Social Media in the traditional advertising, marketing and PR manner. Most companies (and often their management teams) don’t want to believe in conversation as being the catalyst for making business. And if the heavy users get in trouble twice as much as light users, it makes you think what all that digital overload is not making with us, and especially our young generation.
Beyond those platforms, Twitter (78%), Facebook (74%) and YouTube (64%) rounded out the top 5, with each dropping slightly from last year in usage. We combine experience in marketing, corporate identity development, interactive design and new media thinking.
My guess is it was used as a way to get on the radar of those they needed to communicate with, give those prospects just enough information to connect and then went from there.
However, it’s worth throwing in the idea that a world without restriction can be counter-productive in the same way that a blank canvas is daunting to an artist.
It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way. They can have a big impact in your content production strategy in having an external view on your business and relevance in the market, and thus become your „search-engine-optimizers“. The power of Google and the vendor website comes out as well: When more than two third state they start their vendor-related content sourcing with search engines and portals, it shows that the best training the marketers is to read the two B2B studies and draw some conclusion out of it for the future of your own content, PR and marketing acitivites. Then, check out what readers do want, discuss and share on your topic via social media monitoring. If you can afford it, stick to an editorial calendar as people love publishing source they can rely on finding the relevant set of information that stands out. Almost every second say mobile ads have influenced them to buy mobile (46%) and almost the same amout (45%) say that mobile has mobile ads have influenced their purchase decision.
Meanwhile Instagram is the fastest-growing platform, up from 9% with an active presence in 2013 to 33% this year.
Tuttavia lo strumento se visto intermini di business può permettere di intraprendere strade molto precise.
People also try to stay on top of thought leaderwith blog content that is consulted by 47%.
And, they will play a significant role in your sales approach if you take your time to think about it (or maybe talk to us if you don’t have an answer).
This will make your content interesting and will prevent you from writing content that nobody reads.
Often you loose a sales pitch in 10 seconds but according to the infographic your clients might spend 60 seconds at least to watch a video about your product or service.

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