We undertake a wide range of corporate and commercial work which is both transactional and advisory in its nature. We advised The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, a debt fund established in order to provide long term loans for private sector infrastructure developments in Sub-Saharan Africa, and GuarantCo Limited, a specialist provider of credit guarantees to mitigate risks for local currency financing of infrastructure projects by local institutional investors, on the structuring, negotiation and conclusion of their fund management arrangements. We advised the UK Government on the design of, and donor participation in, the multi-donor US$1bn GAVI Alliance Advance Market Commitments pilot project which is designed to use pooled donor funding to stimulate the development and manufacture by the private sector of vaccines against pneumococcal disease for developing countries. MDY Legal acted as part of the advisory team advising DFID upon the disposal of its residual 40% interest in Actis LLP, a fund management business which was spun out of CDC in 2004 and which promotes and manages private equity funds on behalf of third party investors in a range of developing countries.
MDY Legal is advising the Private Infrastructure Development Group on the establishment of the Green Africa Power (GAP), a new PIDG facility, which has been developed jointly by DFID and DECC to tackle specific constraints to private sector investment in renewable power generation in Africa. Advising the Crown Agents upon the drafting, negotiation and conclusion of commercial contracts for the provision of software and consultancy services to increase the efficiency of the operations of the Bureau of Customs in the Philippines, the Ministry of Economic Regulation and the State Customs Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, the General Department of Taxation in Mongolia and the Ministry of Finance in Guyana.
Corporate Cash Passport, the convenient, secure way to carry and access foreign currency overseas. If you are a Visa Corporate Cash Passport holder and you want to change your PIN to something more memorable, register your Card on ‘My Account’ and follow the instructions. If you’ve lost your Corporate Cash Passport or it is stolen, please contact the company that gave you the Card immediately. You can use your Card at ATMs worldwide displaying either the Visa or Plus logo or MasterCard® Acceptance Mark (depending on which type of Corporate Cash Passport you have).
Alternatively, you can use your Corporate Cash Passport to pay directly for goods or services at merchants worldwide that accept Visa or MasterCard (depending on which type of Corporate Cash Passport you have). No matter which currency Card you have, you can still use your Corporate Cash Passport in countries or areas with a different currency. There are a number of countries where the use of Multi-currency Cash Passport is currently prohibited.
Click on the link for, My Account and enter your 16 digit Card number (which can be found on the front of your Card).
As an unregistered user you will not have a User Name and Password, so please select the 'Need a Login?' (MasterCard cardholders) or 'Sign Up' (Visa cardholders) link and then follow the instructions on the screen. If you have any queries about your Cash Passport balance or you notice a Card transaction that you do not recognise, please notify the 24 hour Card Services team as soon as possible and in any event within thirteen (13) months of the transaction debit date. If there is a transaction which is not correct, Card Services can start the dispute process on your behalf and may request you to provide additional written information concerning any unrecognised transaction, or to complete a Dispute Claim Form. It is recommended that you check your transaction history and Card balance at least once a month. Normally, the only time this will happen is if you don’t have enough funds on your Card to cover the cost of the purchase. In some countries there may be daily or weekly withdrawal limits from ATMs, which may be lower than the limit on your Card. If you have a query about the available balance on your Corporate Cash Passport, please contact the company that provided you with your Card.
It is not recommended to use your Corporate Cash Passport as a guarantee of payment for hotels, car rentals, etc. Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is an optional service that is sometimes offered by foreign retailers and ATM operators, giving cardholders the choice of paying in either the currency of the country they are visiting or their own domestic currency.
When using your Card at the merchants listed below a percentage or a fixed amount may be added to the amount of the transaction when it is submitted by the merchant for authorisation. When using your Card at some merchants (see table below), you may be required to have an available balance greater than the value of the transaction you wish to make.
The addition of this percentage or fixed amount to the amount of the transaction authorised by the merchant is called ‘tolerance’.
You may also find that you have less money available on the Card than you thought because you have used your Card as pre-authorisation of a final payment. How much more than the bill amount do I need to have on my Card for transactions at bars, restaurants, and petrol stations? When I use my Card at a bar, restaurant, or petrol station, how long are the funds reserved for and why? The amount authorised by the merchant plus the tolerance percentage or fixed amount is reserved from your available Card balance until the merchant settles the final amount (i.e.
Please see ‘What happens if I do not have sufficient funds available on my Card to cover the value of the transaction plus the tolerance amount?’ for further information on this? If you do not have sufficient funds available in your available balance to cover both the value of the transaction plus the tolerance amount, the transaction may be declined.
When using your Card at merchants where tolerance is applied, in some locations your Card may be authorised by the merchant prior to you agreeing the final bill, e.g.
Any company policies and charters that have been referred to in this Corporate Governance statement can be found here. The Board is responsible for the overall corporate governance of Countplus Limited (Countplus or Company), including adopting the appropriate policies and procedures and seeking to ensure Countplus Directors, management and employees fulfil their functions effectively and responsibly. Ensuring that the Company accounts are true and fair in conformity with Australian Accounting Standards and the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
Countplus' management is required to supply the Board with information in a timeframe, form and quality that will enable it to effectively discharge its duties and to request additional information, if required, to make informed decisions.
Countplus will, from time to time, carry out evaluations on individual Directors, the Board Committees and the Board as a whole.
The Company promotes its Diversity Policy through regular communication of the Policy (at least bi-annually) to all staff, including Directors and Member Firm staff. Review: the Company reviews objectives and the progress made against these objectives on an annual basis. The Company’s Diversity Policy outlines gender diversity and its commitment to creating a fair, equitable and respectful workplace, where women are supported in an inclusive environment, are given recognition based on individual merit and are considered for opportunities to advance and succeed, regardless of their gender. Countplus has been working on initiatives such as the management leadership program (noted above) to assist employees in the Member Firms, including women, to move into leadership roles to facilitate the move into Director positions. The Countplus Board is currently made up of four Directors, two of whom are Non-Executive Directors (Graeme Fowler and Barry Lambert).

Recommendation 2.1 of the ASX Recommendations states that a Board should comprise of a majority of independent Directors. Countplus’ objective is to have an appropriate mix of expertise and experience on the Board in order to effectively discharge its responsibilities.
The Board recognises the need to observe the highest standards of corporate practice and business conduct. Countplus is committed to observing its disclosure obligations under the ASX Listing Rules. The identification and proper management of Countplus’ risk is an important priority of the Board. This Committee must have at least three members, who may be Executive or Non-Executive Directors. As mentioned above, the Company has adopted a Risk Management Policy to monitor its exposure to, and manage, its economic sustainability risks. As the CEO, Phil Aris is not involved in deciding his own remuneration or evaluating his own performance.
Countplus has an equity-based remuneration scheme, being its Loan Funded Share Plan (LFS Plan).
Our expertise allows us to create memorable corporate event experiences that yield success.
Let’s have a conversation so we can understand what you want and how you want to be involved in the special event.
From 1997 till date the samiti has distributed more than 1200 blankets 250 quilts and 300 woolen blazers to the needy people. In 2003 Rajasthan suffered a drought and thousands of animals and cattle died as there was no fodder for them.
At the request of doctors of Chirawa Government Hospital, the samiti provided 4 AC`s in operation theatre, labor room, recovery room and ICU and 6 coolers in Doctor`s Chambers. At the request of the Chirawa Municipal Board, the samiti provided 161 street lights with full fittings. During the Orissa cyclone and Rajasthan Flood, saris, dresses for children and blankets and other items of daily use were sent to the affected areas.
For the past three years selected 11 students of Salem School are given Uniform, Books and School fees. The samiti from the past ten years has constantly distributed printed materials in various paperbacks which have been very useful for thousands.
So far our work was confined in different areas of Rajasthan, but now the samiti has decided to do some work every year In Salem for the welfare of the needy people and we hope to get cooperation from all our friends in Salem. Registration Recovery Policy, DNS resolution of this domain has been temporarily interrupted.
If you are the registrant or an agent acting on behalf of the registrant, we advise you to please visit our billing system to renew the domain as your soonest convenience.
This includes advising on the establishment and financing of multi-stakeholder investment funds, acquisitions and disposals of assets, shareholder issues, fund management arrangements and commercial contracts, seeking to ensure for our clients that transactional risks are appropriately analysed and allocated.
The work includes providing legal advice on the location and structuring of the entity, and the procurement of a manager for the GAP. There are over 1 million Visa and 2 million MasterCard ATMs worldwide that you can withdraw local currency from.
The system will automatically convert your stored currency to the local one, for example, if you have a Euro Corporate Cash Passport, you can still use it at ATMs in America*. If you attempt to withdraw cash from a cash machine, or use your Card at shops, restaurants, hotels and online in any of these countries, your request will be declined and the reason given as 'Decline, prohibited country'. However, Corporate Cash Passport uses a standard four digit PIN, which will still be accepted if the ATM has been set-up correctly in compliance with MasterCard or Visa regulations. If the merchant supports it, you can use your Cash Passport to make a partial payment, and cover the balance with some other payment method. If you make a purchase or ATM withdrawal in the country where the local currency is the same as the currency on your Card (e.g.
The addition of this percentage or fixed amount to the transaction amount authorised by the merchant is called ‘tolerance’. You have US $50.00 on your Card that you would like to use and there is a 10% tolerance applied to restaurant transactions.
If you are using your Card at one of the merchant types where tolerance is applied, you may be unable to use the entire balance on your Card, unless you have enough to cover the addition of tolerance. This is facilitated by the Company Secretary, who is responsible for completion and dispatch of Board agendas and briefing materials, and is accountable to the Board through the Chair on all matters to do with the proper functioning of the Board. This dissemination of the Diversity Policy greatly assists in applying and developing a shared and inclusive understanding of the Diversity Policy across the Company and its subsidiaries (Group). This strategy has worked to assist to increase the number of women in senior executive positions from 42% to 48%, as displayed in the table above.
The Board assesses each of the Directors against specific criteria to decide whether they are in a position to exercise independent judgment. Accordingly, the Board has adopted a formal Code of Ethics and Conduct (Code) to be followed by all employees and officers of the Company. This Committee must have at least three members, a majority of whom must be independent Directors and all of whom must be Non?Executive Directors.
The relevant qualifications and experience of the members of the Committee are also set out in the Annual Report. The Committee review and assess the independence of the external auditor on an annual basis.
Countplus has adopted a Continuous Disclosure Policy which establishes procedures aimed at ensuring that Directors and management are aware of and fulfil their obligations in relation to, the timely disclosure of material price sensitive information. As indicated above, the Board is taking steps to identify and appoint an additional independent Director who will be a member of the Audit & Risk Committee. The internal audit function provides objective assurance on the effectiveness of key aspects of the Company’s risk management, internal control and governance processes by regularly reviewing and reporting on the effectiveness of the risk management and internal control systems.

In addition, procedures are in place to identify and address any potential conflict of interest in Phil Aris being involved in setting the remuneration for other executives that may indirectly affect his own. The LFS Plan does not currently prohibit participants from entering into transactions which limit the economic risk of participating in the LFS Plan. At FFA Group Ltd., we have an eye for detail along with extensive knowledge to use resources effectively to execute corporate events at any level.
Browse through our recent corporate event portfolio to get a feel of our expertise and sense of creativity. With constant efforts of 8 months samiti finally adopted 500 poor patients and provided them with free medicine and medical checkup for 7 years.
Just make sure you tell the cashier before you start the transaction and confirm the amount you want to be deducted from your Card.
This means that the value of the transaction plus the tolerance percentage or flat amount is reserved (‘ring-fenced’) from your available balance.
As a merchant may not settle the final bill immediately, tolerance is applied to ensure that there are sufficient funds available when the final bill is settled. Typically, a merchant will submit the settlement request within 24 hours of you authorising the transaction. If the merchant supports it however, you can use your Card to make a partial payment, and cover the balance with some other payment method.
The amount authorised by the merchant at this time plus the tolerance amount is reserved from your available balance. During the financial year ended 30 June 2015, a performance evaluation of the Board was not undertaken due to the changes to the Board composition. The Company also addresses discrimination and harassment through prevention and awareness of the Company’s Diversity Policy. Directors are considered to be independent if they are not a member of management and if they are free of any interest, position, association or relationship that might influence, or reasonably be perceived to influence, in a material respect their capacity to bring an independent judgement to bear on issues before the Board and to act in the best interests of Countplus and its Shareholders generally. The Board is therefore taking steps to identify and appoint an additional independent Director to the Board. The Chair to this Committee is an independent Director appointed by rotation, and is currently Graeme Fowler. It is noted that none of the key management personnel of Countplus has currently been issued any shares under the LFS Plan.
Our dedicated team of event organizers strives to exceed the expectations of our corporate clients’ special events. Our MICE program will take care of every aspect of your corporate event from concept to completion.
We have close ties with the vendors and contractors in our network so that all the special event production needs are met efficiently. Seeing the situation and at the request of needy people the samiti started Govt approved fodder depot at Chirawa and fodder was provided to thousands of needy families for the cattle at subsidized rates. The cashier should process your Corporate Cash Passport payment first, and then accept the remainder of the balance in whichever way you want to pay it.
The table below sets out the typical percentage or fixed rate that may be added to the value of the transaction. You will only be charged for the actual and final amount of the transaction you sign for or validate by PIN. Just make sure you tell the cashier before you start the transaction and confirm the amount you want deducted from your Card. The Company believes that it should hire, develop, promote and retain people strictly on the basis of their talents, experience, commitment and performance. The Board will consider the materiality of any given relationship on a case?by?case basis and will adopt materiality guidelines to assist it in this regard. Countplus will give consideration this financial year to the adoption of a policy which prohibits participants in the LFS Plan from entering into transactions which limit the economic risk of participating in the scheme.
We realize that a successful corporate event should portray the right message, display the required theme and inspire the target audience. We believe that teamwork between specialists in each field is essential to the success of any given event. We collaborate with you on formulation of event goals and objectives, theme development,  marketing, branding, promotion, sponsorships, exhibitor packages, registrations, speakers, housing, design and decor – in fact everything that has to be gelled together to make your corporate event a success. We also have our own equipment, sets, costumes and decorative items to help you with unique events for even greater value.
This work is still going on at Chirawa and more than 800 patients from various parts of India have got benefited. The cashier should process your Card payment first, and then accept the remainder of the balance in whichever way you want to pay it. We do not know at the time how a merchant will process a transaction and whether the merchant will initially authorise the transaction and later ask you to sign for or validate the transaction by PIN, together with an additional charge or tip agreed to by you. The Board reviews the independence of each Director in light of interests disclosed to the Board from time to time.
FFA designs such corporate events for its esteemed clientele that it leaves a lasting impression on the event attendees. Therefore, a tolerance is added automatically where the merchant falls into one of the categories listed below. The Share Trading Policy is circulated at least twice a year to Directors, key management personnel and anyone who is in possession of price sensitive information, along with an email reminding them of their obligations to abide by the Share Trading Policy.

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