Since its founding in 1992, Partners National has completed transactions for leaders in financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and other Fortune 1000 companies. Legal advice on corporate matters in Cyprus is provided by Oxford preferred associates D.F. We confidently offer corporate services that lie under Cyprus corporate law that touches on matters such as company formation and administration. Our corporate advisory team is a multi-skilled team of professionals who have vast experience in diverse backgrounds. The Turmoil is the global economy and the shocks to an industry in a dynamic economic environment that our country is undergoing today lead to liquidity constraints very often. We at PNBISL have a team of experienced and trained professionals ready to handholds of such distressed entities and ready to delivers the firma€™s core competencies to clients who are experiencing liquidity or operating challenges. PNBISL identifies, devises and executes innovative and customized solutions to meet our clientsa€™ challenging requirements. It boasts of maintaining the lowest corporate taxation rate at 12.5% since its EU membership in 2004.
Further, we also facilitate the smooth flow of business processes while at the same time ensure that we offer quality advice on corporate agreements and documents.

Our expertise in structuring and our knowledge of domestic markets position us perfectly in the area of Corporate Advisory. The fast advancing technology also renders same corporate exposed to risk of shrinking markets, inadequate cash flows and possibly winding up of the company.
The team seeks to assist client in creating liquidity, providing financial stability for operations while a new financial structure put in place, and restoring confidence in the company.
PNBISL create value propositions for our clients not just to make the deal through, but also to help them reap full benefits of M&A to make their business grow. The lawyers also provide legal representation on a large variety of corporate matters in Cyprus. These are documents such as SPAs (Sales and Purchase Agreements), pledges, SHAs (Shareholders Agreements), Promissory Notes and Loan Agreements among other important documents.
Advisory Services have been developed to advise public and private sector clients on capital structuring and funding option with a view to help them reduce the cost of funds. We work in domestic and international transactions including acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint ventures, corporate restructurings, spin-offs and leveraged buyouts.
Due to Cyprus’s low tax jurisdiction, it has received great recognition for offshore company formation.

What’s more important is that we also offer other exclusive services on offshore companies in Cyprus. PNBISL offers corporate advisory and "fund raising solutions to corporates" for organic as well as inorganic growth.
In case of organic growth, we provide services to raise private equity, foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCBs), rights issue etc. It undertakes business valuations and also assists in assessing at the ratio of equity swaps.
In case of inorganic growth, we advise and assist companies in domestic and cross-border mergers & acquisitions as well as in raising "financing for acquisition".

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