How to come badly unstuck with the Department of Labor when you think you are doing right by your employees. A month from now, on July 1, employees will begin to accrue paid sick leave under the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act, also known as the California Paid Sick Leave Law. As a specialist’s business attorney, Andy Gale often finds himself providing advisory services to other local professionals, such as CPAs and lawyers who specialize in other services.
This is an exchange that we recently had with a client who owns a small medical business in Mission Viejo, Orange County California.

As a small business owner, well micro business really as we only have 5 employees including the owners, I feel the need to keep on top of rules and regulations. In what situation would it be good for a small business corporation to use a fictitious business name? She was interested in knowing more about the services we provided from our Orange county offices. Restaurant entrepreneurs in Orange County encounter various issues and challenges in running their company.

These are a few of the questions that are commonly asked by newly incorporated companies in Orange County. One of the more routine matters that comes up in my practice is dealing with clients who are interested in either buying or selling a business.

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