We YouTube Partners require two things to make money: a large number of views, and advertisers. With online-video advertising projected to grow 30%, advertisers are increasingly looking at YouTube ad options. The best option for direct-response oriented advertisers are promoted videos and text overlays. Below is some information about the evolving YouTube Partnership, and 9 additional ways to make money via video.
If you’re getting tens of thousands of views per month, you could approach an Online Video Studio (OVS) to come a full-fledged Partner with advanced branding. Finally for smaller YouTubers, there’s another option I discovered via Jason Urgo last night. Merchandise: CafePress and other sites allow you to create your own branded merchandise and sell it to viewers. Brightroll published its annual report about video advertising, and here are some highlights via TechCrunch. This information jives with Forrester’s prediction that online-ad spending will overtake TV in 2016.
The Brightroll data comes from a survey of advertisers about how they’re approaching online video and what their budget plans are for the coming 12 months. 64 percent said they believe that online video advertising is equally or more effective than the ads that show up on TV. 30 percent of respondents said they expect online video to grow faster than any other type of advertising.
Performance metrics continues to confound media buyers. About 70 percent said that they needed a more clear ROI and success metrics to justify increasing spend on online video. I did get a photo of Mark Cuban and me, but nobody seems to care as much as I might have thought. What Mark didn’t point out is that the most-viewed YouTubers (top 50-100) typically have daily views that exceed top television shows.
In a study that should be of no terrible surprise, Burst media showed that although young viewers (ages 18-34) watch more online videos, we 35-54 geezers are more likely to interact with an online-video ad. I was invited to join a web studio yesterday that provides a fixed CPM or cost per 1,000 views.
So today let’s look at attic rats, income for online-video ads, and contrast the sorry current state with what industry analysts predict. Unfortunately, even though those two video ad experiences are as different as rats and wine (KN note: Louderback was inspired having received junk mail for rat extermination and wine), they were probably priced at similar CPMs. If you’re a video ad buyer, understand the value differences between in-banner impressions and engaged in-stream video ads. Here’s a question for those brave enough to admit in comments below (feel free to use an anonymous name). Since YouTube keeps about a half, that would mean the company is fetching about $4 CPM… which is horrendously low if prerolls were used.
Good news: eMarketer puts online-video advertising growth at more than 43% in the next year and 35% the next year. This Dan Greenberg story in MediaPost is good news to online-video advertising enthusiasts.
The piece also quoted CEO Larry Page as saying that growth wouldn’t necessarily come at the expense of TV budgets, as advertisers generally weren’t shifting spend from other parts of their video budgets when committing to YouTube. Video creators (Partners) gain no revenue from this format except when viewers sit through the whole ad (like a movie trailer). I would suspect that advertisers are penalized (with maybe a higher cost per view) if the ads are viewed far under the average. The implication to marketers is clear: get your message into the first 5 seconds, and compel viewers to stay (using entertainment instead of straight promotion). I’m not a YouTube partner but was given the opportunity to monetize my videos by linking my adsense account. Who’s Nalts?Kevin "Nalts" Nalty the only career marketer who also is one of YouTube's most viewed entertainers. Volkswagen of America has been chosen by CNN Films to sponsor its documentaries, expanding the relationship between the two companies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ads will include co-branded, custom material that will air during film breaks and lead-ins.
The deal gives Volkswagen of America exclusivity when it comes to automotive advertising during the film presentations. The New York Times reports that Volkswagen of America has more than doubled its ad spending on CNN in the past year. A CNN senior executive says there are plans to extend the Volkswagen relationship into social media and digital platforms.
Have you considered Facebook video advertising units as part of your online video marketing strategy?
TubeMogul just released a recent report analyzing Facebook Video Advertising where they took a look at 25 major video advertising campaigns that ran identical videos within Facebook ad units and also ran similar click-to-play video ad units on various publisher sites. According to the study done by TubeMogul, Facebook also delivers some of the most engaged viewers online.
The click-through rate on the virtual currency ad was also highest, at 5%, versus just over 3% for video display ads on third-party sites. So while the numbers may look impressive make sure you know your audience and research the game first. More than 450 million Chinese internet users watch videos through their mobile or computer.
Using the same targeting of AdWords, you can place your dealership video ad in front of in-market car shoppers when they’re ready to visit a dealership (49% of vehicle shoppers who watch a video ad visit a dealership). You only pay when an in-market, ready-to-buy vehicle shopper chooses to watch your entire pre-roll ad (or 30-seconds, whichever comes first). But news and entertainment cannot do their jobs when we have to worry about whether they’re ads or not. Thanks to Kalle Tompros of SearchEngineWatch for summarizing the options available to advertisers.
Ads appear before and around your videos, and Google shares a percent (roughly 40% of what advertisers pay for those ads).
If you have a large audience, you can pursue your own sponsor (bring your own sponsor- BYOS). Call a company and see if they’ll send you free loot in exchange for your mentioning them.
I’ve never seemed to make anything notable via affiliate links on my blog and in a few links from a video. And eMarketer’s statement that online-video is the fastest-growing portion in digital advertising. And about a third want more info about the impact their online video buys have on offline purchasing. Only 5% of the people I know seem to recognize him, and only 14% of that segment seem mildly impressed that I arm wrestled him. That’s because the online video ad market – particularly the pre-roll market — hasn’t progressed nearly as far as print.
Focus your energy on the latter, and you’ll get far better results than if you lump the two together.
As marketers become more targeted and sophisticated, we should easily see a CPM lift of 20-30%. VW of America is also looking at an expanding relationship to get its brand message out in a softer-sell approach via quality documentaries. The sample compared resulting cost, viewing-time and  spans over 60 million cumulative views. According to a report by Comscore, Facebook was the 5th largest video site in April in total videos played coming in above dedicated video sites like CBS Interactive and even Hulu. Their study found that Facebook leads all other discovery sources in terms of minutes-watched per view. Even though in most cases they are much shorter than any of the other video ad formats here.
While social games like Farmville have a monthly audience of over 70 million this may not be the right demographic for your product, service or brand.
He chooses to use his creative powers for good and not evil by helping businesses to better market themselves using animated marketing videos.

I think at this point Facebook is only offering video ad solutions to companies with a dedicated annual Facebook marketing budget of $50,000 or above. With an enormous number of online-video viewers, it is also the world’s largest and most innovative.
A staggering 70% of them watch even more than one hour of online video per day.  This makes Mainland China the international leader of the online video market.
Its high-quality content (licensed films, dramas and TV shows) makes iQiyi a different platform from rival video sites Youku and Tudou.
According to Senior Vice President Xianghua Yang, the majority of iQiyi’s users were born after the 1980′s.
Here are some media rates for advertisement on iQiyi, that can be targeted per location and per device. These include promoted videos (which requires advertisers to have videos on YouTube), homepage takeovers, instream ads (prerolls), and text overlays. Just call a company and see if they’ll pay for a custom video or some product placement. Remember eMarketer estimates that US online video ad spending will grow by a compound annual rate of 38% in a five-year span ending in 2015, making this by far the fastest-rising category of online spending.
We’ll just view video as a channel or media manifestation whether it occurs on a computer, mobile device, HDTV, pad or those new fangled cathode ray tubes. If you know anyone from Studio Lambert, tell them to get Traction Co on The Pitch (AMC) NOW. Second, the views are brief relative to viewing durations of Shark Tank, which Mark says is the show most watched by entire families.
For starters, advertisers want eyeballs, and they don’t generally care if they bought 100 ads on 100 YouTube videos or 5 ads on 5 television shows.
Even though engaged, in-stream video ads will be more expensive, they are still a great bargain – especially if when you target demographic or content affinity along with the in-stream purchase. The three companies have worked together before when Volkswagen of America sponsored several episodes of CNN’s series, The Sixties. Are you REALLY getting an engaged viewer or are they just clicking through because they think that will earn them more points?
So there is little to no information publicly available on their site regarding any of these programs.
While the latter could be compared to YouTube, iQiyi is more of a Chinese equivalent to Netflix. They often have programs to reach online influencers, and if you have a decent audience… that includes you. You could mention it in a video, and see if you can get the video SEO-optimized so it might appear via a Google search. We saw it with paid search (which the survey suggests is still the favorite of advertisers). However, for many buyers, agencies and brands an on-line video pre-roll is valued the same wherever it runs, regardless of viewer intent, ad placement and playback environment. Also be wary that many of these game developers break the rules and allow gamers to click play on a video ad multiple times just to rack up points.
It recently struck content licensing deals with, amongst others, Paramount and NBC Universal. Now we’re seeing it with the ongoing debates about the merits to TV and online-video. It’s as if Trump and “Take Air USA” paid exactly the same for those two print placements – even though their impact is worlds apart.
We almost never share commercials… we sometimes send entertaining videos that happen to pitch a brand. In that post about web studios, I neglected to mention The Collective, which has helped a couple YouTubers (Fred, Annoying Orange) cross over to television.

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