If you wanna learn more about this outstanding 2D to 3D Video Converter, please link to Brorsoft Video Converter. Convert any popular video formats to fit your iPhone, iPad, Android and more With Ultra-Fast Speed and Zero Quality Loss. Outside In" is a giant-screen visual symphony that aims to artistically bridge science and spirituality as it journeys from the big bang to the Cassini-Huygens Mission at Saturn. Composed entirely of still photographs using innovative visual techniques developed by the filmmaker, "Outside In" stretches the boundaries of the motion picture form. Using tens of thousands of still images manipulated to create full motion, "Outside In"A? takes the audience from the big bang to our present day.
The film will be presented in IMAX quality 4K resolution on massive screens and concert-level surround systems with a synchronized light show to audiences in planetariums, museums, galleries and limited IMAX release.
The Gibson Group is recognized as one of New Zealand's leading independent film and television production companies. Nigel Streeter, who was the Special Effects Supervisor for Demons, designed and set up the Gibson Group CGI facility three years ago. The challenge for Nigel and his team when working on Demons was the daunting task of developing special effects on a budget that was considered very limited, based on the effects they planned to create. Streeter stated, "The scanner arrived Friday evening and we began scanning within 30 minutes of unpacking the unit.
Above is the Maquette of the Demon and a screen print of the scan that was digitized with FastSCAN. The Producers immediately became at ease with their decision to go digital as they saw how simple it was going to be, and how much more detail and realism they could achieve by using FastSCAN. The Gibson Group not only recognizes a need for the scanner as they utilized it here, but they would also like to have FastSCAN on every set to scan images that can be imposed into the film during post-production. Major Universities and Research Centers worldwide are selecting Polhemus LIBERTY LATUS because of its real-time wireless tracking capability in full 6DOF.

The film will feature powerful music by Ferry Corsten, William Orbit, Samuel Barber and melds non-narrative visual poetry & science documentary into a rich experience for audiences. With visual and audio mashups & photo-motion collages, the camera journeys into the zeitgeist of our age of mass media but music carries us to Saturn. It has built an international reputation based on creativity and professional excellence and specializes in the production of high-end television drama for both primetime and children's audiences. He has remained at the helm ever since, producing a steady stream of impressive visual effects. Instead of bringing objects to the scanner, users take FastSCAN directly to the object – anywhere in the world.
We were extremely surprised with how easy the scanner was to use, and how portable it was." The Gibson Group quickly learned why Polhemus FastSCAN has been dubbed the "magic wand". The scan of the small Maquette was used for the body, which was matched up to the head, scans in the digital domain. According to Streeter, "We feel that FastSCAN is a great tool and reasonably priced solution. There, we soar around, into and through the incredible photographs of Saturn taken by Cassini using "2.75D" photographic flythrough tech. Arts magazine, comedy and information programming also contribute to an output of between 80 and 100 hours of programming each year.
First Sun determined that FastSCAN was the only viable scanning solution, and decided to go for it. The scans were exported as obj.wire frames, and imported into Maya for manipulation, which was limited, as the scans were so clean and accurate. We would like to continue to use FastSCAN to produce high-quality, innovative, special effects for future projects. They also write their own CGI scripts, and develop software for specific graphic requirements.

The scanner knows at all times exactly where it is in relationship to the object that it is being scanned.
This information is transmitted to the imaging software that instantly joins the pieces into a single, exact three-dimensional replica of the object being scanned. Any references to medical or bio-medical use are examples of what medical companies have done with the Products after they have obtained all necessary or appropriate medical certifications. When you're done scanning, the files can be easily exported into nearly all leading CAD, graphics, and animation applications. I’m making an animated music video and seeking a 3D modeler to help with the project.
Applicants, Phoenix Core Entertainment (PCE) is proud to now be opening doors to international applicants! Due to the increase of work load of one of our teams, Phoenix Core Entertainment is currently seeking multiple art positions. Founded in Germany, the company expanded to Los Angeles in 2007 and opened the largest studio in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia in 2011. We need experienced character artists for a variety of projects, for immediate and future hires in our Burbank and Hollywood facilities. We are looking for character artists with strong skills in modeling, sculpting, texturing and rigging.

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