The new Dutch thriller App incorporates a synchronized second-screen application into the story line. Before going to see the film, moviegoers are asked to download a free app (available for Android and iPhone) to enhance the plot, which involves a 21-year-old psychology student who becomes addicted to her smartphone following a tragic accident. The App app uses SyncNow, a digital audio watermarking technology originally developed by Civolution to prevent illegal downloads. After deciding to incorporate the synchronized second-screen application, the filmmakers adapted the script, adding additional content and bits of story line for the app.
The concept of experimenting with adding layers to the moviegoing experience harkens back to the 1950s when Hollywood tried to compete with the new lure of television by introducing new technological gimmicks, such as 3-D and Smell-O-Vision. The app, which features the trailer and other promotional material, will also be used as a marketing tool. It’s annoying enough when fellow moviegoers fiddle with their phones during a movie. Below is an image of an another mockup of how the details page would be setup if the pop out drawer proved to be too restricted. A new app for Lego allows users to create stop-motion movies with DC superhero characters, edit them, and share them—all on an iPhone. The agency worked closely with the Lego Super Heroes brand team to develop the concept and design of the app and brought in Portland mobile development and design studio Uncorked to bring the idea to life. The app turns your phone into a functional edit bay, where you can trim down scenes starring DC Universe Super Heroes, and add title cards and music. What are the best tools to create mock-ups of an iPhone app application storyboard, which describes the app flow and the desired user interaction? A detailed storyboard of an iPhone app also allows our designers and developers to create much more detailed and accurate estimates of the involved effort to deliver the app to the iTunes App Store. You may also try to use an application that can read PSD files to take advantage of that iPhone GUI library.
If you have the Apple iPhone development environment installed, you already have all you need to build an iPhone app.
Need a diagram, process chart, quick page-layout, website mockup or graphic design? OmniGraffle 5 handles all of these in one award-winning application.
Powerpoint is good enough if you know how to use it, but you’ll definitely need at least a few UI items to be able to work out something useful out of it. Our company has a web-based collaborative prototyping tool, ProtoShare, that thousands of people use for website prototyping.
We are currently obtaining feedback from users on our iPhone prototyping proof-of-concept and would be interested in your feedback.
I just shared my own templates + a vector graphics library for quickly prototyping iPhone apps. It also lets you make the mock-up interactive with hyperlinks, animations and transitions since PowerPoint and Keynote can both do that. The result can be then run emulating an iPhone app and you can share it with potential users and customers and get their feedback.

You may want to go all Quentin Tarantino or Kathryn Bigelow on us, or follow your own filmmaking muse with the new Movie Creator app, now available for free for Windows Phone 8.1.
The app, in beta, and from Microsoft Mobile, lets you create polished movies on your mobile, using up to 25 of your own smartphone videos, photos, cinemagraphs and Living Images.
As movie director, you can edit the length of your footage and move various clips to different places on your video timeline. Do you want to be admitted into the fabled Monsters University but can’t because you’re a human? Big or small, tall or short, bald or full head of hair, with this large assortment of monsters, colors, fur types and accessories to choose from, there is now way you won’t find a combination that will suit you best for your time on campus. There are already many Android movie apps out there but a new Android app from Sony is offering a complete new style of movie making, using the pictures you have on your Android phone.
The app called Photo Video Creator allows users to select group of photos and then create a video by adding different transition effects, music and frame. Photo Video Creator offers 18 different themes, 3 themes for each of 6 categories: Travel, Wedding, Kids, Sports, Weekend and Everyday life. This Android app is not an alternative to your movie editing software but with an easy to use interface this is definitely an app for users who love creating interesting slide shows with the images stored on the Android phone. You can download the free trial version from the link given at the end of this article,  the full version will cost you $2.74 US. But the team emphasizes that the app isn’t essential in order to enjoy the film, which will be released in the Netherlands on April 4. When additional content is available on the second screen, audience members will be notified by their vibrating phones. Only time will tell whether the second screen experience will be embraced in the theater as it has been in the living room (most filmmakers would likely shudder at the thought). This has not gone unnoticed by the people at Lego, who have just released an app that lets users of all ages create mini movies based on the toy.
The app helps kids (and adult nerds) pretend to be Tim Burton and create stop-motion superhero movies on their iPhones.
There are several official Apple human interface guidelines to be taken in account and a few rules you cannot break in order to get the app approved by Apple. What is really needed is a straightforward interface that uses as many standard controls as possible. The good news is that a couple really comprehensive libraries of iPhone interface items and elements are available here and here. To do so, you’ll need to create an Xcode project, add all your custom images to it and then open the IB files from Xcode. The main limitation is that you cannot populate any dynamic view with dummy data through Interface Builder (table views, lists, etc) unless you connect them through code and run the app prototype in the iPhone simulator, which makes the process unfeasible to most people. To be a little more complete, you could have included Fireworks among the apps that can be used to design for iPhone. The jQuery hides the Safari Chrome so it looks and feels like a native app, but ti is running in the Safari browser on the iPhone.

In fact, people use it for other screen design too, set-top boxes like the TiVo, PS3, Xbox, interactive kiosks, proprietary medical devices, in car interface screens – really any device with a screen. It’s too often overlooked yet Powerpoint and Keynote are way more widespread and more familiar than most than any other software. Well don’t fret, because now you can transform into monster form using the Create-a-Monster app! Picking the initial form is key, you don’t want to get hung up on details until later, so start out simple with a general form and then pick a color that helps define your own unique monsterality. Eye lashes, glasses, haircuts, its up to you to finalize your creation that way even in monster form, your friends will still recognize you.
Once the movie is created it can be shared using social networking services such as Facebook, allowing your friends or family members to add comments to the uploaded photo movie. You can use provided theme and mix and match their elements to create your own unique movies. For this reason we often spend a little additional time to get high quality wireframing before we get to the actual design and development process. These are all things our engineers will verify before building the app, however following a couple principles will help prevent most of the common mistakes. Apple is the first one to break this rule when it makes sense, so it’s not mandatory. The Interface Builder (IB) will allow you to create a basic, empty iPhone OS window and add all the native elements you need in it. Now you’ll be able to access your images and icons and use them within your custom interface. Fireworks has a nice feature called Pages, that allows designing each of the screens of your iPhone app.
Before you start heading over to admissions however, you will want to find out more about this revolutionary procedure.
Interface Builer is an Apple app which is used to build the necessary resources for iPhone and Mac OS X apps to work through a standard GUI and is part of the Apple’s iPhone SDK. Just use your common sense here and, while prototyping, a bigger interface element is a better choice then shrinking everything to make them fit the screen.
These have a standard Mac OS X interface with the same approach found in Apple’s iWork and many similar features such as automatic guides, vector scalable graphics, and several features dedicated to create charts, logic flows and diagrams. So if all the controls you want to put in one screen won’t fit, there are probably too many of them. It is not as comprehensive as the Photoshop one, but it’s pretty decent and helps getting the work done faster.

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