Windows 8 has arrived and the familiar look of Windows OS has completely changed with the tile-based Metro UI. This is a big move by Microsoft as this new UI will be used in all their platforms including desktop, tablet, mobile and their website as well.
Personally, I liked the Metro UI as it fits into many aspects of the modern web design like simplicity, grid-based interfaces (good for responsive layouts) and it is consistent in every part (there is really a style guide behind it). Although tile-based UIs is nothing new, Metro UI will definitely inspire many designers and we’ll see websites similar to it. There are also built-in JavaScript components for the popular tiles, menu, sidebar, accordion, progress bars, notices and more. BootMetro is like a theme for Twitter Bootstrap that brings every feature of Bootstrap but with a Metro design. It is actually some more as there are custom styles for the tiles, application bar and some other components.
This is a website framework and template to create sites using the Windows 8 Metro UI style. It features very smooth transitions and many tiles (RSS, Twitter, weather, etc.) are included.
It displays info in tiles where each tile is a mini app itself fetching data from external sources. A PHP image gallery script that can auto-generate thumbnails and can display images in a Lightbox. Currently, panorama, pivot, progress bar, list picker, toggle switch, buttons and textbox are available. This jQuery Metro UI plugin is capable of creating the tiles, application bar and has theming support. The tiles and application bar are highly customizable in means of functionality and design. It uses various plugins for handling the app bar, progress bar, toggle button and date-picker. A ThemeRoller-like theme builder for jQuery UI that focuses on creating Metro UI looking outputs.

A standalone JavaScript code for creating the tiles and accomplishing the tilting effect onClick (with CSS3). Really nice and latest designing technique, lots of thanks you are sharing these types of latest post.
Droptiles allows you to move the tiles around, although I found it very difficult to drop them where I wanted them! Really cool, I can do lots of things with Win 8, I was aware of some of them but rest are really awesome to know about them. As we can see above, the Media query defines a set of CSS style for width up to 850 pixels. The _ViewSwitcher.cshtml checks if the browser is Mobile browser or not and generates an appropriate link to switch views. This looks like a neat Mobile view and tapping on any of the names in the list navigates to the details view. MVC’s mobile web site support actually enables device specific targeting of views as well. This basically adds a Display Provider that looks out for views with the wp75.cshtml extensions.
To test, we first view the Index page on Windows Phone 7.5 first (I am spoofing browser agents in Firefox actually). Sekhar Srinivas ( Microsoft Certified Trainer ) Well known for his good track record as one of the best I.T faculty in imparting his unique techniques in training from past 18 years and trained more than 1Lakh students on various Microsoft Technologies Platforms incl. Sekhar has a rich experience in technology consulting, providing solutions for complex and diverse problems to corporate, he is a person,who always believe in updating himself with the upcoming technologies to deliver the best to the trainees.
Sekhar is one of the technical evangelist for CSharpCorner and Microsoft User Group providing trainings on latest technologies. SharePoint is a very complex CMS (Content Management System) with a lot of nice BSS (Business support system) features.
This Windows Phone training is designed to help you learn how to use Microsoft tools and technologies to create engaging new applications for Windows Phone. Shipping Information:ALASKA, HAWAII, PUERTO RICO, We will only ship these via USPS, so Please make sure your address is a USPS address.

Today we're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy. It is a simple Address Book application that stores, Name, Street, Address, State, Country, PostalCode and Date of Birth. This template uses responsive design techniques using the viewport meta-tag to pick up appropriate CSS styles. ViewSwitcherController uses the value passed to it when user clicks on the View Switcher link and switches to the appropriate view. Remember, the ViewSwitcher is optional, just display provider and different views will suffice. This doesn’t work for web apps or other non-Windows 8 apps that use that design paradigm.
The ViewSwitcher simply helps users switch between mobile and desktop views on the Mobile device itself.
He knows what works and what doesn't,and what practices are most suitable for design and programming with the ultimate goal of producing a quality system. It extends HTML DOM with additional attributes and makes it more responsive to user actions.
It essentially sets the device-width reported by the browser as the width of the content frame. I will guide you through and create Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap.This time, I am not using any bootstrap packages from NuGet.
Likewise, add the four bootstrap CSS files within the Content folder.Add a new folder under the Content folder.

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