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Brand identity is one of the cornerstones of good business, which is why a great logo is essential.
Whatever medium you’re designing for, from letterheads to banners, Logo Design Studio has hundreds of industry-based templates to inspire you.
For those without the design expertise to create their own logo from scratch, Logo Design Studio is a great, easy-to-use alternative, with bags of creative potential.
One note though, the demo version of this software might contain all of the functionality of the paid offering, but it’s also been packaged with lower quality images to keep the size of the download down.
Just simply copy the image, save it to a file, and use your graphics program to make the Smurf you want! Due to differences in individual monitor calibration, details and coloring of invitations may vary from what is shown on your screen. Henna, or mehndi as it is referred to in Hindi, is considered to be one of the essentials of many South Asian wedding celebrations.

Darcy will create a personalized henna design both on your hand and foot during the retreat.
In this workshop you will create your own mandala painting to take home with you inspired from both within and without. Working with collage means incorporating any inspiring images or feelings with each other on the same page.
Please begin to collect beautiful images with a variety of textures and favorite colors to use when creating your collage (the mandala and the collage could potentially be the same piece if you choose).
For those who don’t want to cough up big money for a design firm, Logo Design Studio provides all of the easy-to-use tools that you’ll need to make your own unique logo. The simply laid out workspace provides you with thousands of graphic objects and artwork, creative textures, slogans and special effects to help you make a striking and unique logo for your brand – be it a business, sports team or even just an event. With thousands of examples and assets to work with, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that catches your eye. Our advice is to give the demo a try, and if you’re getting results that you’re happy with, upgrade to the full software for a high-quality end result.

While mandalas have been used for Hindu, Buddhist and even Christian religious purposes, in modern Western times the use of the word mandala has been adopted as a term used to refer to a geometric pattern representing the cosmos, or even our own internal universe. Magazines, wallpaper samples, and old art books offer a wonderful assortment of choices to use. Within minutes you’ll have a professional-standard logo made to your exact standards and specifications. With a comprehensive set of editing tools you’ll be able to tweak and alter your logo as much as you want. Humans are naturally drawn to drawing circles, and the creation of mandalas can lead to deep states of meditation, or uncovering new layers of one’s consciousness.

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