Those of us in education throw around the phrase “21st Century Learning,” and while the phrase resonates with parents and others who want their children to be prepared for their future (or “College and Career Readiness” as the Common Core State Standards phrase it), they have little understanding of what that means.   You can give a lengthy explanation of what you are doing to ensure students are getting 21st Century skills, but your listeners’ eyes will glaze over long before you are done.
Look for ways to have your students reach out and connect with the world.  Libraries are so much larger than their walls.  How are you explaining and showing this to your community?  Do you need support? In this tutorial, I will use Fireworks CS6 to create an Animated GIF of a turkey with tail feathers that change color.
In the Tools panel I will click on the Stroke color box and choose black, then on the Fill color box and choose a brown swatch or type in the Hex number value field, #8C4600.In the Properties panel I will make the stroke width 2 pixels.
Once you're in the app, hit "Post" at the bottom of the screen to get you into the app's main screen. From here you can switch from the main camera to the phone's front-facing camera, turn on the "flashlight" (the camera's flash) and access some more advanced settings — more of which will come later. If you just want to capture images in sequence, simply hit the silver camera button at the center bottom of your display to get started.
If you want to create a GIF from images you've already captured (or have saved to your Camera Roll), simply tap on the photo icon in the very bottom-right of the app's main screen. Simply hit the video camera icon on the bottom-right of the app's main display to select your clip.
Tap on the cog icon and you can change the speed of the auto-capture or switch to manual capture.

You can rotate your creation and also crop it, either "freeform" or to various standard ratios. Options include night vision and "x-ray" effects, black and white, sepia and a few Lomo-style filters for toy camera-type results.
These include a strong vignette, different colored picture frames, a Polaroid-style border, and a few more novelty options. Once you're happy with your GIF you can email it, save it to your Camera Roll or text it to a friend. If you're signed into the GifBoom service, you can also share it to social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
Did you know you can whip up tasty animated GIFs on your iPhone or Android handset, in seconds, free? Whether you want to join in with a popular meme, give a social avatar a bit of motion enhancement or just create something that will make your friends laugh, we have a super-simple way to do it.
In web designing, it is very much necessary for designers to be creative and use different techniques to attract a viewer, and we have seen most websites using animated GIF images to drive attention.
About Me" I am a freelance web designer & front-end developer specializing in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap 3 & WordPress from Pokhara and Kathmandu, Nepal, have been loving every pixel for more than 11 years now.
Students need to work with each other.  We are in a participatory culture and working alone (or writing a paper for one reader) is not how the world now operates.

Using a variety of online resources they shared their project, connecting with children in an orphanage in Mangalore, India.  Her young students have learned what it is to be a member of the global community.  That’s 21st century learning! I'll make the width and height 400 x 400 pixels, and the resolution 72 pixels per inch. I'll then choose the Ellipse tool in the Tools panel, which can be found by clicking on the small arrow next to the Rectangle tool or other visible shape tool.
The "onion skin" tool will show you the previous frame so you can better line up the next one. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at the Photoshop animation feature which can be used to create animated GIF image. I'll make changes to one, convert them both into symbols, create a second state, and preview the animation.

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