Pretty Doughtnut is a jQuery plugin that makes it easier to draw animated, doughnut chart style, circular progress indicators using Html5 canvas and chart.js JavaScript library. Regardless of your mood, somewhere online there is possibly a GIF to show the way you feel. Here we compile a listing of sites that enable you develop animated GIF on the web free of charge and easily.
This is akin to Loogix with regard to the method of functioning, although the site’s appearance is somehow different. Similar to the other, Gickr allows you upload at least 3 and up to 10 images in creating your GIF. This decent website has much functionality in ImgFlip although it has a superior interface.
This fun website allows you perform much instead of just putting together a common animated GIF. Akin to other websites, GIFUp offers the normal functions you may need in turning photos into GIF that can easily be used and shared.
The main plus point of this online service is, it doesn’t add any watermark or logo on the image like many other free online services or Desktop applications do. IMPORTANT: This blog welcomes Guest Bloggers, Writers to also contribute by writing Guest Posts and also Make Money!.
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Voozie Maker is a free software that provides you the facility to add pictures, text, your voice, video and lets you create animated greeting cards which can be sent to your loved ones. Face eCards is a free online service that lets you create animated greeting card by uploading your photo and placing it on the pre-designed animated card frame. Now you can personalize your greeting cards and send them to your loved ones to make them feel special. Creating your own customized animated funny GIF is really a cool way to express yourself and your creativity. Therefore, today TechCricklets came up with some of the best online tools with which you can create animated GIF online for free.
LooGix puts few restrictions over to you as it needs at least 3 images to make a GIF you can maximum add up to ten images. Just capture photo with your webcam or select any picture from your computer and rest gifup will itself. Filed Under: Applications, Free About SahilSahil has over 5 years experience in blogging and is a web developer by profession. Thanks for sharing these useful tools to create gif, besides, you can use tools like Recordit, GYAZO to record screen in GIF format. Whatever your mood or fancy, somewhere in the online world, there’s probably a GIF out there to showcase how you really feel. Here we’ve compiled a list of websites that allow you to create an animated GIF online, easily and for free.
In addition to regular GIF creation, Loogix allows for optional effects such as Blur, Guggle or Motley to be applied to the animated GIF.
Picasion is quite similar to Loogix in the way it operates, though the look of the site is slightly different. In the same way as the others, Gickr also lets you upload a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 images for your GIF creation process. is a handy site for creating GIFs as it supports images in GIF, JPG and PNG format. Best of all, it comes with a preview panel so you can get an idea of how the animated GIF looks like before you give it the go ahead. Imgflip is another site that can help you create GIFs and it supports JPG, PNG and GIF formats. GIFPal is a decent site that has a lot of the functionalities of ImgFlip but with a better interface to work with. It also has a gallery of animated GIFs that you can explore although do take note that some of the images are NSFW (Not-Safe-For-Work). BlogGIF is a fun site that allows you to do more than just put together a regular animated GIF.
And if that’s not enough, if you want to channel your inner Spielberg, you can even try the Webcam GIF function that lets you capture pictures with your webcam and create your very own mini movie.
Like the various other sites, GIFUp provides the basic functions that you would need to turn your images into a GIF that’s easy to use and share and can be compared to Loogix and Picasion.
The MemeCenter’s GIFMaker allows you to insert additional text and even brush strokes into your GIF to give it a more personalized touch.

Sudo Notify is a jQuery plugin that displays responsive, animated, nice-looking notification bars to announce important information to your visitors.
You only need to prepare your photos, upload them, customize them if you need then hit generate button that is it. Apart from uploading images through the desktop, the site lets you import images from Picasa or Flickr online album.
What distinguishes this is it allows you create customized GIF size and speeds (up to 10secs) for the animated GIFs. incorporates a sliding panel, which offers you improved control of animated GIF canvas size as well as animation speed.
Imgflip exploits a easy scroll panel that enables you control the delay time in your GIF, quality, height and Width too. BlogGIF consists of various features like inserting effects in your GIF as well as creating GIF slideshow. The cool thing regarding this website is it possibly incorporates the finest overall UI, making it more convenient to develop a GIF. Interesting feature is that Already animated GIF can also be decomposed so you can recreate or edit it.
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In this window, a user can import differemt image files, edit images, adjust images order, set animated gif parameters like time delay and looping times, and generated an animated gif file. In this window, a user can change the software's running preferences that will be activated when Active GIF Creator launches.
To an advanced user, this window may be used to edit and change the current animated GIF's colors which will be used. There are numerous online services that lets you send animated ecards to your loved ones, but at times we wish to add photos of the relevant person while sending the card.
It offers you 13 types of templates, using which you can create your own funky holiday cards in just few minutes. This online service provides you a photo gallery which comprises of the various templates like cakes, fireworks, greetings, flowers, animals, cities, etc.
Using this tool you can easily create animated greeting cards for various occasions like wedding, birthday, anniversary, and more.
It provides you various card templates and offers you the facility to upload images from your system or enter the web URL of the image, in order to create custom animated greeting cards. You can simply choose the desired template and upload the image from your system which should of JPG, GIF and PNG format and should not exceed the size of 4 MB, in order to make personalized greeting card. There are many tools to create animated GIF online for free and there is always a GIF that can express your mood perfectly, no matter if you are feeling sad, fancy or anything you feel.
You can also directly add the URL of a video file from the web like from YouTube videos or upload any video of yourself.
All you need to do is get your images (or photos) prepared, upload them, do a little bit of customization (if you want), hit the generate button and off you go. In addition to uploading your images via your desktop, this site allows you to import photos from Flickr or from a Picasa web album, if you like.
What makes this different is that you can create not only custom GIF sizes but also custom speeds (for up to 10 seconds) for your animated GIFs. It comes with a scrolling panel that gives you better control over the animated GIF’s canvas size and the animation speed too. It uses a simple scroll panel to allow you to control your GIF’s delay time, width, height and quality as well.
It is also made up of various other features such as adding effects to your GIF and even creating your own GIF slideshow. The good thing about the site is that it probably has the best UI overall, which makes it a lot more convenient when you want to create a GIF.
Call the plugin to display a notification bar inside the container you just created when page loads.
Or bind the click event to a trigger button that allows to display a notification bar manually.
The cool thing is its preview panel that lets you have a clue of the way the GIF appears prior to creating it.
You are able to drag photos to the website and modify the sequence prior to developing your product so the site is user-friendly.
Moreover, it lets you be in control of brightness, contrast, saturation and hue in your GIF.
Moreover, you are able to decompose your preferred animated GIF to various frames using a useful online tool. Navigating the website is quite simple; therefore, you wouldn’t have issues when creating your GIFs.

Meme Center’s GIF Maker enables you insert extra text as well as brush strokes in your GIF in giving it a personalized touch.
Keeping this in mind, I’ve reviewed a few tools which will provide you the facility to customize the greeting card by adding the photos and sending them to your relatives, friends, colleagues, family members, etc.
Before you begin to create any animated greeting card, you can click on any template and see the preview of the animated card.
You just have to drag the image and adjust by resizing it accordingly, so as to fit in the ecard face frame. The things make different Gickr from others is that it allows you to create custom speeds for your animated GIFs.
This particular service also has a gallery of funny animated GIFs that you should definitely check out too. You can drag images onto the site and rearrange the sequence before creating your final product making this quite user-friendly. In addition, you can also decompose one of your favorite animated GIFs into several frames with a handy online tool.
You can upload your chosen images from your desktop, Flickr or any regular website that you’d like. You never need to a professional to accomplish this; moreover, there is no need for technical skills for creating this. Apart from regular GIF development, it offers you optional effects like Guggle, Motley or Blur to be used within animated GIF.
In case that is not sufficient, if you need to direct your internal Spielberg, you are able to attempt web cam GIF utility that allows you capture photos using your own web cam and creating your mini movie. You are able to upload the selected images in the desktop, Flickr and other normal sites that you like. These free animated greeting card makers will provide you various templates which you can choose according to the occasion. You can create the animated greeting card and keep the same as private or public, depending on your preferences.
Once your card is created, you can send the card via email or simply share the link on various social networking sites like  Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, StumbleUpon, etc. After creating the animated card, you can fill in the sender’s and recipient’s details along with their email address, in order to send the card to your loved ones.
You don’t need to be an expert to do it and no technical skills are required in creating one. You just have to upload the pictures and customize their size by dragging them and resizing the photo accordingly, so as to fit into the face frame.
This online tool provides you an option to directly paste the URL of the image and use it as background.
Once your animated greeting is created, you can either send it manually or opt to send via email by selecting the mail recipient option.
Once you’ve created the animated greeting card you can share the link of the same or opt to share it via email. It offers you various customization options where you can adjust the thickness, transparency and shadow of the brush.
To view the animated greeting card the recipient should have the Voozie Maker installed on your PC.
Not only that, you can copy paste the embed code on various social networking sites, blogs, or website, and share it with the desired group of people.
This animated greeting card maker provides you color options from where you can choose color as per your liking. It also provides you fill color option, using which you can easily fill the select color to the entire screen.
It also lets you adjust the speed of the animation and provides you the facility to play the animation in order to see the preview of the greeting card. Once your animated card is created, it provides you a link which can be shared via email and on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Not only that, it generates the HTML codes which can be used to embed you card into various websites or blogs. One of the best part of this online card creator service is that it lets you adjust the date of the animated cards delivery date, so that the recipient receives the card on the occasion, even if you forget accidently.

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