If you are a social media guy then you can notice one thing that people are much happier with animated GIFs than normal images, pictures.
Most of the people think that creating animated gifs is a very tough task but reality is quite different. If you are interested to create your own gifs using YouTube videos then Gif YouTube is the appropriate option for you. With this online gif maker tool, you haven't to do any settings or follow more steps in order to create GIFs picture from YouTube videos. At first go to YouTube and search the video from which you want to create animated GIF image.
Immediately, it will load the complete video along with few options such as: Title, Star Time, GIF Length.
Just within few seconds of clicking, it will show you the prepared GIF image along with URL and several sharing options.
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The popularity of animated GIFs still hasn't let up, and one of the easiest ways to create your own animated GIF is by using YouTube videos and free online GIF converters. When it comes to creating GIFs from your own video clips, Softonic Editor Jan-Hendrik already took us through the process of creating your own GIFs on both Mac and PC using web apps or a webcam to record things live.
Unlike Gifsoup, MakeaGIF displayed no watermark and creates longer animated GIFs, although the web app works much slower. Especially practical about IMGflip is that before making your GIF, you can set the expected frame rate and file size You also have the option of adding small text messages at any point in the animated GIF. The paid version (IMGflip Pro) creates clips of any resolution and up to 40 seconds long, without watermark.
While there may be a ton of GIF websites out there, sometimes it's still impossible to find what you're looking for, and with these three services, you can create GIFs that perfectly express your emotion. If you still can't get enough of GIFs, make sure to check out our article on How to make animated GIFs on Mac and PC.
Ever wonder how people make these cool animated gifs of themselves, movies or videos in general?
Easy DIY YouTube Channel Art – GIMP Tutorial With Free 2120×1192 Banner Backgrounds!

GIMP for Absolute Beginners gives us an easy way to use the power of GIMP, and enjoy digital photography and graphics without worrying about application features. GIMP is a powerful open source graphics and digital imaging application with almost all the features of its proprietary counterpart, Photoshop.
GIMP for Absolute Beginners covers the newest version of GIMP, version 2.8, so you can be sure the book covers the latest GIMP features. GIMP 2.8 for Photographers has evolved from classroom materials that the author developed and taught in courses and workshops on image editing with the GIMP. The tutorials in the first half of the book walk you through essential GIMP skills, like resizing and cropping images, touching up spots and scratches, and customizing your work area. VideoSync is a jQuery plugin used to synchronize web content with your HTML5 video base on the timeline. In these days GIFs is the best way to show any particular expressions or the matter people want to say silently. Gif YouTube is a free online animated GIFs maker tool which offers you the option to quickly create GIFs images from any YouTube video just by entering video's URL. So, Add the title of the GIF you creating, select the Start time (start time can be added manually or by selecting the start point on the video progress bar) and then select the GIF length.
Now your own created GIF image is available on your computer, you can use wherever you want to use.
With this tool you can create several animated gifs from YouTube videos very easily within a short time. Looking for more interesting online tools, internet tips and tricks, online tutorials then check our Internet section. If you're already found the perfect video online, however, there's an even easier way to make your own GIFs. With a paid premium account, you can create animated GIFs that are up to 30 seconds long with no watermark. Like MakeaGIF, this service offers free access, as well as premium access for an additional charge. The free version will generate 10 second GIFs with dimensions of 260 or 360 pixels with watermark, with the option of making 100x100 square images as well. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

But many of us are photographers and artists first, and we like to use our tools without having to think about them too much. These questions are answered in a photo projects chapter as well as a chapter on digital painting: Starting with making small changes to photos and adding information to them to creating paintings and drawings without photographic input. Image editing tools, most notably Photoshop, are usually sophisticated and deep applications, and are fairly expensive. Topics include the new user interface and tools, the basics of image editing and simple adjustments, advanced techniques using layers and masks, developing RAW images, working with the improved text tool, and preparing high-quality black-and-white images.
On the website you will see a big search box, here paste the YouTube video URL and click on the "Create Gif" button. With any one of the three online converters below, you can create your very own animated GIFs from a YouTube video.
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In this tutorial I will talk about the different ways to create animated gifs from Youtube videos. When finished with that image, just close the window and this window will still be open in case you’d like to download more. GIMP for Absolute Beginners gets us to this stage without patronising users who haven’t used GIMP before. The only open source tool in this market is the GIMP, which has developed into a powerful, multiplatform system running on Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. The most important editing functions are presented in individual, easy-to-follow workshops.
If you create a GIF image after registration, the GIF images will have a better quality and watermarks will not be shown on GIF image.
If you do not want to register with this website, then there is another website to convert YouTube videos in animated GIF images.

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