Video Cutter Expert (or Video Cutter Expert 4dots software) is used to create video clips from a single video file and also lets you exclude a particular part from input video.
Screenshot above shows Video Cutter Expert’s interface where you can add a video file and create clips in same or any other output format. Once you have downloaded and installed this free video cutter software, you can run it to perform tasks. To process all the clips, you can set any destination location, output size, and start the video clipping process with Cut Video button.
If any undesired part (or multiple parts) is available on your video file that you want to remove, then it is also possible with this Video Cutter Expert. Some other free products of 4dots software: 4dots Free PDF Password Remover, Free Audio Converter 4dots, and Free PDF To Text Converter 4dots. The Mad Video could be a great tool for students to use to enhance videos that they create and or find on YouTube. If you want to create personalized Santa video messages on the go, you get the app for Android and iOS. It’s the time of the year again when we are busy keeping track of the number of days until Christmas. Looking for honest software or hardware review, event coverage (Malaysia only), sponsored posts or got news tips for us, simply send us an email here.
PDF Converter Elite is a software solution that lets users convert their PDF documents into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and also create, manage and edit PDFs anytime.
We researched and listed six great websites that let you create not just regular Christmas cards, but video Christmas cards.
1) FlixTime is a free online service that converts your photos and videos into a one-of-a-kind and jaw-dropping music video which can make your family’s and friends’ Christmases even merrier! Thus, you can create multiple video clips together or can exclude unwanted part from a video (very useful to remove advertisement part from a TV show video).
Setup file size of Video Cutter Expert is 15 MB and you can use download link I have placed at the end of this review.

During the installation, you need to tap on Decline button, if you have to skip third-party tools installation.
Although drag n drop option is mentioned on its interface to add videos, but it didn’t work during testing. This mode is used to include clips for processing. Now you need to set start and end point for first video clip. In the similar way, you can add more and more video clips and can preview them with build-in video player. Steps are similar, but the only thing you have to do is choose Exclude mode instead of Include mode.
Because it can create video clips, can exclude any part from video, as well as can join multiple clips together to create a single video file. After creating your account paste in the URL of the video that you want to make interactive. You might have students create short videos about a topic and include interactive tags to direct viewers to the sources of their information, to additional video clips, or to additional reading about the subject of their videos.
The blog contains great sources of information on Windows software application, Android and iOS related apps and mobile devices, gadgets and everything that might interest tech enthusiasts. Have you already sent out Christmas greeting cards to all your family members, friends and business contacts? To use this service, sign-up for a free account and then start creating 60-second videos for free. It provides a build-in video player that helps to preview output clips before starting the actual process. Thus, multiple tasks can be done with this free video cutter, and it is quite easy to use as well.
After this, parts (or segments) selected by you from video file will be excluded for output video. Using The Mad Video you can take a video that is hosted on YouTube and insert interactive tags.

The Mad Video will provide you with a timeline editor for placing each of your interactive tags. Once you are a member, click on the “Create my video for free” button to begin creating your Santa video message. These websites will not only save you time and money, but will help you preserve trees and send creative, personalized video Christmas wishes.
Making videos is a piece of cake: upload photos, videos, choose a tune, and put it all together into a stunning Christmas video card. They offer a dozen different card designs for all occasions that you use as a background to your videos, photos and a greeting letters.
It is especially useful for those who can’t always see or speak to their loved ones directly. Then simply follow the prompts and soon enough, you will see the preview of your ready-for-mailing video Christmas card. With a free Bubble Joy account, you can create one minute videos and wish your far-away friends all the best with a smile and a loving look. Moreover, you can embed the greeting anywhere and simply send all your contacts the link to your greeting! Once you are happy with your creation, share the videos with friends, family or business contacts. When I tested The Mad Video this evening it worked for some, but not all videos that I tried.

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