Gain immediate insight into your data by automatically transforming it into interactive graphs and maps. We have just found an interesting image map beer tour in California, where is well-known for the home to many breweries. Have you ever paid attention to emergency evacuation maps in your housing estates, offices, shopping malls, hotels, airplanes? Are you looking forward to create or renew your office floor plan with interactive feature but have no idea about it? Previously, we have shared an interactive US heat map about the food stamp cuts, and here we found additional information about the issue with several interactive charts and maps.
For those reply on food stamps have been facing 13% cut in their benefits since the food stamp cuts on November 1.
The consequences of food stamp cuts are various by state that you can refer to our previous shared Food Stamp Cuts Heat Map for more information. We have introduced creating dynamic images without programming in the previous posts, and here we come to the detailed steps for adding markers on the image with mouseover boxes.
Most of us are very familiar with photo tagging in Facebook or Instagram, but have you ever thought of utilizing this feature for presentation use? Enter text in the description box, and you can enrich the content by adding video, external link, or image.
Previously we had shared maps that created by Google Maps or map templates, and today we would like to share a video tutorial about creating dynamic image maps using your own images. Similar with other image editor, iiCreator can easily convert static images into interactive images that it supports  JPEG, PNG and shapefiles from GIS software.
Interactive images are being widely used these days that we can find example like interactive tube map, interactive time zone world map for stock exchanges market, and dynamic flow chart for presentation use.
Apart from creating interactive maps using map templates, it is also possible to edit interactive image maps using your own customized images, for example, editable tube maps, floor plans for stadium, wayfinder for shopping mall, using image creator. By utilizing the image creator, everyone, even non-programmers, can also set up a dynamic images in few steps by themselves.
Stay tuned to our iiCreator Youtube channel for updated video tutorials that I am sure you would be surprised by how simple for editing images with various features.
If you are looking for ideas to create your own image projects, you may check out our Pinterest for more interactive images that created by others HERE! We all know that we can easily created interactive world map using world map template, but sometime we can also designed the custom world map by ourselves and convert it into interactive one using related image creator.

Detailed information about the stock market with tables can be easily added into the popup box as it supports HTML.
If you don’t want to bother with JavaScript but want to publish interactive graphics for the web or use interaction to explore your data, htmlwidgets might be for you.
Use existing widgets that let you visualize with popular JavaScript libraries such as D3 or Leaflet.
People get married at various ages, but there are definite trends that vary across demographic groups. We don’t all start our work days at the same time, despite what morning rush hour might have you think.
I wanted to see how daily patterns emerge at the individual level and how a person’s entire day plays out. Whether you use your website as an online storefront or as your own personal soapbox, your goal is the same: Create a rewarding experience for your audience. You may think of search engines as the vehicle that delivers would-be customers to your door, but Google, Bing and Yahoo!
Creating a message board or online discussion board accessible through your site is one of the most effective ways to carry on a dialogue with your customers and monitor their impressions of your brand.
When you have a great product or service, you need a little extra space to tell others about.
Jumpstart your business or project with an online platform that works for you 24 hours a day! Our service plans will synchronize your marketing message with the technology that maximizes its reach! You can easily create the dynamic beer tour map by importing a custom image into an image creator, and then add pins with mouseover boxes on the image.
The above two dynamic charts simply presents the data with mouseover boxes that keep the graphs neat by not putting too much information and text on it.
Here we have prepared a video tutorial about creating an editable photo with mouseover description box. In many cases, the best way to achieve this is to add value by encouraging your readers and customers to interact with your brand, products and services through your website. This creates an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as an expert and add further value to the online experience.

However, be advised that this tool is appropriate only if you have the resources to moderate all public exchanges. The most beautiful website in the world will surely fail if it fails to provide anything of value to online visitors.
And instead of having to navigate through multiple selection screens, it only requires a button click to customize the view to your requirements. This interactive flow chart demonstrates how to insert popup boxes with external links, images, videos, and other content into the chart for presentation use.
Inside the popup boxes, you can easily insert images, external links, text contents, videos, and more. Here we have prepared an interactive but simple emergency evacuation map that map users can select specific route by mouse hovering the item in the legend box, and then related information will be displayed on the map. HTML widgets can be used at the R console as well as embedded in R Markdown reports and Shiny web applications. If you provide tons of information in multiple categories and pages, you should provide the option to search for keywords within the site. For example, you might write a brief how-to guide or informational resource, then allow your visitors to download it free of charge. For example, you might want to elaborate on the simplicity and ease of use customers can expect with your latest gadget. Including interactive features is the best way to ensure that your existing and potential customers know where to find answers, make their voice heard and create a strong, lifelong relationship with your brand and its people, products and services.
It is not complicated and everyone, includes the non-programmer, can create their own interactive images at home.
Google offers a small search window that can be placed on each page of your site; simply copy the HTML code and insert it into the body of your website. Dedicate a blog post to the product, including things like customer testimonials, a step-by-step demonstration on video or customer-submitted images of the product in action.
Offer insights into your company’s values, history and vision, or show people how your design process delivers incredible products to the marketplace.

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