A landing page is a web page that makes you able to catch a visitor’s data through a lead form. In this post, we will explain a step-by-step process for creating an ideal landing page — one that virtually reads people’s minds and causes them to convert. Try not to bore the visitor by speaking a lot about yourself (this norm can apply to so many areas of life).
The surefire way to have a conversion-rich landing page is to have a mind reading landing page. Strong guidance from a highly experienced communicator that any marketing strategist can follow. Makesbridge brings you on exciting opportunity to learn modern marketing and growthhocking Register today and listen to industry expert advice with free access to proven processes. If you find yourself struggling in the process,  below are seven key tips that you can use to create a landing page that converts. The rate of conversion on a landing page is directly proportional to the level of trust that you build among visitors. One of the biggest mistakes that most of the business make with their landing pages is that they focus on telling the features of products. To create an effective or highly converting landing page, you should first understand the anatomy of a call-to-action button.
We have won over 50 local, regional and national awards for our graphic, website and illustration design over the last 5 years. A survey landing page is a simple landing page that asks the visitor a few questions and then presents them with the call to action. The most popular use right now for the survey landing page is probably with adult and dating traffic. My friend David at AffPlaybook posted a free template on his blog that I have been using ever since. You can see the template features a nice big headline, a smaller headline, a few paragraphs of info (including a countdown timer if you want to use it) and then the questions that setup the final section with a nice big call to action.
Of course, you’ll want to change all the text and images to match the offer you are promoting. I started promoting Senior Soulmates on POF over a year ago and I have had some pretty good success with it. I have made many variations of this landing page, but I thought it would be fun to share one of the versions I was actively running to give you an idea of the modifications you can do to the template above if you get creative with it. It’s also worth noting that the template shown above is mobile responsive like the one I provided in my Bootstrap example. In conclusion, if you are not testing survey landing pages, you need to! Set one up and give it a try.
I have special offer for all bootstrap lovers, I will make tons of LP as per your requirement for $5 only. Wait, I have also something interesting for you, I will host that Landing Page on Github Pages, That is Free and can handle thousand of request per second. Thanks for the share, people often tend to get worried when anyone recommends they try a landing page.
Join my free newsletter, Affiliate Manager Exclusive, and get exclusive tips and all the latest from my blog in your inbox. With PromoJam, you can now create and launch incentive driven landing pages for all your marketing needs. Thank users for filling out your form by rewarding them with a Photo, Music or Video unlock – PromoJam makes it easy for you to share your content with users.
Collect valuable user data with our form fill landing pages and incentive users with our coupon download promotions. Encourage participation by rewarding visitors to your landing page with promo code promotion that they can unlock upon submission of a custom form.
Release your new single, mix-tape compilation or musical score with PromoJam’s ‘Share to Unlock Music’ promotion preset. Attract new customers, engage existing customers, and drive sales with a PromoJam ‘Coupon Campaign’! Drive sales and excitement with your customers by launching a PromoJam ‘Promocode Campaign’. Get fans and customers excited and buzzing about your brand by giving away an exclusive download like an mp3, a video, look book, white paper or more! February 9, 2016 by Lorna Faith Leave a Comment If you’re an author who wants to attract more readers to your fiction or nonfiction books, a great way to do that is by creating a landing page. If you’ve written one or more books, you know how tough it is to find readers for your book. If you want more tips on growing your list of readers, you can also grab your copy of this FREE ebook to help you learn how.
Since I didn’t know how to write code in WordPress, I needed a little help to create my page.
There are other options, like Lead Pages or BookLaunch.io, but I found Optimize Press was the best option for me where I have the possibility of using the membership options(like a payment gateway) and creating as many book pages as I need for a one-time price of $97(USD). In this post, I’m going to walk you through what I did to create the landing page for my book. This drag and drop simple way of creating a landing page is much easier to figure out, than trying to learn how to code I hope you find these steps helpful as you create book pages for your own books. Now the barriers have been lifted, and it’s easier than ever to create landing pages, test them and integrate them to your email provider of choice. To help you get an understanding of exactly what this tool is like to use, I’m going to create a landing page and customize it as I write this review. Before I dive in and show you the dashboard (this is where you’ll find yourself when logging into Instapage), we have the option of integrating our email provider. I say it’s an option because Instapage doesn’t require you to use an email provider; you could just collect all of the leads and download them in a spreadsheet later on. You can choose to add folders to keep your landing pages organized by clicking the folder icon. URL Importer – This allows you to import any landing page you’ve created using another tool, or that you have the rights to.
Drag & Drop – With this option you’ll get access to a visual editor and you can pick from 1 of 99 or so templates. For this review I’m going to go ahead and use the Drag & Drop option as it’s the most straight forward option to get started with. Despite these categories, it’s worth viewing all templates because even if you want an opt-in form on a page, you could swap the button from a click-through page for an opt-in form in the editor. Now I’ll hit the edit button in the top right hand corner, choose a name and we’re ready to start editing. My logo currently requires a white background, so I’m going to go ahead and change the dark green strip running across the top to white, it’s just a case of hovering over the area, clicking edit and then changing the color using the color picker. The image needs to go too, that’s just a case of clicking on an image and hitting the trash bin icon. Once the image is uploaded it’s added to the middle of the template, I then need to resize it and drag it into place. Next we can tweak the background color of the box by double clicking within the box or highlighting and clicking edit. From here I can change the button colour, select how I want the form to redirect, which integration (email provider) I want to connect to and more. After removing a few form fields earlier on, the box around the opt-in form now looks too big so I’m going to shrink it a bit by clicking on the box. Now I’m going to go ahead and customize the rest of the page in a similar way to the previous elements. Conversion goals – You may not need to do anything here, if you’re designing an opt-in form your conversion goal will be the form submission, a click-through page would be links on the page. Analytics – Here you’ll be able to add your Google Analytics ID so you can monitor your pages progress within your GA dashboard. Once you’ve got your settings covered, you can then view the mobile version and adjust how certain elements are displayed. You also have the option of starting a split test from within the live editor, just click “Version A” in the top left corner and you’ll get the option to add a new variation which you can test against the version A. Custom domain – This requires some tweaks with your web host, but if you use this option you will be given 4 specific steps which make this much easier. Facebook – Here you can use Instapage to publish your landing page to a tab on your Facebook page. From your dashboard you can edit pages, organize them into folders and monitor your overall traffic.

This is the built in analytics tool and it’s fairly basic, but that’s a good thing because it means you only see what’s important. Stats are broken down into desktop and mobile, so you can see those visitors separately – this is helpful. At the top you’ll see the results of any split tests you’re running and you can add a new variation from this page. The basic plan doesn’t come with advanced features such as HTML editing, client accounts, template imports or webhooks integrations but you still get a lot of value for that price.
Instapage used to have a free account but it was extremely limited, and most plans had traffic limits but this new pricing plan works out far better overall.
The 45 day free trial is a great way to get started if you won’t get much traffic to the landing page and it makes it easy to try the platform for yourself.
Going up to the mid tier account will get you the addition of chat support, and the top level plan will give you access to telephone support. The app is simple to use and you get a good level of customization within the visual editor. It shows you exactly how the page will look as you’re editing, but you do have a preview option too. Some elements weren’t so straight forward to edit, but for the most part the process is very easy to get to grips with. There are quite a few options within the visual editor and I like that you have the ability to add new elements rather than just editing existing elements.
You’ll find a great selection of templates and because of the level of customization, a lot of them which you may think initially aren’t suitable, can be edited to fit almost any purpose. And the fact that you can monitor the leads your pages are capturing, then export these to a CSV file is very handy. You get the option to take a 45 day free trial which makes it easy for you to figure out if this landing page tool will meet your needs. Live editor provides straight forward drag & drop functionality for advanced customization. You can download a CSV file of all of the email addresses you have collected as well as getting notifications for when new email addresses are collected. Mobile versions of your pages can be edited specifically for mobile users, rather than relying on an auto responsive version.
Some elements aren’t as straight forward to customize as they could be (most elements are very straight forward). No custom HTML form option – this means you can only integrate with email providers that are currently supported. Thanks for the heads up about the custom HTML feature, I’ve updated the post to clarify.
It would be great if there was a custom HTML option directly within integrations so embedded forms could make use of the Instapage editor.
Thanks for the invite to write for you, my schedule is stacked out at the moment but I’ve made a note to drop you an email once my schedule clears up. I’m not totally sure what you mean, but if you click settings both options are in the top drop down! Superb post that you’ve shared, Well reviewed and explained most of the features about the tool.
Anytime you add a new plugin, it could increase load times slightly, but the way Instapage works could actually improve load times. When you install the plugin and add a landing page, it loads from Instapage servers which load quite fast.
It will only help when you’re publishing an Instapage landing page, but every little helps. Hi Erik (and Adam), I’m on the Instapage team and wanted to respond to your comment about being hacks due to our cancellation policy. If they were to add this to all accounts, it would likely force up the cost of the bottom two plans so it can be maintained.
Anyway, I work with a leads manager called Tools Rock and I wanted to know if I can download or transport (prob using wrong lingo, sorry) my landing page to their system. It may be a case of re-building the landing page with Instapage, then hooking into Tools Rock. The simple answer is that your landing page is a specific page on your website where you ask for what you want… in the nicest possible way, of course. You would be amazed at the number of clients I’ve worked with who have committed thousands of dollars to an advertising campaign (I’m particularly referring to AdWords clients) without giving even a passing thought to the landing page. It’s like driving a fabulous 500 yard tee-shot straight onto the green but having no place for the ball to drop and land that hole-in-one you only ever dreamed about.
Make sure the wording in the Title and Subtitle refers to the anchor text in whatever ad format you used. The message you deliver in the Title, Subtitle, main content, pull-outs, testimonials, captions or anything else you feature on the landing page must be clear, concise, compelling and contain a persuasive and motivational call to action.
The message you deliver must be in the second person (you, your, yours) and appeal directly to your visitor’s needs and wants.
People don’t “read” Web content, they “browse”,looking for the important bits, like bold print, bullet points etc. Check your landing page in a variety of browsers to see exactly what is being viewed “above the fold”. Your landing page is only as good as the number of conversions you get per visitor and how much you are paying to get each of those visitors to your page.
The devil is usually in the detail, so if you’re getting click-throughs but no action, you need to take a good hard look at the content. Split- testing, where you create two or more pages with various, slight modifications using the same ad linking will help you determine which page visitors prefer. Creating killer landing pages is far more complex than the tips and techniques covered in this post.
Online, you also need to consider your level of interconnectivity via digital media to further engage and mesmerize your visitor.
This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, so I encourage you to conduct your own research project, and then visualize, create and test, test, test.
Most of the time, PPC bids are made by one department of a company, and landing pages are made by some other.
As discussed earlier, your landing page is the thing that focuses the user’s attention where you need it.
He loves to write about digital strategy & trends, email marketing, industry best practices, and management.
Being simple with a landing page means soliciting information that is most relevant to your audience.
If you want visitors to convert into buyers (of your products and services), you need to show them some key signals of trustworthiness. Please feel free to share your views on creating highly converting landing pages in the comment section below. The code is the same as what David originally provided, but I did clean up the tab spacing a bit to make it easier to read and edit. With our download option, you can share downloadable content such as a whitepaper or PDF document with users.
With PromoJam's 'Share to Unlock a Video' app, you can reward user with exclusive video content upon filling out a custom form that you created! Users will unlock a streaming music player after submitting their details through a custom created form. Easily upload your promocodes into PromoJam and give them away to visitors of your landing page! PromoJam’s Facebook ‘Download Campaign’ app turns any download into a promotional opportunity for your brand! If this has helped you, please share it with other authors you know ~ maybe it will help them too.
It’s only a beta feature so it isn’t 100% reliable, but I have successfully imported a few pages in the past. We then see blue circles, clicking and dragging these enables you to resize the box as you’d like. I’d also opt for hiding the page from search engines as the page will only be for lead generation purposes. These changes won’t affect the desktop version – I really like this option as it provides a good level of control.
For some reason, the option to download within the live editor redirected to Instapage knowledge base.

No confusion about which data is important or which reports to pull out – there’s only what you need to know.
However, you can embed forms directly within landing pages but they would need to be edited from within your email provider (e.g. It comes with plenty of templates and a live editor you can use to change almost any part of a pre-existing template.
Now he shares what he’s learned about growing blogs and businesses here on Blogging Wizard.
While I understand some of the frustration of this, we do it this way to make sure that we can help customers when they have an issue. We just don’t want anyone to make a hasty decision they might regret soon after without all of the available information.
They either don’t provide telephone support at all, or they make it available for higher priced plans.
I started this blog to give you the advice and resources you need to grow your blog and take it to the next level. This is like an indirect “Hello, welcome to my site”, because it reassures your visitor they are at the right place. Considerable testing has shown that people read Web pages from left to right (duh!) across the screen, looking first at the heading, sub heading and then images (if there’s any there). A landing page has one primary purpose – to encourage your visitor to take the action you want. Anyone can write a testimonial, but add a photo of “someone just like me” and you’ve multiplied your credibility (and conversion rate); add a 30 second video testimonial and that’s about as good as it gets, folks. If you don’t think your visitor will understand a technical term or business jargon, simplify it. During the early days of an ad campaign, you need to spend as much time as you can monitoring and analyzing page traffic and visitor behavior. Sometimes it works to have an outsider look at your page as a prospective buyer and give you an honest assessment.
Thousands of books clutter bookshelves around the world about what it takes to “land the sale”; from the art of sales copy to the font size and color to your closing techniques and so much more.
For example, traffic from an email campaign marketing a specific ebook, or visitors who click on a pay-per-click ad advertising your webinar.
It frames the whole foundation to be able to determine what’s in the user’s mind in the steps ahead. You must make a landing page with a very interesting visual interface so they will remain on the page. Whether it’s the text or the images that you use, it should all immediately guide the visitor towards taking an action. Therefore, don’t forget to include customer testimonials, press mentions, media coverage and security verification on your landing pages.
But a product can prove to highly useful only when it provides solutions to customers’ day-to-day problems.
If you are running an email campaign, you really need to ensure that the email’s promotional copy is completely in tune with what you are offering on the landing page. It has evolved quite a bit since then, but it is still a strategy used by many affiliate marketers. The goal is to get the user engaged with the landing page and potentially answering yes to questions to get their mindset positive towards saying yes to our call to action. You can change the colors, the size of your font, italics or bold and you can also center your text. I wanted the picture of the book higher up, so I deleted the sub-header text and dragged the smaller text down by clicking the navigation button. Click save and continue and then you can click view public link to see what your page looks like so far.
And then they wonder why their carefully crafted AdWords campaigns have fallen in a big heap of doggy-doo.
After all, they’ve trusted you enough to click on your ad, so reassuring them they haven’t clicked and ended up in nowhere land is a good thing. All they want to know is how it will benefit them, fulfill a need or provide a solution to their problem. A good content writer can start strong and continue to build desire until the reader has no choice but to say “YES!” Include something extraneous that breaks that rising level of excitement and you’ve lost the deal. In plain speak, it’s a sales page, so remove anything that is going to distract the visitor. Sure, your page needs to appeal to the demographic it’s aimed at, but don’t assume everyone is going to fit into that demographic mold, so allow some room for Joe or Jo Average.
It’s simply because you miss out on the essentials of a landing page, both in terms of design and textual content. If your message is not simple and relevant, you can easily irritate visitors and compel them to leave the page. That’s why, you should direct your efforts on telling customers what your product can actually do for them. A professional writer will help you to create a copy which is free from language errors, message-focused, relevant and pursuable. An effective call-to-action button should immediately attract, inform and inspire the visitors to take immediate action. You can test it by adding your own email into the opt-in box that comes up when you click on Send My Free Book.
While all the big players have their pros and cons, Instapage brings the ideal set of must-haves at a fair price. In the above image, you would presume the linking text contains all or a part of the words used in the heading [1]. Similarly, a mamby-pamby, “Well, we’d really like it if you ….(fill in the blanks)”  approach will get you bupkiss. It’s okay to duplicate the call to action throughout the page, but your best chances for success are by using the same wording. Often you have to create a template just for your landing page that does away with side bars, widgets, shiny things that blink, navigational aids and other distractions. Some landing page professionals even go so far as to suggest you include your first call to action button above the fold. Your persona has a large influence on the selection of a keyword and, taken together, the two characterize how you must develop your landing page.
Making it clear, differentiating in color, and engaging is a key part of a successful landing page. Although the exact number is not confirmed, some estimate that the mind’s visual processing abilities is 60,000 times quicker than the textual processing speed. If you don’t want visitors or browsers to press the back button once they land on your landing page, you need to adopt a well-defined strategy. All I did was type my name in Canva and then I sized it to the recommended size for a logo(250 x 50).
Secondly, images can convey a heap of information about you and what you want to say, so make sure the images “tell your story” without words. Also check for other page elements like overall layout, font size, image placement, headers and page width so the page looks visually cohesive. You’ll never know if you don’t make your landing page as accessible to him as to the rocket scientists or teen hoodlums you’re aiming for.
This has huge consequences for the pace at which the landing page speaks to the client, as well as the intellectual and emotional effect that it has. It’s only through a targeted approach that you can focus on a specific message and strike the right chord with the audience. When you get back to your Live Editor, Click on Layout Settings. Next turn header and navigation off and on again. 5) Edit your button to how you like it – click text to change your call to action and click styling to change the color of your text box, etc. Then click on select file and choose from your download files the logo you just created in Canva. Go with what you’re comfortable doing 3)Create a separate WordPress page as your thank you page. 4) Create a User Already Subscribed Page in WordPress website and add the URL to the box you see below.

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