As soon as I got familiar with the whole fb fanpage, and optin thing, here comes facebook with their Timeline. Well since then, I’ve created the Timeline Slicer Pro, which is just a tool that helps you create your very own custom cover images as well as tabs, and profile images for your timeline pages. You can use photobucket, S3 Amazon, your own hosting, or just upload it to your wordpress like I do.
Step 2: Click on Select file button and find the image you want to upload or simply drag and drop the image.
Step 5: Paste in your image code right where you normally would paste the video embed code at. As I mentioned earlier, we’re currently working on recreating and redesigning our current Fanpage Generator, (it will be called something different). Income Press Reports - July 2012The KDP Experiment - Phase 1About Joey K.Hey I'm Joey and I've been making a full time income online for the past few years.
Joey, I’m one of you T-Slicer members, which I absolutely love BTW, and I must say, you are the only marketer I ever bought something from that really DOES NOT hammer me with offer after offer once I purchased something from you.
Hey Joey, I tried to give you my email in exchange for your ebook but it didn’t work. Also great content, I look forward to seeing more and browsing through your site when I have the time. I watched your youtube channel about making landing page on facebook but I’m having some trouble if you could help me that would be great! You might be offering superb content or products and your ads might even be generating a good click through rate.
A landing page is any webpage on which the visitor arrives or stops at, while visiting a website.
It usually serves a purpose of enticing a website visitor to do something specific – sign up for your email list, buy a product or set up a meeting. A landing page plays a very crucial role for your website – it helps you turn traffic into leads. If you have multiple products or offerings, you don’t want to confuse the visitor with too much information. These buttons enable the visitors to share the content of your page with their connections or networks on social media platforms. This form enters the customers credentials in exchange for an offer – leading to sales leads.
Research by invodo revealed that 52% of consumers say that after watching a video about a product they are more confident to make a purchase decisions.
If you have a product that is very technology oriented, explaining it in just words won’t answer all of your customers queries. Resolution savvy layout – create the layout of your landing page in a low resolution. Once it is decided what element to test on your landing page, you can create different versions of it.
It can also measure very small performance differences with high statistical significance if you can attract traffic to each design. According to data taken from the report- “Marketing Benchmarks From 7000 Businesses” by Hubspot – having 1-5 or 6-10 landing pages does not show much visitor-to- lead conversion.
This tool gives you reports on which parts of your site are getting the most user attention. This tool uses your Google Adwords account to assess your landing page based on its keyword relevancy, conversions, spend, form length and much more.
With Unbounce you can not only test your landing pages but also build them without any IT assistance.
This is not one of the best tools in the market but, it is a good free tool if you are a beginner. This tool makes an in depth analysis of your website by asking you a set of 21 questions as well as asking you for certain data about your website. The major thing to conclude from the above is that every website landing page should accomplish one goal- whether it is about selling something, creating brand awareness or growing leads. Making your website user-friendly is extremely important to make sure your customers keep coming back.
Now the barriers have been lifted, and it’s easier than ever to create landing pages, test them and integrate them to your email provider of choice.
To help you get an understanding of exactly what this tool is like to use, I’m going to create a landing page and customize it as I write this review. Before I dive in and show you the dashboard (this is where you’ll find yourself when logging into Instapage), we have the option of integrating our email provider. I say it’s an option because Instapage doesn’t require you to use an email provider; you could just collect all of the leads and download them in a spreadsheet later on. You can choose to add folders to keep your landing pages organized by clicking the folder icon. URL Importer – This allows you to import any landing page you’ve created using another tool, or that you have the rights to. Drag & Drop – With this option you’ll get access to a visual editor and you can pick from 1 of 99 or so templates.
For this review I’m going to go ahead and use the Drag & Drop option as it’s the most straight forward option to get started with.
Despite these categories, it’s worth viewing all templates because even if you want an opt-in form on a page, you could swap the button from a click-through page for an opt-in form in the editor.
Now I’ll hit the edit button in the top right hand corner, choose a name and we’re ready to start editing. My logo currently requires a white background, so I’m going to go ahead and change the dark green strip running across the top to white, it’s just a case of hovering over the area, clicking edit and then changing the color using the color picker.
The image needs to go too, that’s just a case of clicking on an image and hitting the trash bin icon. Once the image is uploaded it’s added to the middle of the template, I then need to resize it and drag it into place. Next we can tweak the background color of the box by double clicking within the box or highlighting and clicking edit. From here I can change the button colour, select how I want the form to redirect, which integration (email provider) I want to connect to and more. After removing a few form fields earlier on, the box around the opt-in form now looks too big so I’m going to shrink it a bit by clicking on the box. Now I’m going to go ahead and customize the rest of the page in a similar way to the previous elements. Conversion goals – You may not need to do anything here, if you’re designing an opt-in form your conversion goal will be the form submission, a click-through page would be links on the page. Analytics – Here you’ll be able to add your Google Analytics ID so you can monitor your pages progress within your GA dashboard. Once you’ve got your settings covered, you can then view the mobile version and adjust how certain elements are displayed. You also have the option of starting a split test from within the live editor, just click “Version A” in the top left corner and you’ll get the option to add a new variation which you can test against the version A.
Custom domain – This requires some tweaks with your web host, but if you use this option you will be given 4 specific steps which make this much easier. Facebook – Here you can use Instapage to publish your landing page to a tab on your Facebook page.
From your dashboard you can edit pages, organize them into folders and monitor your overall traffic. This is the built in analytics tool and it’s fairly basic, but that’s a good thing because it means you only see what’s important. Stats are broken down into desktop and mobile, so you can see those visitors separately – this is helpful.
At the top you’ll see the results of any split tests you’re running and you can add a new variation from this page. The basic plan doesn’t come with advanced features such as HTML editing, client accounts, template imports or webhooks integrations but you still get a lot of value for that price. Instapage used to have a free account but it was extremely limited, and most plans had traffic limits but this new pricing plan works out far better overall. The 45 day free trial is a great way to get started if you won’t get much traffic to the landing page and it makes it easy to try the platform for yourself.
Going up to the mid tier account will get you the addition of chat support, and the top level plan will give you access to telephone support. The app is simple to use and you get a good level of customization within the visual editor. It shows you exactly how the page will look as you’re editing, but you do have a preview option too.
Some elements weren’t so straight forward to edit, but for the most part the process is very easy to get to grips with. There are quite a few options within the visual editor and I like that you have the ability to add new elements rather than just editing existing elements. You’ll find a great selection of templates and because of the level of customization, a lot of them which you may think initially aren’t suitable, can be edited to fit almost any purpose.
And the fact that you can monitor the leads your pages are capturing, then export these to a CSV file is very handy.
You get the option to take a 45 day free trial which makes it easy for you to figure out if this landing page tool will meet your needs.
Live editor provides straight forward drag & drop functionality for advanced customization. You can download a CSV file of all of the email addresses you have collected as well as getting notifications for when new email addresses are collected. Mobile versions of your pages can be edited specifically for mobile users, rather than relying on an auto responsive version. Some elements aren’t as straight forward to customize as they could be (most elements are very straight forward). No custom HTML form option – this means you can only integrate with email providers that are currently supported. Thanks for the heads up about the custom HTML feature, I’ve updated the post to clarify. It would be great if there was a custom HTML option directly within integrations so embedded forms could make use of the Instapage editor. Thanks for the invite to write for you, my schedule is stacked out at the moment but I’ve made a note to drop you an email once my schedule clears up. I’m not totally sure what you mean, but if you click settings both options are in the top drop down!
Superb post that you’ve shared, Well reviewed and explained most of the features about the tool. Anytime you add a new plugin, it could increase load times slightly, but the way Instapage works could actually improve load times. When you install the plugin and add a landing page, it loads from Instapage servers which load quite fast.
It will only help when you’re publishing an Instapage landing page, but every little helps. Hi Erik (and Adam), I’m on the Instapage team and wanted to respond to your comment about being hacks due to our cancellation policy.
If they were to add this to all accounts, it would likely force up the cost of the bottom two plans so it can be maintained.
Anyway, I work with a leads manager called Tools Rock and I wanted to know if I can download or transport (prob using wrong lingo, sorry) my landing page to their system. It may be a case of re-building the landing page with Instapage, then hooking into Tools Rock. Is it possible to build a successful business around WordPress today? The short answer is yes. WordPress continues to grow as a simple and versatile publishing platform and shows no signs of slowing down.

You can scale and extend the basic functionality of the software to achieve whatever you want through plugins, themes, and custom-built applications. It offers a relatively easy (and usually cheaper) entry into the world of online freelancing from publishing, to support to development or several other areas. There are lots of free (and premium) resources to help you quickly get started with your business idea. All these factors make WordPress an attractive route for individuals who want to pursue freelancing business. Whether you’re specializing in theme development or business consultancy, these tools will make your life easier by streamlining your business processes. As you can see, most of these will be administrative tasks that can easily bog you down and leave you with less time to complete actual client work. There are plenty of online tools and services that can handle recurring tasks more efficiently, thus freeing you up to focus on client work. Outsourcing will also make your workflow easier and manageable, leaving you with enough time to meet client goals and focus on growing your business. Review your workflow every few weeks to identify bottlenecks and improve on them. In the freelancing world, your website is your business, so promoting your website is basically promoting your business. As your client base grows and you get more established, you can scale down on the promotion but you never really stop. Once all the basics are in place and you’ve secured a few clients, you can think about expanding your business.
If you have a baseline set for your income each month, you can then focus on creating new revenue streams. What I mean here is that don’t seek external investment when starting a WordPress freelance business. The core software that is going to power your business is free and is actively being enhanced every day. When you’re new to freelancing and badly need income, it can be tempting to say yes to every potential client.
It’s amazing how WordPress has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world and continues to do so. Tom Ewer is a professional blogger, longtime WordPress enthusiast and the founder of WordCandy. Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product.
Have you decided to self-host a WordPress blog or website but are unsure of which hosting company to use?
Your landing page is what takes a random internet user and turns them into a lead or a customer for your business. In this article you’ll learn exactly what a landing page is, how to create one, and the five steps you need to take to create an optimized landing page that will make your business money.
This traffic may have come from anywhere: your inbound or outbound marketing efforts, advertising, search, syndication, etc.
Ensuring this traffic takes an action your business wants them to is how we work at a landing page optimization level. There are two approaches when creating a landing page: going it alone by yourself or with a paid web developer, or engaging with a third party landing page tool like Wishpond.
Because landing page optimization is such a never-ending development of testing, trialling, and constant adjustment, it can be easier to simply go with a software provider that uses optimized templates. However, before you go jumping at the first provider you see, ensure they’re using sector-focused templates, as your target market is entirely different than the market of another business. Although creating a landing page is simple with a third party provider like Wishpond, optimizing it for conversion is a never-ending process.
I highly recommend testing the effectiveness of different images for your own business’ audience. Your landing page needs to have a single focus, as any distraction will increase the page’s bounce rate. I recommend sitting down and establishing the five selling points based around your business or product. Use the most appealing of these (I like dollar values) for your initial headline, subheader or value proposition. Let’s face it, you’re not exactly the most unbiased source when it comes to how awesome your business is.
Because of this, the simple addition of a trust symbol to a landing page has been known to increase conversions by 42%. Customer testimonials work by providing proof of the legitimacy of your product or business. It’s also helpful to include an image of the customer you’re quoting, as this increases their trustworthiness (and therefore yours).
3rd-Party Landing Page Apps like Wishpond’s make converting internet traffic simple and easy. Seamlessly integrate your landing pages with contests, email and Facebook Ads to maximize your ROI.
We do your testing for you, constantly upgrading our templates as technology and optimization develops. LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante. A call-to-action is the answer to the question “What is the point of this?” A strong call-to-action will give your visitor a clear idea of the action they should take next. Pictures, slideshows, and video that are relevant to your landing page are good for driving user engagement.
The most important elements of your page, such as a headline or registration form, should always be at the topmost part of the page where the user doesn’t have to scroll down to see.
Building a great landing page is neither a mystery nor rocket science, but it does require some planning ahead. With that wide and colorful style, WordPress Landing Page is so impressive at grabbing visitor attention. To make displaying your work as easy as possible, WordPress Landing Page offers a “Portfolio” post type built-in. The portfolio widget on homepage has been made to automatically showcase portfolio categories as filtering options (so no setup is required).
Landing Page is the first Templatic theme with full support for adding a standard price table via an extra plugin.
With Landing Page you also own all the cool features and benefits that developers made in many the years. To learn even more about Landing Page theme by Templatic click on the purchase button below. Many small businesses make the big mistake of sending traffic to their home page and assuming customers will discover promotions and services by exploring their website. Good landing pages will target a particular audience, and allow them to download your content offers like ebooks or white papers, (often in exchange for an email address or contact information). Here’s a great looking landing page from Apple where customers can download itunes in exchange for their email address. Then you could point your ads to landing pages on your site that address the specific needs of your customers. Have you ever seen those landing pages that seem to go on and on about a single product, with tons of images, testimonials, and videos? And don’t forget to let customers share the page with their social circles by including social sharing options. Check out this chunky example from MarketingSherpa – it has tabs at top that contain extra information for less committed folks who may not be ready to purchase yet.
No matter the business, killer landing pages will always be an effective tool to ramp up your lead generation. Businesses with over 40 landing pages got 12 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages.
Businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages got 7 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages. Asa Shatkin is founder and creative director of Shebang Internet Marketing Group, responsible for the development of inbound marketing focused websites and campaigns.
Asa is a regular blogger for "The Marketing Blog" and contributes articles that focus on effective internet marketing.
FREE Internet Marketing GuideThis ebook can serve as your essential guide to setting up and implementing a successful internet marketing strategy, step by step. If you are considering a website redesign, this Ebook reviews the best (and worst) motivations for a redesign. Based on real data from 4,000 businesses, learn why these are the most important and cost effective factors for effectively driving traffic and qualifying leads for your business.
21 Comments Ever since Facebook got rid of the default landing page option, marketers from all sorts have been trying to figure out how to get around this. You’ll learn how to change the name, change the image, and how to find the link of your tabs so you can drive traffic directly to your landing page. The first glimpse of your landing page decides whether the viewer will stay on your website or if they will bounce. Drawing the attention of your audience is done when you provide them with the information they seek about a topic.
It should be phrased in such a way that concisely and completely covers everything that the page has to offer. It should be interesting enough to make the consumers stay on the page and complete enough to give the relevant information that the page is intending to convey. A video on the other hand, explaining how to use your product, has a way of conveying a complex message in a much simpler way.
You can do this by highlighting the important features of your product or service and how they will improve your customers life.
You can highlight reviews by your customers, press mentions, testimonials, or even build statistics based on your customer responses.
This experiment can be done with as many pages you want to test but should only test one element at a time. You can confidently conclude that if version B sells more than version A, then version B is the design you should show all users in the future. If search results show your landing pages, this cuts down the steps the user would take to find that page on your site. It gives you more data to promote and more content to email your contacts and share with your followers on social media. After answering the questions the tool gives you an overall grade as well as separate scores for different areas of your landing page. You can choose from a set of four tests to evaluate your landing pages and add whichever suits you to your shopping cart. She loves reading and writing about new things and tries to get knowledge of every domain with her go-getter attitude.
It’s only a beta feature so it isn’t 100% reliable, but I have successfully imported a few pages in the past. We then see blue circles, clicking and dragging these enables you to resize the box as you’d like.
I’d also opt for hiding the page from search engines as the page will only be for lead generation purposes. These changes won’t affect the desktop version – I really like this option as it provides a good level of control. For some reason, the option to download within the live editor redirected to Instapage knowledge base. No confusion about which data is important or which reports to pull out – there’s only what you need to know.
However, you can embed forms directly within landing pages but they would need to be edited from within your email provider (e.g. It comes with plenty of templates and a live editor you can use to change almost any part of a pre-existing template. Now he shares what he’s learned about growing blogs and businesses here on Blogging Wizard.

While I understand some of the frustration of this, we do it this way to make sure that we can help customers when they have an issue. We just don’t want anyone to make a hasty decision they might regret soon after without all of the available information. They either don’t provide telephone support at all, or they make it available for higher priced plans. I started this blog to give you the advice and resources you need to grow your blog and take it to the next level.
This means the platform continues to attract new users, which translates into increased demand for WordPress related services. This is where you are going to be carrying out all your business, whether selling products, services, consultancy, or whatever business model you choose. All promotional strategies will be aimed at redirected potential clients to your website so make sure that it looks the part and is easy to use. Depending on your business specialty, there are countless other productivity tools you may need to accomplish client work. I’m talking services like Mint for tracking invoices and payments and project management tools like the aforementioned Trello and Asana. Most freelancers start to focus on methods that retain clients like newsletters, offers, and blog posts. We’re focusing in on WordPress businesses and freelancers, but really these could apply to any online or small-scale service based business. A WordPress business is one of the easiest to bootstrap because it is cheap, no matter what service you want to offer. However, this is risky because your business’ reputation may suffer if you fail to complete client projects due to too much work. Whether it is a Facebook landing page or a form embedded into your website, it is an essential tool to capture leads. In brief it is exactly what it sounds like: the page within your website that internet traffic “lands” on when they come to your site. That action could be anything from an immediate product purchase to RSS feed subscription, giving an email address, beginning a free trial of your service, and many others. Two different target markets may respond entirely differently to an “optimized” landing page.
Studies show you have less than a second to convince a visitor to your landing page that they should stay and engage. Your site-visitors may respond more to text, color or even an image of a beach than that of a person.
I mentioned above that your landing page is what focuses an internet user’s attention where you want it. It’s essential that this information be bullet-pointed or numbered, as any paragraphs on your landing page will reduce focus and, again, increase your bounce rate.
People, especially social media users (where much of your landing page traffic will come from) value the word of their peers or a respected authority.
A 3rd-part App will do the research for you, calling on years of optimization experience to give you landing page templates that work.
Just a few tweaks to a website headline can make a huge difference in the page’s performance. However, people and organizations have created ways to establish trust, including guarantee seals, third party verifications (Verisign, Better Business Bureau, etc.), reviews, and testimonials. A call-to-action can take on different forms, including offering a free ebook for download, asking visitors to sign up for a webinar, asking for a petition signature, or offering a free trial.
Skype does this quite simply with their homepage, which says, “Wherever you are, wherever they are — Skype keeps you together.” You then see a picture of two people happily and expressively having a Skype chat on a laptop.
Make the call to action button clear and distinct, and never put it in a place where the user must search for it. However, this doesn’t mean that you should try to stick a half dozen links, article previews, and lots of images above the fold. Start planning for your next successful landing page by following the recommendations outlined in this article. The page which allows to display a specific page, pricing tables, posts and additional sections using widgets. This possibility makes it nice for all of you trying to showcase a service or a digital product. Assuming you imported dummy data… to get your work displayed on the homepage you is just required to create a few portfolio posts, that’s it.
This plugin is included and ready for you to create extensive price tables and add them onto the homepage. If you have any question, idea or opinion about this theme be sure to let us know in the comments below.
A good landing page might also allow for a free trial of your product or a demo or simply give something of value to your audience.
The top navigation on this landing page has been removed, and there is a good deal of data that says eliminating the top navigation on landing pages reduces bounce rate and increases conversion. Bullet points are easily scanned and allow your prospects to slow down to review the information that you have garnered as important enough to break into … eye-catching bullets! And data shows it’s not only important to have landing pages; if you want more leads, it’s important to have many landing pages.
Those with over 40 landing pages got 12 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages. It includes checklists for your landing pages and assets and walks you through the 7 steps to make your site a success. I would like to see some different design layouts like you have in you optin page app you got. We’re getting ready to roll out a brand new and huge update soon, so look out for that.
I’m pasting the code that you give her in both boxes and putting different pictures url codes in the boxs and then I save and publish my fanpage. When I click on the pencil to edit it is just letting me change my tabs around with the others. If the first look at your landing page provides them with the information they are looking for, their search ends there and they are ready to take action. Here, the first impression plays the one and only part!
Just make sure that the visitor gets the information they are looking for, otherwise, they won’t hang around.
You could pour hours into keyword research on Adwords only to have it fall flat by sending all ads to a single landing page or (gasp!) your homepage. The bottom line is your website should work and have everything that your potential clients will be looking for. Sell your skills, products, or services to potential clients using every promotional tool you can muster. When the business starts earning money, you can then take things up a notch and invest in premium productivity resources. Take on projects that you can complete without issues and as you grow, enlist the help of outsourced manpower. What’s more, WordPress is always being updated so you must keep abreast of those developments as well.
Optimizing this page can mean an increase of thousands of dollars in revenue, as your conversion rate goes from 10 percent to 40 or even 50 percent. They decide to engage further, and it’s this short and obvious list of benefits that really sell them on your desired action.
Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion. Marketers and advertisers have spent quite a bit of time breaking down and analyzing what makes for a perfect landing page.
According to a study conducted by the Wall Street Journal last year, 92% of respondents said that they have more confidence in user-generated information found online than they do in information from a salesclerk or other source. Prioritize what you want to appear at the top of the page that would make the user want to read on. It takes you much time to design and implement a new landing page like that and can be used instantly on your WordPress site. Portfolio images display either from the image gallery inside a specific post or from the “Featured image” slot. To check out how these pricing tables look inside Landing Page theme just open the demo and scroll it down a bit. Instead, businesses need to drive traffic to killer, targeted landing pages in order to better sell their services and capture analytics data. Yours is simple and easy to follow, pretty much like all your videos and you give the source code with it which the others didn’t do. When my friend logs into her account she doesn’t see the pictures that I put in the boxs (like a picture for nonfans) and the fanpage is still public meaning she can see all the photos and comments without liking the page.
While all the big players have their pros and cons, Instapage brings the ideal set of must-haves at a fair price.
Many are free—social media, existing contacts, related blogs, and your own website are all fantastic tools to use. Remember that headlines should be concise, and answer the question “What’s in it for me?” Copyblogger covers this topic quite well in their popular post entitled How to Write Headlines That Work. While some of those plugins are optimized for sidebars, most of them work perfectly on the homepage.
Each template was reviewed by our experts before publishing to ensure that you always get quality templates.
Now if she would click on the welcome box with the static HTML star then she will see the picture that I want the nonfans to see and then the link button. Free tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck make managing the social aspect very straightforward. This increases the visual appeal of the page and encourages your business’ reputation as personable. Making it clear, contrasting in color, and appealing is a vital part of a successful landing page. It’s a good idea to split test your own headlines to see which ones perform best for you. Just think of all the pictures you see every day whether it be via social media, billboard ads, blogs, or magazine spreads. One of the features I like best about Landing Page WP theme is the fact you are able to add any page you want on the homepage. Video is a great communication tool because we’re designed to connect with other humans.
This plugin is pretty impressive and powerful in itself, however what makes it really good in the rest of the extensions offered for it.
The sound of a human voice, facial expressions, and body language all convey a message better than written words alone.
Heading the multi purpose theme which comes with a responsive design allowing your website look sensible on any device. When creating a video you don’t have to make a Hollywood production, but a short clip introducing your products or services can establish a sense of familiarity and put a visitor at ease.
This premium template hopefully brings to you website a new and fresh look where your visitors can feel identical. Even if the theme appears fairly straightforward simple look, there’s truly additional to that than it meets the attention.

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