Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Where do you get that creating a course online with Wordpress requires a paid subscription and costs $73 to $33,000 per year? By Kathleen Celmins Leave a Comment Late in 2015, Anne and I started talking about creating a course. Our process, considering we live several hundred miles from each other, was more or less streamlined.
So, the topic Anne and I came up with combined two things I know a lot about with one thing she has completely nailed: how to get traffic from Pinterest.
We knew we’d create a much stronger course together than either of us ever would separately, so we joined forces. We opened eleventy Google docs (a practice I do NOT recommend, pulling ideas from all those docs drove me nuts!), wrote down everything we knew about Pinterest strategy. In fact, when we were building Catapult, we didn’t know which order things should go in, and even when we thought we had some semblance of order, we rearranged it when our beta members told us the order was confusing.
This was the most crucial step we took, and the one I would recommend you take over all the others. For us, the outline turned into two things: a guide for our conversations and an awesome workbook that stands alone (more on the workbook in step six). I mentioned in step four that our outline became a workbook that we’re both really proud of. Creating extra downloads provides more value to your audience, so whatever you have that you think is relevant, turn it into something you can PDF so people can download them. We wanted to release one module per week, so we needed the first module done on Monday of the first week. I think it’s a great practice to put each course you create on its own URL, especially when you can find a suitable URL for a decent price. But go ahead and do this earlier in the process, such as right after you have some beta students, so you know that your course is a go! Actually, we’re already active on social media, just doing a bit more targeted promotion.
The launch promotion work is nearly as much work as creating the course itself, likely even more.
Now I’ve heard different definitions of Online Businesses, and I’ll like to clarify before I move on. Services: These are the type of businesses that can build a website for you, create graphics for you, etc meanwhile they are based in a different country. Do your research and find out what is required to succeed in each of these different types of businesses. For subscription like IrokoTV, you have to invest in buying content (movies) from the producers. Most of these businesses require huge capital injection and this is why they look for investments. You can’t use a bank loan to start this type of business, you get people to buy up a percentage of your company in return for money. The easiest type of Online Business to start is either services or the type I started, where I packaged my knowledge into an Online Course and started selling it online.
Late last year, I made a decision to start teaching people how to start a profitable Online Business focused on teaching what they know. Emphasis on Profitable, because a lot of people are teaching, and not many of them are making money from it yet.

This only criteria for this type of Online Business is this…you have to be willing to teach. It’s an assignment from God, and that’s why you might not have peace of mind if you have not started teaching, when you are supposed to be teaching. If you would like to create an Online Course, please join the free “Create Your Online Course Challenge. If you have created your course and you have not started making enough money from it, please…join the waiting list for 7 Figure Online Business Program. We are opening applications soon and you will get notified on when applications for the next round open up. I’m sent to people who are trying to impact lives but are frustrated because they are not making money. I help people who want to impact the lives of others (like coaches, authors, service entrepreneurs, consultants, leaders, CEOs.
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Discover how to create, promote & profit from online courses by building a 100% automated business that works for you.
Unleash your inner entrepreneurial spirit and discover how to create & sell your very own online course within the next 6 weeks! Follow along right over my shoulder as I take you step-by-step inside of my $250,000 per year online course business. Do you want to create your own financial freedom that is possible with the new ‘online course craze’ that’s happening? Do you have a burning desire to share your knowledge and expertise with the world, but just aren’t sure how to get started and how to go about the process? Would you like 1 on 1 guidance from someone who has been successfully creating and selling online courses for the last 5 years? We knew a lot more about how bloggers can get traffic from Pinterest than many of our friends did, and we’d been helping them out.
The technical mumbo jumbo behind blogging that seems to mystify people who thought this was a medium strictly for writing what they want to write without having to figure any of the rest of it out. I love creating pretty things (Anne and I talk about how we’re trying to make the internet prettier, one site at a time).
Rough notes here are fine, but make sure you’re including everything you want to say in each lesson.
They keep your audience interested when you’re going through a slideshow instead of working online.
It has a self-assessment, and we think if someone decides not to take the course but instead goes through each section in the workbook, they’ll still get more traffic from Pinterest.
But we know that not everyone reads directions (the horror!), so we added the relevant sections of the workbook to each lesson (both in PDF and Google doc versions) to give people something to download.
We set up a microphone between us, used one of our computers to go through the slideshow, and had conversations about why each topic matters. We’d recorded all the videos, but we quickly learned that recording is only like half the work. When we release Catapult for full price, everything will be available at once, but that wasn’t necessary for the beta. We could go back and try to make everything about it perfect, but when we focus on perfection, we never get anything done.

Become an insider and get the Ultimate Guide to Free and Royalty-Free Stock Images A picture is worth a thousand words.
My name is Stephanie and my mission is to give you the tools, insights and strategies you need to share your message with the world. Speakers, and Influencers) to get the confidence, clarity, and support they need to make the impact they were born to make in the world.
What comes naturally to you, but makes you look like a wizard to your friends and colleagues? Create a promotional price, ask your list if they’re interested in your course, and cap registration at a manageable number (we chose 12). When a handful of people are waiting for your course to launch, you’ll launch your course.
We evaluated responses because we only wanted to accept people who would really benefit from being in Catapult. We had a plan for a long weekend: record eleventy videos, leave the apartment just long enough to eat food or buy things that would help with technology (Anne bought a new laptop, I bought a compact tripod for my camera), and, at the end of long days, sleep.
We didn’t script these, but we knew what we were going to say because of the outline.
In order to get a video from your camera to the internet, someone actually has to edit those videos.
So, you buy a new domain, install a new learning management system that you’ve never used before (more about LifterLMS in another post), and everything looks better.
We’re recruiting affiliates, scheduling webinars, and becoming more active on social media.
They might not necessarily be in charge of manufacturing the products, but their major strength is in distributing the products worldwide. I started by creating courses in Ankara Accessories, then I created online marketing courses, and a how to start a business course.
Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus. But remember, creating a course is a lot more work than writing blog posts or recording podcasts. Tell your beta group that their price is reduced because you’re interested in their feedback. And now that you have some paying customers, you can finish your course while you’re getting feedback on previous lessons.
The conversation flowed naturally, because we knew what we wanted to touch on, and we were comfortable enough with each other to not interrupt when one person is talking.
When you notice a video that is okay for the beta but not one that you feel is the best representation of who you are, make a note of it. Even after listening to our videos a second time (which is of course brutal, because we are our own harshest critics), I’m happy with how these came out. Fun fact: uploading videos takes almost exactly the same amount of time as recording them does.

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