When you are following the tutorial it is quite a good idea to go to your Youtube page and frequently upload a JPG version of your PSD to check that everything is aligned and looking tidy. Zoom in all the way, select the Brush Tool, put the size to 1 px and choose the colour black.
Back on the original document click on the Background layer twice to bring up the Layer Style Palette. Duplicate the layer and then go to Edit, Transform, Flip Horizontal and move the image over to the other side of the document so that the sharp black edge is directly running down the edge of the image.
Create a new Group folder, name it Boxes and put the layer that contains the layout of the Youtube page into it. So now it’s time to clean up the page and get the basics done to the layout so you can start to customize the page properly. Grab your preferred selection tool and delete the Info, Favourites, Share etc piece of text. You will notice I did not place guides where the bottom boxes split for subscribers and comments.
Create a new layer inside the Boxes group, above the layout image, name it Top and select the Rounded Rectangle Tool with a Radius of 3. Now create another layer and another box for the small logo area on the bottom half of the layout. With the basic layout complete and the page ready to be customized feel free to vary these next steps and come up with your own ideas to make your page unique. Create a new layer on top of everything and pick the Brush tool, 1px and the colour #ffae00.
Move your lines to the left so there are around 6 small lines jutting out either side from the section boxes. Once done go to the Top Box layer and change the Angle and Scale shown in the next picture.
Go back into the Background group and add a new layer called Shine just above the Background layer.

Fill the selection with white, delete the path, set the layer style to overlay and the drop the opacity to 20%. Great idea for allowing heavy customisation, but have you tested what happens when a user changes the font size in their browser? Have every post delivered to your inbox and get access to hundreds of useful design freebies.
It is an essential part of your channel as it will attract viewers and give them an idea of what your channel contains. There’s nothing worse than finding something’s off slightly and you cannot go back to change it!
Now with the Rectangular Marquee Tool create a square that goes around the video preview box area and fill it with the grey colour you just selected. Now hold shift and click and drag up and down a few times on the right hand side of the square. Put the Background layer into this and now create a new layer named Fade Out Side on top of the Background. Like with the sides using the same size Brush, colour and technique brush over from one side to the other. This is because these boxes will become far bigger when you have more subscribers and comments so it would then interfere with your design. Keep creating new layers for each box and now drag out another box but instead of ending the box where it cuts off keep on dragging down and let go when it’s near the end of the document.
If you need to create more simply duplicate the layer and then delete a section you don’t need.
Choose White for the foreground colour, grab the Pen Tool and draw a large curve that is similar to the picture below. To put this onto your Youtube page go to File, Save For Web & Devices and put the quality to about 90.
You can now add a lot more to the page if you like and design it so it is more suited to the genre of your videos.

I’ve never seen a tutorial for youtube and I will definitely have to bookmark this for future reference.
It’ll probably break the layout horribly (but not a lot of users change the font size). Join our creative community at FanExtra and get the direction you need to take your work to the next level.
Move the top half of the Youtube page up to the top and then align the bottom half so it flows perfectly down the page.
Drag out guides from both the vertical and horizontal rulers and place them around the boxes like so. Once the path is created choose the Eye Dropper tool and click onto the main background box.
Grab the Pen Tool, create a path around the small shape and fill it with the same colour your using.
Now duplicate the layer and move the new line close to the other one and repeat this process. Delete a large section of the line so only a small amount remains for the text that we will put in next to it in the next step. Rotate the text 90 degrees clockwise and move it to the other side in-between where the lines meet. Remember to hold Shift whilst moving the images up and down else it will move sideways too. Select a 1000 px Brush with a softness of 0% and drag down (remember to hold Shift) the right hand side of this area, shown below. For Windows users if you have Windows 7 you can use the Snipping Tool but if you don’t you will have to delete these bits out.

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