I am using Central Administration in this case but the SharePoint Management Shell is also an option (PowerShell).
I click the link and if my DNS settings are correct I will be taken to the home page of the top level site of my new site collection.
Once I validated that, I can get to my new SPWeb site and will go to the browser settings and add it as part of the intranet.
I change the name of the IIS web site to something I will recognize when looking in the IIS Administrative tools.
I have created a few Custom Service Application groups on this Lab Machine, but even if I was on a different Lab Machine, I would use that machines default group.

Please keep in mind however, that all comments are moderated according to our comment policy, and all links are nofollow. I have already performed the necessary loopback registry settings changed for my Lab environment.
I change the Port to 80 since I will be using Host Headers and I add the Host Header sharepoint.local. I choose No for the Customer Experience Improvement Program (since this is a Lab Environment) and then click OK. I will need to add an A record to my DNS settings (not shown) in order for this to resolve.

I leave the Authentication provider, Allow Anonymous and Use Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) at their defaults.

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